Has Dr.Simoncini other Medical Specialisations? Yes, he is surgeon, specialised in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders.

Moreover he is also a Doctor of Philosophy. How can we get in contact with him? e-mail: t.simoncini@alice.it Is he the only one who applies the bicarbonate therapy? More and more physicians and oncologists are now applying his therapy. Why is this therapy not applied in regular Healthcare? Regular Healthcare prefers to work only with scientifically proven medicines and therapies and is suspicious about new therapies. Why did he not publish in scientific magazines? He has always been ignored by official authorities, although many articles have been published in the press about his therapy. Now a series of cases in his clinic must prove that his therapy works. Is there no way that you could use this evidence to put pressure on the Establishment to take your work more seriously? No, because it is necessary to demonstrate one’s results with many hundreds of fully documented cases. This is not possible unless you work in a cancer clinic. What has Dr. Simoncini done to make his work public (besides sending his work to the Italian Ministry of Health)? He sends his articles to many scientific magazines. He has presented to many Congresses. He has made contacts with Oncologists, Institutes, (national and international)and also with the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda. The problem is that everybody wants proofs and people only take new ideas seriously if there is evidence of clinical cases. Therefore he always makes reports of all patients who have been treated with bicarbonate, in order to collect as many well-documented cases as possible. Does Dr. Simoncini collaborate with other doctors? Yes, he collaborates a lot with doctors inside and outside Italy. Are the sodium bicarbonate-solutions available only at the hospitals? The bottles for infusions are only available at the pharmacies. Sodium Bicarbonate powder is available in any Drugstore, supermarket or pharmacy. Is the therapy expensive? Absolutely not, the expenses are only a fraction of the expenses of the regular methods of treatment. Is it possible for a person to apply the therapy himself at home? If the cancer is limited within the organs (not infiltrated into the confined tissue) it is possible to apply the therapy oneself. Examples are: Oral cavity, oesophagus, stomach, intestine, rectum. It is also possible in the case of skin cancer like melanoma, or in case of psoriasis the supervision of a doctor is indicated. For other types of cancer the involvement of a doctor is mandatory. Is it possible to combine this therapy with another alternative therapy? This depends on what kind of therapies are referred to. Generally I advise to use other alternative therapies, but not at the same time as Sodium Bicarbonate. And can it be combined with traditional therapies as chemo and radiation treatment? Yes, it has been applied in several oncologists’ centres already. Is the therapy with the bicarbonate effective against all sorts of tumours? Yes almost all kinds of tumours are very treatable. In order to achieve the most detrimental effect on the tumours, the sodium bicarbonate must be put in direct contact with the damaged tissue. It is also possible to insert special catheters (port-a-cath) into the arteries that run to the different conventional endoscope methods. Furthermore clysters, drip infusions, irrigation and infiltrations can be used at the places where the tumour has grown. You said "almost" so there are also tumours responding not quite so well to this therapy? The essential basis of this therapy is to bring the Sodium Bicarbonate as close as possible to the tumour. In case of bone tumours (pelvis, ribs etc etc..) this is not quite possible. So I advise the use of sodium bicarbonate associated with radio-therapy. And what about the Leukaemia? Leukaemia is not always due to a fungal infection, so that's why it is difficult to cure it. Moreover leukaemia can be a reaction to a fungine mass, whose localisation is unknown.

