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Electrical Inspection Report 1) Shri Dilip Kumar 2) Shri B.K.Jha 3).Shri K.V.L.N.

Sastry 4) Shri Rahul Singh


1 OC#2&3 S.No. Equipment 2 OC#3 3. 13M2 Bus bar 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

There is heavy grease and oil flow on stair between OC#2 and 3. Observation Remark Water leakage near J#12 oil tank. Cable insulation found damaged at bus bar near B3-172 . Oil leakage from its transformer. 02 T 12 OD8 Vibration in motor due to crack in foundation. (Grouting) OD area Heavy water leakage behind OD area. Looper OD Belt guard is missing. OD 7 (Finishing) Water logged near outside the chamber. OD 5 (Finishing) Found off , no impeller ACVS took out impeller for bearing change. OD 4( Finishing) Belt loose. OD 2 (Finishing) No motor. 14M One Cable Lug needs Crimping. RCPH Area is completely filled with Spares and Dismantled material. House keeping must. Area Behind OD1 Water is coming through large( Dia) pipes. Sheets are provided.

CC: 1) ED (W) 2) GM (M&U) 3) DGM (T) 4) HOD (HSM)