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Class 704 10/24/11
Imagine sitting in gym class one day and your coach introduces to a new
game. The whole class Iinds it Iun and apparently so
would a lot oI the world. That is the story oI James
Naismith. Dr. James Naismith created the sport we now
know as basketball. This is an unbelievable sport where
anything can take place. Like now there is a lockout
because the players want more money Ior playing.
Basketball is a Iantastic sport where anything can happen.
He was teaching physical education at YMCA Training School in
SpringIield, Massachusetts. He wanted to teach his students a new game which
eventually became basketball. It uses peach baskets and a soccer ball. They had to
place the ball in the basketball. Now people use rims with nets instead oI peach
baskets. Now they`re also special balls made to dribble instead oI soccer balls.
They`re new rules, uniIorms, stadiums, teams, and even millions oI dollars can be
made to play basketball in the National Basketball Association. Many people love
to play basketball because it is Iun and amazing. Others play just to make millions
oI dollars.
I still believe basketball is a Iantastic sport where anything can happen.
There have been amazing games, oIIseason trades, team perIormances, single
perIormances, and a lot oI other records. For
example an important single perIormance was
scoring totals. Kobe Bryant and Wilt
Chamberlain scored a lot oI points in one
game. Kobe scored 81 points in a game and
Wilt scored 100 points in a game. Players can
become bad in an instant which can alter a season easily. In Iootball you can`t get
bad at catching a ball or running. Whereas in the NBA players can get bad at
shooting or you can get better. Ray Allen a basketball
player in the 2010 NBA Finals broke a record Ior the
most three pointers in a playoII game. AIter that he
struggled to hit threes. Lastly weird teams can win a
championship in the NBA. A team called the Seattle
Supersonics in the 1940`s won and it was a team nobody
expected to win. Since it was a best oI seven series it
really tested their abilities. So unlike other sports teams can`t lose it all in one
The NBA helps out many people in need all oI the time. The NBA Cares
Association gives help to other people. They give donations, they build houses, and
they also give Iree tickets and a chance to meet someone`s
Iavorite basketball player. They encourage kids with diseases or
special illnesses to go on when they meet they`re Iamous
basketball player. They use their money willingly to beneIit
hospitals, organizations, and people in need.
Basketball is a Iantastic sport where anything can happen.
Basketball is a Iun sport that many people like to play. It is a diIIicult sport where a
lot oI practice makes you better. You won`t be good without practice. Whereas in
Iootball iI you can catch and run you can be naturally good or baseball iI you catch
only, you are good. Basketball is an amazing sport that I love to play and you
should try out because anything can happen.