implies the simultaneous destruction of a quota of the tissues of the host. How long does it last before the tumours regresses? Approximately 30-45 days. for 4 cycles. It is this cellular death that works as both bait and lifesaver for the fungin . accurate and true messages can stimulate the awaking of the placid. Only clear. and for terminal patients just a small percentage. then repeat the whole treatment. May children also follow this therapy? Certainly. Local infiltrations can be performed in case of strong pain Would it be useful to prevent the fungus (candida) or to eliminate them by a special diet or by a preventive bicarbonate cure? Could one do this also orally? One can do everything preventively. 500 ml x 5% for 6 days on. the truth is that the Sodium bicarbonate only kills the fungus. however. Some people feel a bit thirsty and suffer from a temporary tiredness. decent gentlemen. It is a thousand pities that moral obligations and spiritual motives exist. otherwise around them. laser therapy and thermo-ablation? Each physical treatment that destroys neoplastic matter. but from the rational necessity to make mankind gain insight. as well as the type of neoplastic formation. physicians or no physicians. because it is quite safe. 6 days off. Is the therapy also applicable to the Kahler's disease? Sodium Bicarbonate is not effective in the thoracic localizations of a leukosis (Kahler's disease). for a hundred years. Friendlier and more charitable wordings could indeed be used. Can you treat skin tumours also with bicarbonate? No. the PH is not the main factor. Why do you have such strong criticism of regular oncology? It is an obligatory step that does not arise from revenge. but I advise that bicarbonate should not be taken as a preventative therapy. 50%. are the standpoints of those who. support me unconditionally. How long does the therapy last? A few months. take exercise. in fact. Has the bicarbonate the effect that it causes the PH to get into balance? No. take as few medicines as possible. that are not easily compatible with the calm mediocrity of a work-shy existence. show in fact by their attitude alone that they belong to the ‘’blessed herd’’. Of a completely different tone. Could you please explain how to treat lipomas? In my opinion lipomas are like cysts caused by fungi. radiotheraphy. How successful is this therapy? If the fungus is sensitive to the sodium bicarbonate solutions and the tumour is smaller than 3 cm. that which we have achieved so far. Are there side-effects from the bicarbonate therapy? Very few. and give much attention to chronicle the symptoms. For terminal cases in which the patient is in reasonable good condition. provided the dosage is adjusted and revised according to the weight and age of the infant. this therapy is also applicable in paediatric oncology. 2-3 weeks break. what should be the treatment? If the cervical cancer has gone beyond the uterus. what can one do to avoid cancer? One should live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover it should treated with a douche of Sodium Bicarbonate in the uterus. alone or in combination. If the cervical cancer is confined to the pelvic area. because they recognise the will in themselves to live for 100% in spite of every gag and lie. good (biological) food. rancour or other lower emotions. Why in your treatment's protocol do you advise patients to stop the IV (intravenous)infusions for 6 days? Because the patients need the time to drain the sodium bicarbonate from the circulation. If candida really is the culprit. therefore you have to use iodine. it must be treated directly in the pelvis by locating a trans-abdominal catheter from where Sodium Bicarbonate can be administered. Those good. conformist souls. who resist against vigorous and accurate language. but in that case the result would be that we would delay.For this reason the best choice is to administer sodium bicarbonate. the success rate will be around 90%. What do you think about the surgery. otherwise the fungus itself may become resistant. from their pure and authentic inner selves. If they are big they are to be treated with direct injections into the lumps.

Is it mandatory to put a port-a-cath in the breast arterial or there are others methods? If the breast arterial is quite small. Is it difficult to show in a laboratory that tumours decrease through bicarbonate? No. skin tumors and others) can also need surgical intervention. In all cases it is wise to highlight the need always to administer sodium bicarbonate solutions. and it mercilessly knocks out nerve cells. pleural. Possible auto transplants with marrow “washed” in bicarbonate. but in the wrong sense. as you claim. 6 days off. especially where the dimensions of a tumor do not ensure a sufficient perfusion of saline solutions. laser therapy. It is possible to cure vaginal candidosis with your therapy? To uproot persistent gynaecological fungal infections one should do a douche every day with two litres of pure water (that has been boiled) containing two dissolved tablespoons of bicarbonate. and because by strongly debilitating the organism such intervention makes the invasion of the mycetes faster and more ferocious. The treatment has to be repeated if the lumps are bigger 4-5 cm. This is mainly because it not clear how it affects the colonies. thus weakening the organism’s reactive capabilities and delivering it to the invaders. for example. then a preventive breast amputation (in the case of increased risk in the family) will be needless? Precisely. very rarely brings positive lasting results. In these cases. for 4 cycles. It irreversibly intoxicates the liver. Usually local perfusions with sodium bicarbonate are effective in breast cancer. Other products (alkalinising kinds) don’t work (or work very little) against the fungus. If somebody suffers vaginal candidosis. Radiotherapy. After local treatment it is necessary to employ intravenous injection of 500 ml x 5% sodium bicarbonate. for example. we can assume that once the fungus has been destroyed by the sodium bicarbonate. or thermo-ablation generally fail for this reason. What about chemotheraphy? Chemotherapy. is there a risk that the illness could degenerate in cancer? This risk is real. in fact.is