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Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1.The new born animal is called? a.offspring or an egg b.

offspring or a young c.reproduction d.fertilization

2.The process of bringing forth new life is called? a.fertilization b.reproduction c.sexual reproduction d.asexual reproduction

3.What are the two basic methods of reproduction? a.external and internal b.reproduction and fertilization c.asexual reproduction d.asexual and sexual reproduction

4.Is the creation of offspring from only one parent? a.asexual reproduction b.sexual reproduction 5.The second method of reproduction is? a.reproduction b.sexual reproduction c.asexual reproduction d.fertilization c.reproduction d.fertilization

6. The lives of many animals start when an egg cell and a sperm cell meet and unite.This process is called? a.reproduction b.fertilization c.sexual reproduction d.asexual reproduction

7.The ________is produced by the ovaries of the female animal. a.ovam b.ovuum c.bacteria d.ovum

8.The successful union of the egg and the sperm cell forms a fertilized? a.egg or a bacterium b.egg or a sperm cell c.egg or a zygote d.egg or a newborn

9.What are the two types of fertilization? a.zygote and egg b.external and emtarnil c.external and internal d.offspring or a young

10.During _________fertilization the sex cells are released and fertilized outside the bodies of the animals. a.internal b.external c.fertilized d.zygote

11.involves the union of the sperm cell and the egg cell inside the body of the female animal. a.external fertilization b.internal fertilization c.fertilization d.internally