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An Irish Ballad FREDERICK TRUESDELL ARTHUR WELD 0p.07, NO Moderato, molto rubato Tip -per - rer = fon Be ugh cer ‘asd ber fhe was kaow = in fst to bt ACMI Wy Th tn ogy wee ‘sont Ca said your steps too high. for the a Pod ou ke 8K, now, come dot be con = tra - Wy. ‘Thea she heart lapld cb, Uke fire = light on the raft ~ en Thea 1 fine her dae - ty an Mes he mas chow > ng. But 1 ‘Mesh up to er eyespith which were fa - ao cont and wise, And she sald you will ride thro’ alt the morn-lag by my ide, We fled do not de - lay, 1 do not oft - en pass this way, So she