it possible that the cancer will come back? None of my recovered patients has relapsed. thus allowing a greater spreading of the infection. as they leave those cellular units that are able to vigorously resume the proliferation once the treatment is over at the periphery of the treated area. tumors of excessive dimensions requiring a drastic preliminary reduction of their mass (peritoneal. completely needless. . in bones or lymph nodes – that can actually benefit from this treatment. themselves resectable before metastatisation occurs because of their position which is located at the extreme end of the anatomical vascular and spermatic structures. And radiotherapy? My experience has taught me that radiotherapy. there exists a hundred tests that demonstrate this phenomenon. This should be kept up for two months. If a patient recovers completely from cancer after the theraphy with the Sodium Bicarbonate. as they prevent new germinations of fungi and thus the formation of metastases. I prefer another method which gives very satisfactory results. surgery can in some cases be very useful. Candida is very persistent and it takes a long time to kill an infection. especially when there is circumscribed localization in bones. thus preventing it from building new elements of defense.cells which manage to survive by nourishing themselves with the decomposing tissues. but the bicarbonate is effective because it eliminates the fungus. This is the case. 6 days on. It is the case for all testicular tumors. of intestinal neoplasias that are difficult to reach with endoscopic catheters. One attributes bicarbonate's an anti tumour effect because of its alkalinising qualities. If the size of the lump is less than 3 cm. it can completely shrink after a cycle of 6 injections.and there are many . Breast Cancer is an important issue at the moment. or later in the progression of the disease. In which cases will you consider the use of surgery? Although in a limited way. it won't come back again. whether it is used as the first treatment option. destroys everything. It is a given fact that it dramatically exhausts the cells of the marrow and of the blood. radiotherapy always turns out to be a useful and fast weapon when associated with the simultaneous administration of bicarbonates and drugs that protect bony tissue. stopping only during one’s period. before and after the operation. that a resection intestinal intervention for neoplasia combined with infusions of sodium bicarbonate would succeed in almost all cases. I am convinced. This is with the exception of some tumors – for example. as local or remote relapses could not occur. If you consider that I have treated patients successfully for 20 years. If cancer is not a question of genetics.

location. which is the result of healing. What do I have to say to my internist to convince him that I want to follow the bicarbonate therapy? The therapy can be done before and/or after a chemo or radiation treatment. oncologist or internist for this therapy. The stages of the formation of the neoplasm have been: hepatic dysfunction. only the white outline is left. before being operated on at the Istituto Regina Elena in Roma. Ask him to let you follow the therapy with the Sodium Bicarbonate according to the Dr. 2) the therapy with sodium bicarbonate is taken into my care at the end of 1983. Over one year after the end of the therapy.. of the mycotic colony. The results will be either supporting the therapy or not. If I don’t get support of my general practitioner. the x-rays show only a thickening of the inter-lobe separation.Can you apply the bicarbonate therapy if suffering of high blood pressure? There is no problem. After this period an examination should be performed. Fig. S. in 1983.After treatment Declaration of the patient after about 20 years: “I. As I decided . which is the scar which indicates the elimination of the cancer. that is. where he was sent by another hospital. the undersigned. took place because of a morbid process that started in the liver. After about eight months of bloodless and painless therapy. a resident of Rome in via …. echo etc. raising of the right side of the emidiaphraghm. declare what follows: I made the acquaintance of Doctor Simoncini at the "Regina Elena" clinic in Rome. pulmonary stasis and susceptibility to mycotic rooting. where he was a voluntary assistant and where. The patient with pulmonary neoplasm of which we show the x-rays before (fig. fig 1 . the development of the tumour mass. The therapy will take approximately 8 weeks. G. MRI. As can be seen. to whom should I turn for support when I want to get this therapy? It is indeed difficult. size etc etc.Before treatment In my opinion. I was supposed to be operated on for lung cancer. The x-rays of the cancer area after the therapy. The patient is still alive some 20 years after the therapy. Sodium chloride has no direct effect on the fungus. depending on the type of cancer. Is this treatment is also possible with animals? Yes using the same treatment protocol as for the Pediatric oncology: 10 Kg /100 cc sodium bicarbonate 20 kg /150 cc sodium bicarbonate 30 Kg / 250 cc sodium bicarbonate 40 Kg / 350 cc sodium bicarbonate 50 Kg / 400 cc sodium bicarbonate 50kg and above 500cc sodium bicarbonate Is bicarbonate the same as cooking salt? Sodium bicarbonate is not the same as sodium chloride (cooking salt). the mass completely disappears. If the doctor will not go along with your request then ask him to respect the decision of the suffering patient. 1) and after (fig. but we have still to try and one must do everything possible in order to get the treatment. 2 . through aerosol and intravenously. The therapeutic treatment is based on two essential elements: liver detoxification simultaneously with administration of bicarbonate salts orally. as we can see quite clearly by the treatment of the oral and vaginal candidosis. The cancer area is white in colour before the therapy. born in … on …. Catscan. This therapy is totally safe and cheap and can be followed also as a supplementary therapy. The x-rays show a homogeneous thickening on the regular lower margins and at the upper vanished margin located in correspondence of the medium field of the right lung.Simoncini protocol.

