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Electrical Inspection Report

1) Shri Dilip Kumar 2) Shri B.K.Jha 3) Shri K.V.L.N. Sastry

4) Shri Rahul Singh

S. No. EQUIPMENT 1. 2. 3. Fce#1 Pit(-11m) Fce#4 Extractor Fce#1 Slab receiver

OBSERVATION Control and power cable is covered with scale. Dynamic braking resistance is getting hot , Its BDR unit is not working. Coiler side cable is covered with scale.


4. 5.

MR#6 cable gallery DG Set #1,2

Water accumulated in cable gallery below cable tray. a)Battery condition is not good which is used for control and starting. b)Both set surge suppressor got damaged . Mill side selsyns and limit switches are in very unsafe condition for checking even in Roll Change. Abnormal sound is coming from drive(seems not coming from motor) a) Motor ventilation is not proper. b) F7 S/Down both motors are hot.


R2-R5 main drives

7. 8.

VSB A motor Finishing S/Downs

C.C 1) ED (W) 2) GM (M&U) 3) DGM (T) / MD Office 4) HOD (HSM)