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Leighton Asia

Monday, June 14, 2010

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Wahana Coal Mine
Location Discipline Client Value Start Date Finish Date South Kalimantan, Indonesia Mining PT Wahana Baratama Mining US$2,600 million December 2007 December 2017 This is a Leighton Asia Project.

Leighton has been awarded a six-year mining contract for the provision of open cut mining services in Satui, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The scope of works included all land clearing, drilling & blasting, loading & hauling of overburden, coal mining and coal haulage to the client's dedicated port facility. The contract required the winning of 34.5 million tonnes of coal with associated overburden from a single pit located 22 km from the coastal port. In December 2008 Leighton was awarded a major expansion of works for the extraction of 69 million tonnes of coal over the extended period to December 2017. This revised 10-year program is Leighton's largest award in Indonesia and represents a major step up in our commitment of capital and manpower into the country's coal industry.

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