Pe plan global. Potassium. (K. if I wanted. put 1 soupspoon sodium bicarbonate in ½ litre water and inhale it with a fast inhaler in half an hour. Anual se colecteaza sume imense de la diverse acte de caritate pentru a sustine studii de gasire a curei pentru cancer pe care organizatiile elitiste de fapt. I could attempt a therapy with his method. numai in Statele Unite cifra este de peste jumatate de million de victime anual. Cancerul este prima cauza de deces a persoanelor sub 85 de ani. refuza sa o vindece. Doctor Simoncini only told me the therapy was available to try. Magnesium. The therapy consisted of the administration of baking soda orally. Mg. Impreuna putem. dr. in jur de 8 milioane de oameni mor de cancer in fiecare an.not to undergo the operation. SB administration and 1-2-3 days break must be adapted to the single case Take many drinks. etc. iar in Statele Unite o persoana din patru moare de cancer – una din patru! Zilnic se introduc noi legi care reduc libertatile cetateanului sub justificarea “protejarii publicului impotriva terorismului” in timp ce acesti oameni sufera si mor in fiecare an din cauza unei boli pe care familiile de elita si cartelele lor farmaceutice. in mod sistematic. Se preconizeaza ca pana in anul 2030. Six days on six days off when in IV break. Vitamin complex etc. Side effects: Side effects: thirst and tiredness. aceasta cifra va ajunge la 12 milioane de decese pe plan global. nu au nici o intentie sa o gaseasca. Am aratat intr-un articol publicat pe 9 august 2009.” Lung cancer IV 500 ml sodium bicarbonate 5% 6 days on 6 days off for 4 cycles Then Cat Scan 14 days break then repeat In case of bronchial adenocarcinoma. DA. and intravenously. He behaved very simply and humanely and I understood that he could really help me. I still have my lungs. for today. The results have been excellent. via aerosol.) Cancerul este o ciuperca si poate fi vindecat Cifrele sunt de neinchipuit. after almost 20 years. the doctor told me that. lot of sugar and lot of salt in the meals Dietary supplements ie. because. I could hope in some positive result. faptul ca un anumit om. dar nuputem atunci cand companiile farmaceutice sunt implicate. according to him. at the moment of my discharge from the hospital. Richard Day care era seful organizatiei Planificarea Familiei (organizatie eugenica . anual din cauza cancerului.

