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Electrical Inspection Report 1)Shri Dilip Kumar 2) Shri B.K.Jha 3). Shri K.V.L.N.

Sastry 4) Shri Rahul Singh


S.No. 1. 2.

Equipment Post #1 K/off Post #1 Depiler

Observation a) Coupling guard is missing. b) Oil leakage from coupling near limit switch. a) Pull box cover is missing. b) Abnormal sound from limit switch reducer and Depiler coupling. c) Motor commutator got black. a) field cable required proper dressing. b) Gear box cover is missing , heavy oil sprayed due to this. a) Ventilation duct is not fitted properly, it is lifted little bit. b) Its limit switch cable pull box cover is missing. a) Grease and scrap found on its cable. b) Heavy oil accumulation at pit near Roll table. a) b) c) d) Knife switch behind 2KT Y is not covered. 103 WP cover found missing. R/T 30 one lug got heated dynamic resistance. Heavy water leakage on cable tray and cable tray got rusted and damage. e) DH1 cable insulation got damage at one place in cable gallery. f) RT 27 field resistance is getting hot. g) Bottom cover of 02T 22 and 29 is missing. No ventilation motor is there . Armature cable is getting hot little bit a) Near R2 OD oil seepage from wall on cable pipe. b) Oil and water accumulation near R4 OD. RTDB area TB strip proper dressing is required.



R/T 14



5. 6.

R/T 15 MR#5

7. 8. 9. 10.

Pusher#2,3 RT 17 R1-R5 MR#1 cable gallery ROT sect-1/2

CC: 1) ED (W) 2) GM (M&U) 3) DGM (T) 4) HOD (HSM)