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1 Is Opus Dei a Nazi Front Organization?

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

One hears quite a bit about Opus Dei these days. Of course there is the Opus Dei

of the movie the Da Vinci Code which may be real to some extent. But the Opus Dei that I have

heard about is the Opus Dei that was founded during Generalissimo Franco’s fascist regime

in Spain in the late 1930's, just prior to World War II. What if it all started a little earlier than

that, though? Perhaps, Opus Dei was founded in next door Portugal in the early 1930's, not by

Franco’s fascist party, but by the Nazi Party. What if Opus Dei is really a Nazi front

organization dedicated to destroying the Catholic Church and its social justice movement?

Now, it is very difficult to track down concrete facts about Opus Dei. Instead, one

hears rumors and second hand information. For example, I have heard that Opus Dei is a

movement dedicated to helping the poor. This seems a little bit odd for an ultra conservative

organization. But, if Opus Dei is in fact Nazi, then it makes sense. What better way to fill

Nazi Swiss bank accounts with American money than to tell naive Catholics that they should

give all their money away to the “poor.” vial Opus Dei. But, what if the money does not go to

help the poor, but ends up in Nazi Party coffers in Portugal, Switzerland, or Brasil? I personally

have never heard of an Opus Dei street mission, or food bank, or anything else.

Now, there are also rumors of rumors of information which depict Opus Dei as

anything but Christian. Instead of helping the poor, what if Opus Dei is dedicated to

exterminating the poor? What if Opus Dei is using psychiatry to put progressive and
spiritual Catholics in psychiatric wards, destroying their careers? What if it has gotten to the

point that an Opus Dei psychiatrist will diagnose a spiritual person with Bipolar disorder or

Schizo-affective disorder and then try to force that person into athiestic materialist apostacy in

order to get out of psychiatric confinement? What if there is a deliberate effort to

then persecute mental health patients, driving them into the street or into suicide?

If Opus Dei is a legitimate organization, it must come clean and tell us what its real

mission is, and what it does with its money.