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SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Class-10) Chapter 14 : Sources of Energy

1. 2. 3.

What is that energy called, which is derived from the heat inside the earth? What do you mean by O.T.E?

(1mark) (1mark)

Write down the name of any one source of energy which is not derived directly or indirectly from solar energy. (1mark)


Define a nuclear fusion reaction. Describe the conditions for the occurrence of a nuclear fusion reaction. (2marks)


Give an example of a nuclear fusion reaction. Describe one method for making such reactions possible. (2marks) (2 marks) (2marks) (2marks)

6. 7. 8. 9.

Distinguish between renewable and a non-renewable source of energy. What are the advantages of bio-gas over the traditional fuels? Explain the working of a wind mill.

Why it is not possible to make use of solar cell to meet all our energy needs? State two reasons to support your answer. (2marks)


(i)What is bio-gas? How can bio-gas be obtained? (ii)What are the advantages of solar cells? (3 marks)


Draw a diagram and with the help of a diagram, explain the construction and working of a box type solar cooker. (3marks) (3marks)

12. 13.

Write three advantages of nuclear energy.

Name the original source of wind energy. Explain how, wind energy can be used to generate electricity. State two advantages of using wind energy for generating electricity. Mention two limitations of wind energy for generating electricity. (5 marks)

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