de fapt vor ca oamenii sa sufere si sa moara mai devreme decat le este vremea aceasta fiind o metoda de reducere a populatiei. De aceea cand cineva din afara gastii Big Pharma. “E ok. dar cand Candida din corp metamorfozeaza intr-un fungi mai puternic. care in majoritate se atribuie coloniilor de Candida. acesta imediat devine o tinta a organizatiilor medicale dar si a agentiilor guvernamentale. Insa un medic a luat notite si mai apoi a facut public parte din cele spuse la acea intalnire. Day pe care le puteti citi in articolul din 9 August (in engleza pe site-ul www. el le-a cerut celor prezenti sa nu inregistreze si sa nu ia notite. sistemul imunitar tine aceasta ciuperca sub control. putem vedea cata acuratete exista in spusele dr-lui. Asa zisa “crima” comisa de Simoncini a fost aceea ca a descoperit faptul ca boala de cancer este o ciuperca cauzata de candida.. se dezvolta mancand din corpul gazdei (corpul uman) astfel dizolvandu-l incet dar sigur. unde a relatat despre transformarile societatii globale care urmeaza pe viitor. Candida Simoncini este specialist oncolog (tratarea tumorilor). citostatice care trateaza doar niste simptome in acelasi timp omorand si celulele sanatoase si chiar si oamenii cu aceasta otrava – chimioterapia. oricum trabuie sa mori de ceva. care a refuzat sa cedeze presiunilor imense care s-au facut asupra lui si care inca se mai fac din momentul in care el a realizat ce este cancerul si cum putem scapa de el. asa ca de ce sa nu fie cancer pana la urma urmei?” Cam asa gandesc acesti oameni care nu au suflet si de aceea fac ceea ce fac.davidicke.” Tullio Simoncini spune clar ca boala cancer este in final aceasta infectie fungala si ca explicatiile conventionale medicale cum ca boala cancer se datoreaza unei functionari defectuase a celulelor este pur si simplu gresita. Cartelurile farmaceutice (Big Pharma) nu au nici cea mai mica dorinta sa trateze cancerul cand ei castiga sume imense din vanzarile de medicamente.com). Informatiile se gasesc in dosar la Institutul Rockefeller. si in special Candida. Tullio Simoncini. Acum. Richard Day spunea ca lasand oamenii sa moara de cancer se va incetini cresterea numarului populatiei. El este un adevarat medic care urmareste sa dezvaluie adevarul pentru beneficiul pacientilor si refuza sa repete precum un papagal. atunci pot apare probleme mai grave si chiar cancerul. Prietenul meu.sustinuta de familia Rockefeller) a tinut o intalnire restransa pentru medici in 1969 in Pittsburg. un om deosebit dar si curajos. versiunea oficiala a ceea ce trebuie doctorii sa gandeasca si sa spuna. chiar si in oamenii sanatosi. descopera o metoda eficienta de tratare a cancerului. Motivul pentru care il amintesc pe dr. dupa 40 de ani. In mod normal. Mike Lambert. Familiile elitiste care conduc lumea. specialist in diabet si boli de metabolism. daca se va decide vreodata ca sa fie dat publicitatii”. candida are nevoie de corpul uman ca sa se inmulteasca pentru ca nu o poate face fara acest mediu. care este un organism micotic si care oricum traieste in organismul uman in cantitati mici. Nu este de mirare ca in cazurile de oboseala cronica. Dar nici macar nu este vorba de bani in primul rand. Deasemenea. .. Day si in acest articol este pentru ceea ce a spus referitor la cancer in cadrul acelei intalniri din 1969: “Acum putem trata aproape orice forma de cancer. dar este chiar mai mult de atat. cel infestat se simte foarte rau fizic dar si mental. Inainte de a expune o lista lunga de schimbari care vor avea loc in societatea globala. Un astfel de caz este doctoral Italian. de la clinica Shen situata aproape de casa mea din Insula lui Wight (sudul Marii Britanii) spune urmatoarele despre Candida: “Fungi.

