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Dear All

Recently gas exploration is going on in the desert in south-east region of Saudi Arabia.
In Arabic this region is called RAB-UL-KHAALEE meaning Empty Quarter.

The picture below shows a huge human body discovered by by ARAMCO Exploration Company
there. This proves that what the Almighty ALLAH said in QURAN that long long age the people of
AAAD and HOOOD nations were very tall, wide and powerful. They could uproot big trees by one
hand. Gradually they became CRUEL and anti ALLAH, when ALLAH destroyed them.

The ULEEMA KIRAMs of Saudi Arabia believe that this body belongs to AAAD nation.

Presently, Royal Saudi Military Force has taken over this whole area. Nobody is allowed to go in
this area except Saudi ARAMCO personnel. The Saudi Government has kept it very secret. Still
then some military helicopters took some pictures like the one below:

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