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Finding 1. He hasnt wearing personal protective equipment e.g. (helmet, reflective jacket, protective grove, safety shoes) 2.

The truck was expired data by the permit . 3. There are no operator control carry on the steel frame. 4. There are havent provide any railing to isolate working place. 5. A Serious structural damage to the sling. 6. There are overloading sling hoop the steel frame.

Causes of accidents 1. Improper method using to hook up the steel frames, including: not tighten the sling, hook loosen. 2. Did not inform co-worker to work together. 3. Did not check the traveling crane condition before use. 4. Did not have controller to lead the job process. 5. Did not setup lifting activities to other staff to attend. 6. There was no safety devices allow worker to safety move up and down between the floor and the truck bed. 7. Uneven loading to hook up the steel frame.

Recommendations 1. Review the current lifting plans/ methods. Base on the lifting, develop safety rules. 2. Using the lifting in-house rules to provide3 training to all person/rigger. 3. Only appointed /trained/ qualified, person/ rigger can be operate the crane. 4. A suitable , skilled , experienced lifting supervisor / foreman, shall ve appointed to supervise the lifting operation and giving him a power to stop any unsafe Lifting operation. 5. As it is a plant, it is reasonably practicable to provide a double hand rail access ladder for access up and down between the floor and the truck bed