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SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Class-10) Chapter 14 : Sources of Energy


What kind of mirror-concave, convex or plane would be best suited for use in solar cooker? Why? (1mark)


Hydrogen has been used as a rocket fuel. Would you consider it a cleaner fuel than CNG? Why or why not? (1 mark) (1 mark) (1 mark)

3. 4. 5. 6.

Name the agent which decomposes animal dung into biogas. What is geothermal energy?

Why the energy contained in fossil fuels can be considered to be the suns energy. (2 marks) Electricity generated by a windmill can be considered to be another form of solar energy. Why. (2marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks)

7. 8. 9. 10.

State two disadvantages of geothermal energy. Explain how tidal energy can be used to generate electricity? Write two disadvantage of using a solar cooker. (a) Name the device used to convert (ii) Solar energy into electricity.

(i) Solar energy into heat, and (b) 11.

Explain the principle of working of a windmill.

(3 marks)

Describe how a solar cell is fabricated. Name two elements used for fabricating it. What is solar cell panel? What will happen to an artificial satellite when the solar panel fails? (3 marks)


What are the advantage and disadvantage of using a solar cooker? Are there places where solar cookers would have limited utility? (5marks)

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