Cand sistemul imunitar functioneaza eficient. medicamente farmaceutice. Sufeream si eu vazand cum saracii. Eram in sectia de oncologie pediatrica si toti copii au murit. in Romania copii primesc 10 vaccinuri pana la varsta de 1 an si inca 5 pana la varsta de 14 ani) si toate aceste vaccinuri se fac in timp ce sistemul imunitar inca este in formare. saracii copii mureau de la chimioterapie si radiatii”. adica de Fungi Candida care migreaza de la sursa originala. poate penetra un organ. iar sistemul imunitar trebuie sa raspunda acestui atac in alt “mod” • Acest “mod” este de a construi o bariera defensiva de celule si aceasta bariera. Toate cancerele au un numitor comun. stresul vietii moderne si altele. Sistemul imunitar este slabit si atacat de mancaruri si bauturi cu aditivi. Exista un razboi bine calculat impotriva sistemului uman imunitar si care a devenit din ce in ce mai prezent. Ce anume ii permite cancerului sa se manifeste. Simoncini a realizat ca ceea ce crede medicina conventionala ca este o crestere celule canceroase iesita de sub control. fiind foarte critic la adresa organizatiilor medicale care continua sa caute “tratamente” false si ineficiente pentru tratarea epidemiei globale de cancer. Simoncini spune ca lucrurile decurg in felul urmator: • Candida este in mod normal tinuta sub control de sistemul imunitar. Va imaginati ce deficiente pot avea copiii din ziua de azi cand ei primesc 25 de vaccinuri sau combinatii de vaccinuri pana la varsta de 2 ani (aceasta este situatia in America. Candida se extinde si poate dezvolta o “colonie” • Candida. El deasemenea a realizat ca toate tumorile canceroase sunt intodeauna albe. dar cand acesta devine slabit si / sau compromis. Inca de cand a intrat la medicina.El provoaca dogma “conformismului intelectual” si toate asumarile nefondate. acest cumul de celule este ceea este denumit cancer. In acest caz. el si-a dat seama ca ceva nu este in regula cu cancerul si cu modul in care acesta este tratat. chimicale agricole. . tehnologie cu frecvente electromagnetice si de microunde. Echilibrul sistemului imunitar Dar iata ca numarul bolnavilor de cancer creste pe plan global si continua sa creasca. Se spune ca raspandirea cancerului la alte parti ale corpului este provocata de migrarea unor celule “maligne” de la sursa originala. minciunile. manipularea si falsurile acesteia. conventional l amedicinei si stiintei. de fapt este reactia sistemului imunitar de a proteja corpul impotriva atacurilor de Candida astfel marind productia de celule. vaccinuri. Simoncini spune ca lucrurile nu stau asa deloc. Ce altceva mai este alb? Candida. Frustrarile si tristetea lui din cauza a ceea ce vedea l-au determinat sa caute alte cai de a intelege si a trata aceasta boala devastatoare. va adresa orice problema inainte de a scapa de sub control. Raspandirea cancerului este declansata de cauza reala a cancerului. Cati oare mai trebuie sa sufere pana cand oamenii vor inceta sa se mai uite la medici ca la zei a tot stiutori realizand scara imensa a ignorantei care are loc? Simoncini a realizat ca toate cancerele se comporta la fel indiferent de localizarea in corp. tinand Candida sub control. dupa cum am spus si in multe dintre cartile mele? Sistemul imunitar slabit. Simoncini spune: “Vedeam suferinte teribile. Si-a inceput explorarile cu o minte deschisa si cu o pagina alba de hartie in fata nepatata de nicio teorie rigida impinsa in fata sau indoctrinata de curentul principal. Aceasta migrare poate fi declansata chiar la biopsie sau in timpul operatiei. in cele din urma.

omoara oamenii pe care ar fi trebuit sa-i trateze. pentru ca fungii pot muta foarte repede pentru a se apara si chiar incep sa se hraneasca cu medicametele prescrise care aveau scopul de a-i omora. Tratamentul conventional al cancerului se face prin otravirea victimei sperand ca celulele canceroase vor fi in mai mare masura si mai repede omorate decat cele sanatoase si nu se va ajunge la pierderea vietii pacientului. ingredientul principal din praful de copt. o substanta care poate sa omoare aceasta ciuperca astfel inlaturand cancerul. El a folosit aceasta substanta pentru ca este un distrugator puternic al fungiilor si spre deosebire de medicamentele antifungale. DA. mult mai simplu – bicarbonatul de sodiu. Pacientului i se da bicarbonat de sodiu pe cale orala dar si intern cu ajutorul unui endoscop de exemplu. Chiar si cei care si-au revenit dupa operatie si chimioterapie si sunt declarati vindecati. Chimioterapia de fapt. nu numai ca au ignorat documetatia prezentata de Simoncini. Dar stai sa vezi. Simoncini a gasit ceva mult. In 1983. Aceasta chimioterapie otraveste si omoara si celulele sistemului imunitar pe care il face “varza”. Dupa cateva luni de tratament cu bicarbonat de sodiu. Gennaro Sangermano. Autoritatile. el s-a reintors la o stare de sanatate buna iar cancerul