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Amazing Face Painting by Linda 6316 Eastwood Lane Jacksonville, FL 32211 (904)537-5456 www.wix.


Please read the whole contract carefully and acknowledge that everything is correct on the contact page. Please make any corrections to names, phone numbers, addresses(an address cannot be completely changed to a new location without contacting us first; just corrections on house number or spelling). Then initial the Contact Information Page & the Terms & Conditions page. Doing this will ensure your date and time is secured. Thank you!

Contact Information Page Event Title: ____________________________ Event Dates: ___________________________ Contact Person: ________________________ Phone #: _______________________________ Email: _________________________________ Hours of Service: ________________________ Start Time: ______________________________ Number of Guests: ________________________ Event Address: _________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Special Information About Your Event: ______________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________
Please Acknowledge everything is correct by initialing here: ___________

Amazing Face Painting by Linda 6316 Eastwood Lane Jacksonville, FL 32211 (904)537-5456
Amazing Face Painting by Linda Contract(Continued):

Terms & Conditions

*Contract must be signed and returned immediately to secure your time and date. Once weve received your signed contract and your retainer fee your slot will be held. *Retainer fees are non-refundable. Retainer Fees are due immediately. Retainer fees are required and it is our policy to give time slots to whomever pays their retainer fee first. Its the clients responsibility to inform entertainer of location changes and the clients responsibility to have a same day back up plan for inclement weather. If your date or time changes for whatever reason, for example inclement weather, we will do everything within our power to try and accommodate to another open slot or provide a different artist(this may increase the cost depending on the fees of that artist).However, if a new date & time cannot be worked out the retainer is still non-refundable. Times & dates can be changed once without penalty. After that there will be a $)0 additional fee for each change. *Cancellation Fee. If you cancel for any reason within 48 hours of you event you will own the full amount due. Please cancel early to allow time for entertainers to fill your canceled date. *Staying Longer than Contracted: Entertainers will stay till the designated ending time disclosed in the contract. If there are more people than originally agreed upon in the contract or are late comers, entertainers can stay longer if they have no other obligations that day. Clients will have to pay for the extra time & should discuss this before hand so valuable entertainment time is not wasted. *Extended Time fees: $00/half-hour for face painting, $00/half-hour for balloon twister, $00/half-hour for Glitter Tattooist, $00 or more for extra entertainer - this is based on the fees & services of that entertainer. If you have multiple entertainer at an event & wish to extend services, they must all be paid for the extended time. Entertainers do not carry change. Please have the exact amount ready before your scheduled time. Tips are appreciated. *Location and Parking: Client agrees to provide a parking space close to the event location. Client is responsible for providing to the artist(s) a complimentary parking pass prior to the event or compensation for any entrance or parking fees. *Adequate shelter will be provided to protect artist(s) from the elements(sun, rain, wind). Trees ARE NOT adequate shelter. *Please place entertainers far away from the DJ and music. This helps the line move faster and helps us hear and understand what the client wants. *Entertainers will only wear costumes in moderate weather or climate controlled indoor events. *Illegal/Dangerous Activity: For safety reasons entertainers reserve the right to leave any event/party w/ illegal or dangerous working conditions. Examples would be drug use, weapons or fighting. No refunds will be issued. *Please acknowledge everything is correct and the terms and conditions are understood by signing below. Please mail or email the contract to the address or email address above along with your retainer(cash or money order if not paid through *Please make check or money order out to: LINDA SCHRENK Total: ______ Non-Refundable Retainer Fee(due in 3 days to hold your time & date): ______ Travel Fee: ______ Remainder Due(cash or money order) before the beginning of Party/Event: ______ ______________________________ Linda Schrenk________________00/00/00 Customers Signature Date Linda Schrenk Signature Date THANK YOU!

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