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Siemens Gas Turbine SGT5-2000E for 50 Hz Market SGT6-2000E for 60 Hz Market

The proven model

Answers for energy.

The SGT5-2000E and SGT6-2000E Designed for reliable, efficient and flexible power generation
Ongoing fierce competition fueled by deregulation is dictating ever more flexibility and lower power generation costs. One approach to cost-cutting is economical plant operation centering on low investment costs, combined with high flexibility and reliability. The SGT5-2000E Siemens Gas Turbine (SGT) our well established workhorse is tailored to meet these requirements. With its proven design, materials and thermodynamic processes, the SGT5-2000E ensures you a strong position in a competitive market. The SGT6-2000E is the corresponding 60 Hz model. The machine is characterized by the use of a longestablished concept: Two rotor bearings Cold-end generator drive Built-up rotor with Hirth serrations and central tie bolt The combination of this proven design and innovative features results in: Low investment costs per installed kilowatt 2 High efficiency Low maintenance expenditure Long service life Fast payback on invested capital Based on the standard design concepts of our modular reference power plants for multishaft application, we have defined several scope of supplies around the SGT5-2000E. These packages from component through SGT-PAC to the full Turnkey scope support all your needs. The intelligent structuring of our power plants with a range of modules and options brings you benefits in terms of deadlines and quality.

Siemens Gas Turbine*

SGT5-2000E Grid frequency (Hz) Gross power output (MW) Gross efficiency (%) Gross heat rate (kJ/kWh) Gross heat rate (Btu/kWh) Exhaust temperature (C/F) Exhaust mass flow (kg/s) Exhaust mass flow (lb/s) Pressure ratio Length x width x height (m)*) Weight (t)
* **

SGT6-2000E 60 113 34 10,606 10,052 543/1,009 369 813 11.8 8,3x10x6.25** 163**

50 168 34.7 10,366 9,825 536/998 531 1,170 11.7 10x12x7.5** 234**

Standard design; ISO ambient conditions Dimensions and weight incl. combustion chambers

This gas turbine concept incorporates decades of experience with heavy-duty gas turbines at Siemens. It is the solid technical foundation, on which proven technology is based. Application of the accumulated know-how is being implemented for reliable, efficient and flexible operation.

In January 2008, more than 380 SGT5-2000E (former V94.2) and SGT6-2000E (former V84.2) Siemens gas turbines were in operation, had been shipped, or were ordered worldwide. The 168 MW, 50 Hz model, the SGT5-2000E, is a heavyduty gas turbine designed for reliable, efficient and flexible operation. Over 6.4 million operating hours of experience with 300 SGT5-2000E (former V94.2) gas turbines have been accumulated, demonstrating their outstanding reliability under diverse operating conditions.

Today, the SGT5-2000E is proof that it is possible to reconcile ambitious economic and environmental targets through: Effective use of resources Low NOx content of exhaust gas Low CO2 emissions

Compressor blades Variable pitch inlet guide vanes allow operation down to half load while maintaining a constant exhaust temperature. All stationary and moving blades of the compressor and turbine can be replaced individually without removing the rotor from the lower casing.

Turbine blades Convective air-cooling of the first three stationary and first two moving turbine blade rows protects the blade material against high inlet temperatures. The first three stages of the turbine are protected with a special coating. No film cooling is used to allow ash-forming fuel firing. The free-standing moving blades of the compressor and turbine are tuned to permit continuous fullload operation over a wide off-frequency range.

Proven design features

Optimized flow, robust and versatile combustion and cooling systems add up to a gas turbine efficiency of nearly 35%. To highlight a few features: The machine is of oneshaft, single-casing design and features two laterally flanged, large-volume, silotype combustion chambers, a multi-stage compressor, and a four-stage turbine. An air-cold generator is driven on the cold (compressor) end. The SGT5-2000E has 16 compressor stages; the SGT6-2000E has 17 stages. A modified version with 17 compressor stages is available for non or partially air-integrated syngas/IGCC applications. The SGT5-2000E model has eight burners per combustion chamber; the SGT6-2000E has 6 burners. A standard static exitation and variable frequency converter system ensures smooth acceleration of the gas turbine to full speed within four minutes. Ready access via manholes into the two combustion chambers permits direct inspection of the hot-gaspath components from the burners to turbine blades.

Rotor The light, highly rigid rotor of disk design allows rapid start-ups. Internal air-circulation paths in the rotor minimize thermal stresses. Hirth facial serrations at the outer perimeter of the disks ensure self-centering of all the rotor components under steady and nonsteady-state operating conditions.