a disparut. sperand ca acesta va aproba trecerea la teste stiintifice pentru demonstrarea eficientei acestei metode de tratament. Atentie! Nu este exact acelasi lucru ca si praful de copt care are si alti aditivi. dupa 26 de ani el inca este in viata si cu o sanatate buna. adica direct pe fungi.prin demolarea mecanismelor de protejare naturala a corpului. raman o bomba care e pe cale sa explodeze in orice moment. asa am spus – metode de tratament care nu au fost aprobate. Chimioterapia este o otrava care este menita sa distruga celule. caruia i s-au mai dat doar 6 sau 7 luni de viata din cauza unui cancer de plamani. El si-a dat seama ca medicamentele antifungale nu dau rezultate. un tub lung si subtire care in general se foloseste la vizionarea corpului pe interior fara a folosi bisturiu. Iar Candida este inca prin imprejurimi.Acesta este modul in care familiile de Iluminati urmaresc sa declanseze reduceri masive ale populatiei . Ce distruge sistemul imunitar mai repede decat orice? CHIMIOTERAPIA Iradierea de asemenea. Candida nu se poate adapta la bicarbonatul de sodiu. el a fost exclus din registrul medicilor din Italia din cauza ca a recomandat metode de tratament care nu au fost aprobate. Astfel. Acum. Dar din pacate el a inceput sa descopere adevarata scara la care se ridica manipularea si deceptia din domeniul medical. Mdaaa… aici este adevaratul soc. Cand Simoncini a realizat ca boala de cancer este de fapt o infectie sau infestare fungala. Simoncini incepuse sa aibe mai multe reusite cu aceasta metoda si si-a prezentat cercetarile si rezultatele la Departamentul Italian de Sanatate. el a inceput sa caute ceva. substante puternic alcaline. Sistemul lor imunitar este acum mult slabit si este doar o chestiune de timp pana cand Candida va declansa o recidiva. . Egiptenii din antichitate stiau despre proprietatile vindecatoare ale substantelor antifungale iar carti indiene de acum 1000 de ani recomanda pentru tratarea cancerului. Aceasta ajuta la plasarea bicarbonatului de sodiu direct pe cancer. Simoncini a tratat un barbat Italian. ba mai mult. Hmmmm… atata tot. DA. Acest sistem imunitar facut “varza” nu mai poate raspunde in mod eficient la atacurile de Candida si aceasta va castiga teren astfel incat cancerul se transfera in alte parti ale corpului ajungandu-se la raspandirea acestuia in corp.

Descoperirile celor doi profesori sunt urmatoarele: Celulele canceroase au un biomarker unic pe care celulele normale nu il au. Fungicidele chimice folosite in agricultura moderna care omoara fungi in mod artificial ceea ce inseamna ca plantele nu mai trebuie sa-si activeze propriul sistem de protejare si anume salvestrolul. Simoncini si la sfarsitul acestui articol sunt niste linkuri la niste videouri cu oameni care vorbesc despre experienta lor cu cancerul si tratarea acestuia prin metoda Simoncini. Stiu ca el are succese remarcabile la reducerea drastica sau chiar inlaturarea unor forme avansate de cancer prin folosirea bicarbonatului de sodiu. perele. nu este o persoana care sa dea asa usor batuta. Organizatiile medicale spun ca declaratiile lui cu privire la bicarbonatul de sodiu sunt nebunesti si periculoase. Enzima CYP1B1 altereaza structura chimica a unui compus care se numeste Salvestrol care in mod normal se gaseste in natura in multe fructe si vegetale. si a continuat se raspandeasca informatii despre lucrarile si descoperirile sale pe internet si in prezentari publice. Salvestrolul reprezinta sistemul natural de protectie al fructelor si vegetalelor impotriva atacurilor de fungi si de aceea salvestrolul se gaseste numai in speciile care sunt supuse distrugerilor fungale precum: capsunile. merele. Tullio Simioncini. Enzimele CYP1B1 apar numai in celulele canceroase si reactioneaza cu salvestrolul din fructe si vegetale pentru a crea reactii chimice care omoara numai celulele canceroase. afinele. Familiile elita vor ca oamenii sa fie distrusi de cancer si nu vindecati. milioane de pacienti mureau de cancer si care ar fi putut fi tratati in mod efficient. Sincronicitatea este perfecta. Aceste schimbari chimice transforma salvestrolul intr-un agent care omoara celulele canceroase dar nu le ataca pe cele normale. nu prea conteaza intrucat salverstrolul nu se va activa si nu va actiona ca un agent de distrugere