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The confrontation or quarrel between the Arab states and Israel has been festering since 1948 or perhaps

right after the end of WW2 but nobody wants this confrontation to be resolved. Some blame has to be put on the shoulders of the two sides but much blame should fall on the west. The UK was directly responsible for the flights or waves of people moving from Europe to the Middle East and the violence that followed. The UK was also directly responsible for violence in the Mediterranean, mostly in Gibraltar and Cyprus. Thus the UK was the great devil. Being the devil, the UK facilitated the beginning of the Middle East quarrel. The UN, controlled by the west then made matters worse. Finally a war brought a new state into existence and so the early confrontation was assured of becoming one that was (is) very permanent. It is still here today. Today, the role of great devil has been handed over to the US by the UK. The US clearly has very greatly relished this role, or the role of great devil. Why ? It is because the US wants to control the entire region, including all of the armies, generals, leaders, airports, travel/trade routes or conduits and most of all, the oil found there. The oil is vital to the economy and the US military. The US military is presently the single largest consumer of oil in the whole wide world. As a result of this great deviousness, there is no solution to the confrontation. Therefore, the two sides are always shooting and bombing each other. This is okay to the US because they will be blaming each other and not someone else. The real blame is on the US because the US does not desire peace for the Middle East. With all the constant shooting and bombing, the people in the Middle East will become or remain highly dependent on the US for continued political and military backing. Thus, the US benefits greatly from the fires burning today in the Middle East. The Arab states clearly have failed to see the forest for the trees. Thus they will continue to get burned. Until when. Until the coming of the great final apocalypse ! ! ! ! ! !