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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Required The poster All required All but 1 of the Several required
includes all elements are required elements were
required included on the elements are missing.
elements as well poster. included on the
as additional poster.
Graphics - All graphics are All graphics are All graphics Graphics do not
related to the related to the relate to the relate to the topic
topic and make it topic and most topic. Most OR several
easier to make it easier to borrowed borrowed
understand. All understand. All graphics have a graphics do not
borrowed borrowed source citation. have a source
graphics have a graphics have a citation.
source citation. source citation.
Content - At least 7 5-6 accurate 3-4 accurate Less than 3
accurate facts facts are facts are accurate facts
are displayed on displayed on the displayed on the are displayed on
the poster. poster. poster. the poster.
Attractivenes The poster is The poster is The poster is The poster is
exceptionally attractive in acceptably distractingly
attractive in terms of design, attractive though messy or very
terms of design, layout and it may be a bit poorly designed.
layout, and neatness. messy. It is not
neatness. attractive.
Mechanics Capitalization There is 1 error in There are 2 There are more
and punctuation capitalization or errors in than 2 errors in
are correct punctuation. capitalization or capitalization or
throughout the punctuation. punctuation.
Grammar There are no There is 1 There are 2 There are more
grammatical grammatical grammatical than 2
mistakes on the mistake on the mistakes on the grammatical
poster. poster. poster. mistakes on the