al cancerului asa cum ar fi fost normal. In tot acest timp. Acesta nu este un accident. nu le pasa. aceasta dispare in cateva zile . vegetalele verzi (in special broccoli si varza). macrisul. Aceasta dureaza cateva luni in unele cazuri. din fericire. dar in altele. In ziua de azi. Enzimele sunt proteine care au rol de a cataliza sau mari rata unei reactii chimice. coacazele negre si rosii. sparanghelul si vinetele. Oamenii deasemenea se trateaza singuri sub indrumarile dr-lui. Ce este aproape diabolic. murele. ca de exemplu cancerul de san. strugurii. Cele mai utilizate fungicide au actiune puternica de blocare a enzimelor CYP1B1. avand in vedere accesul usor la tumoare. am scris in articolul din luna aprilie faptul ca boala cancer este de fapt o ciuperca . Ei sunt niste oameni bolnavi atat mental cat si emotional si . profesorul Gerry Potter de la Grupul de Descoperire a Curei pentru Cancer si profesorul Dan Burke. in mod exagerat a inclus bicarbonatul de sodiu in clasa drogurilor periculoase care pot cauza moartea si afectiuni grave in corp. Din toate unghiurile s-a declansat campania: pune mana pe Simoncini si nu-l lasa sa mai faca valuri. fragii. salvestrolul se mai gaseste doar in legumele si fructele crescute organic. Dar acestor oameni. avocado. 2. Si aici este dovada ca tumorile sunt fungi. ci este un lucru bine planuit asa cum era bine planuita si distrugerea lui Tullio Simoncini. Conform unui articol despre cercetarile a doi oameni de stiinta englezi. iar apoi a fost inchis pentru 3 ani pe motivul ca a fost gasit vinovat de cauzarea mortii unor pacienti pe care i-a tratat. de la putere.El a fost supus unor campanii feroce de ridiculizare si condamnare duse de mijloacele media. 1. asa ca oricate produse care au fost crescute cu chimicale vei consuma. Acest biomarker este o enzima care se numeste CYP1B1. este ca Big Pharma si marile companii Bio Tech stiu acest lucru si ei au facut urmatoarele 2 lucruri de majora importanta pentru a slabi acest sistem de protejare naturala impotriva atacului fungal care este cancerul. Un medic Italian “de referinta”. anghinarea ardeii grasi rosii si galbeni. Am auzit de el de la Mike Lambert de la clinica Shen unde Simoncini a vorbit in timp ce eram in deplasare in Statele Unite.

curenaturalicancro. Lor nu le pasa cat stres. Daca apar prelungiri ale scuipatului in jos. ca niste picioare. Daca scuipatul ramane la suprafata sau se dizolva esti OK.. Li s-au rezervat locurile pentru a participa la prezentare si a pune intrebari direct lui Simoncini. cata suferinta si moarte cauzeaza aceste manipulari si secretizari. Ce contrast immense este intre el si cei care servesc organizatiile medicale.. Ghici ce s-a intamplat? Ei nu au venit. Multumim Domnului pentru oameni curajosi si hotarati precum Tullio Simoncini. Dar nu te forta sa aduni scuipat ci elimina doar ce ai. si din punctul lor de vedere: cu cat mai multa suferinta cu atat mai bine. . dar din perspectiva familiilor de elita. este un indicator pozitiv ca ai Candida. Au fost si ei invitati la prezentarea lui Simoncini. chiar daca este foarte putin.considera oamenii drept oi sau vite sau animale in orice caz. Daca apa se tulbura ai indicator de prezenta Candidei. Lasa sa stea 2 minuate dupa care analizeaza continutul la lumina. Este intradevar o societate nebuna. chiar cu cateva saptamani inainte de acest eveniment. Dar Simoncini refuza sa incline steagul si continua sa promoveze ceea ce el vede ca este un tratament sigur al cancerului. scuipa in pahar. Avem nevoie de mai multi oameni ca el si cat de repede. nebuna. Dimineata cand te trezesti. pe cand “in lumea reala” cifra de decese din cauza cancerului creste si continua sa creasca in mod incontrolabil pentru ca tratamentele sunt bazate pe teorii intentionat eronate si care nu dau rezultate. ceea se probabil ca ar fi adus importante benficii pacientilor acestora. http://www.com/ Siteul lui Tullio Simoncini Test simplu pentru a verifica nivelul de Candida in corpul tau Pune seara un pahar cu apa pe noptiera unde dormi. multi medici locali l-au ridiculizat si i-au contestat teoriile. Cand Simoncini a tinut prezentare la clinica Shen. asa si trebuie sa fie. Si asta dovedeste ca acesti oameni nu sunt in toate mintile.

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