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The US is the big killer of peace in the world.

It has no love or affection at all for peace because to the US, a world devoid of peace is a world that is full of great excitement, thrills, adventures and plenty of opportunities to exploit and trick other humans. The US instead greatly loves trickery and treachery. The US wants to deny a Palestinian state despite over 60 years of waiting yet has moved so extremely lightning fast over events concerning Tripoli, Pristina and South Sudan and other places. The US wants to surround the countries of Russia and China (aka encirclement) with deadly missile shields and military bases while fully pretending that real dangers are only coming from Iran and North Korea. The US spends a kings ransom every year on its military and its endless wars abroad but anoints blame for its current financial woes on China. The US designates Cuba as a terror state even though it is the US which is the occupier of Cuban soil in Guantanamo and has financed bombings in Havana against the ruling government of Castro. The list of US actions against global peace or global well-being goes on and on but we need not go any further here. The US is the killer of peace and is indeed the enemy of world peace. The US forces many countries to spend very inordinate amounts of money to regularly entertain US leaders and VIP visitors, and contribute continuously to wasteful US war campaigns all around the globe when the money could be better spent on welfare and development projects at home. The US in its highly evil effort to derail other countries progress forces them to buy thousands and thousands of cars and aeroplanes every year and accept millions and millions of tourists annually and then blames them for climate woes. The US is hugely and deeply full of treachery and evil tricks. It is indeed the big killer of peace in the world.