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Youth for Environment in Schools Organization

ACTION PLAN SY 2011-2012

Name of Activity Brigada Eskwela




People Involved

Place/ Location

Fund-Raising Activities: Ballers & T-Shirt Printing

Symposium about Investigatory Projects Consultation of Investigatory Projects to Expert Speakers

A whole week activity of cleaning and repairing the schools facilities lead by the SSG together with the other organizations in preparation for the upcoming school year. Starting the school year with a fund-raising activity. Collected funds will be used for future activities/projects of the organization. A one-day activity where the 4th year students will defend their project proposals to the 3 judges.

To encourage the whole community moreover the youth to render voluntary service for the maintenance and repair of the school campus. To raise funds for the club to use for the line of activities for the whole school year.

MAY 2011

All Students


JUNE 2011

YES-O Officers, All Students


To be aware of the recommendations to be given by the 3 judges to all the research proponents.

JULY 2011

2nd & 4th Year Students


Symposium about Philippine Biodiversity (coordination with the 2nd Year Students)

A symposium about the Philippine Biodiversity, and to introduce to students the National Greening Program.

To give the participants the knowledge of the recent happenings on the Philippines Biodiversity.


YES-O Officers, Selected Students


Tree Planting

Water Conservation Campaign

Lakbay Coastal

*A half day activity where the YES-O officers and the participants of the Symposium about Philippine Biodiversity will plant narra seedlings in the community. *A campaign wherein the YES-O Officers will post the Water Conservation Tips issued by the Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewage System (MWSS) in conspicuous places within every school vicinity where water can be tapped/sourced to remind all students, teaching and non-teaching personnel, as stated in DepEd Memorandum No. 170 s. 2011. *A somewhat educational tour to the coastal areas, which will be guided by representatives from CENRO Ligao.

*To help replenish the dying population, in accordance to the National Greening Program, to lessen the effects of climate change and global warming. *To be aware of the Water Conservation tips and practice it every day to lessen water scarcity. SEPTEMBER 2011

YES-O Officers and Adviser, Participants of the Symposium of Philippine Biodiversity

Mayon Vista, Tuburan, Ligao City

YES-O Officers and Adviser, All Students


*To be aware of the current trends and happenings in the coastal areas of the province.

YES-O Officers, Adviser, and Members

Selected Coastal Areas by CENRO Ligao

Youth Science, Technology & Environment Camp (coordination with CUBSO and Equilibrium)

School-Based Ecological Solid Waste Management Program (SBESWMP)

A four-day encampment, to be led by the YES-O, where students will learn more about environmental issues through workshops and lectures. Its theme will be based from the 2011 Youth for Environment Summer Camp. A program which promotes the use of segregation, recycling and composting to promote environmental awareness among the students in response to Republic Act No. 9003 (Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000). An outreach program to help those who are in need.

YES-O Outreach Program

To enable students to enhance their leadership skills in heading their sub camps as well as improving their participation in workshops and lectures about Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Preparedness. To strengthen the integration of ecological solid waste management and resource conservation and recovery topics into the academic curricula of formal education in order to promote environmental awareness and action among the students. To give our best free time in giving what we can share to the poor families.


All Students



YES-O Officers and Adviser, All Students



YES-O Officers and Adviser

Tuburan, Ligao City

HistECO 2E Tour (coordination with the SSG)

A two-day tour to visit the historical places & Science Museums of the Bicol Region.

To give students the knowledge about some of the historic & science centers in the Bicol Region.


YES-O & SSG Officers and Advisers, All Students

Selected Places in the Bicol Region

Tree Planting Revisit

Science Investigatory Projects (S.I.P.) Exhibit

A one-day activity wherein the YES-O officers and adviser, together with some of its members, will revisit the trees that were planted during the previous tree planting in Mayon Vista & Basag Watershed in the vicinity of Ligao City. An exhibit which shows the different S.I.Ps of the 4th Year Students, which will be presented by its proponents to the student-participants. A whole-day activity wherein candidates will be having a room-to-room campaign. After it, a schoolwide election will be conducted.

To check and maintain the trees which were planted during the previous tree plantings done.


YES-O Officers, Adviser and selected YES-O Members

Mayon Vista & Basag Watershed, Ligao City

To give knowledge to students on making their own science investigatory project when they reach the 4th year level. MARCH 2012 To elect the new sets of YESO Officers for SY 2012-2013.

YES-O Officers, 3 Science Teachers, All Students


YES-O Election

YES-O Officers and Adviser, All Students