Combustion Two silo-type chambers with ceramic heat shields Hybrid burners with dry low NOx technology Gaseous and liquid standard fuel firing Special gaseous fuel firing e.g. Low-Btu gas and syngas from IGCC
Emissions (in dry exhaust gas with 15% O2)
175 ppm 150 125 100 75 50

Special liquid fuel firing e.g. kerosene, naphtha and ash-forming fuels (crude oil, heavy fuels)


0 0 20 40 60 80 100

% Output at ISO conditions

Operation flexibility and service friendliness

The concept of large combustion chambers provides low emissions, fuel flexibility and ease in maintenance. They can be fired with a wide variety of fuels, from low- to high-calorific gaseous and/or liquid fuels, including treated heavy oils. All casings, except for the hot-gas inlet section, have a horizontal joint for ease of maintenance. Off-board combustion eliminates any direct flame-radiation on the turbine blading, and the long dilution path provides for uniform temperature distribution at the inlet to the blading. The basic robust design guarantees best in E-class flexibility: A wide range of fuel qualities Low emissions even at lower part loads Fast start-up Flexible grid support In general low maintenance scope, extended maintenance intervals according to customer needs Excellent accessability eases manual turbine washing and inspection when firing ash forming fuel oil

The SGT5-PAC 2000E and SGT6-PAC 2000E

The Siemens Gas Turbine Package (SGT-PAC) comprises the gas turbine and generator, and all major mechanical, control and electrical equipment required for safe and reliable operation of these components. We deliver our Siemens Gas Turbine Packages largely preassembled, including piping and wiring to a major extend. The auxiliary systems are combined in groups and installed as prefabricated packages. This reduces installation and commissioning expenditures and durations. Pre-engineered options are available to meet project- and site-specific requirements or to increase operating flexibility and performance of the power generating system.

Scope of SGT5-PAC 2000E and SGT6-PAC 2000E

Base scope Gas turbine Electrical generator Fuel gas system Hydraulic oil system Instrument air system Lube oil system Compressor cleaning system Air intake system Exhaust gas diffuser Instrumentation & Control Electrical equipment Power Control Centers Noise enclosures Fire protection Starting frequency converter Options (selection) Liquid fuel system Dual-fuel operation NOx water injection system for liquid fuels Inlet air evaporative cooling Inlet air anti-icing system Inlet air self-cleaning pulse filter Gas turbine stack for simple cycle Diverter damper and bypass stack for combined cycle Further noise abatement Fin-fan cooling systems for generator and lube oil Operation with heavy fuel oils Operation with syngas

Siemens Gas Turbine Packages Net power output (MW) Net efficiency (%) Net heat rate (kJ/kWh) Net heat rate (Btu/kWh) Exhaust temperature (C/F) Exhaust mass flow (kg/s) Exhaust mass flow (lb/s) Generator type Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant Multi-Shaft 1 x1 Net power output (MW) Net efficiency (%) Net heat rate (kJ/kWh) Net heat rate (Btu/kWh) Multi-Shaft 2 x1 Net power output (MW) Net efficiency (%) Net heat rate (kJ/kWh) Net heat rate (Btu/kWh)
* ISO conditions, natural gas fuel

Paka, Malaysia SGT5-2000E 50 Hz 165 34.5 10,471 9,925 539/1,002 526 1,161 Air-cooled SGT6-2000E 60 Hz 111 34.0 10,717 10,158 545/1,014 365 805 Air-cooled YTL Power Services, a joint venture between Siemens PG and YTL Corporation, operates the first Malaysian IPP project. The Paka power station consists of two combined cycle blocks with a total capacity of 404 MW, each with two V94.2 Siemens gas turbines (new: SGT5-2000E) with more than 283,000 joint operating hours**.

251 52.2 6,895 6,535 505 52.5 6,860 6,502

171 51.3 7,007 6,642 342 51.6 6,971 6,608

Buggenum, Netherlands Nuon Power Buggenum operates the power station as integral part of a fully integrated coal-based IGCC plant with a net output of 290 MW. The Buggenum power station consists of one single-shaft combined cycle unit with one V94.2 gas turbine (new: SGT5-2000E) with approximately 80,000 operating hours. The gas turbine is equipped with Siemens syngas burners allowing operation on both syngas and natural gas which is used as backup fuel. Az Zour, Kuwait

World experience
The SGT5-2000E has been in service since 1981; the SGT6-2000E since 1989. We have sold more than 350 gas turbines of the SGT5-2000E and SGT62000E with more than 8.8 million cumulative operating hours and a fleet reliability exceeding 99%.**

The Ministry of Electricity and Water operates the 960 MWe Az Zour power plant consisting of eight V94.2 Siemens gas turbines (new: SGT5-2000E) in simple cycle operation with more than 42,000 operation hours. The gas turbines are equipped with Siemens hybrid burners allowing the operation on both gas and oil.

Hsinta, Taiwan Taiwan Power Company operates the worlds largest 60 Hz combined cycle power plant, Hsinta 2,200 MW. The plant comprises five 442 MW combined cycle units, each with three natural gas fired Siemens gas turbines, V84.2 (new: SGT6-2000E), three HRSGs and one single bottoming non-reheat condensing steam turbine. Today, the gas turbines summarize already more than 670,000 operating hours**.

** Status December 2007

SGT5-2000E adjustment to site conditions

Effect on Power Output, Efficiency
1.25 1.20 1.15 1.10 Correction factors 1.05 1.00 0.95 0.90 0.85 0.80 0.75 0.70 20 10 0 10 20 30 40 50 Compressor inlet temperature [C] Reaching of mechanical limit Power Efficiency Course when mechanical limit is reached (example)

Effect on Power Output, Mass Flow

1.05 1.00 0.95 0.90 0.85 0.80 0.75

Correction factors




0.95 1.05 1.00 Ambient pressure pamb [bar]

Effect on Power Output

1.003 1.002 Correction factors 1.001 1.000 0.999 0.998 0.997 0.996 0.995 0.994 0.0
0 C


15 C 31 C

35 C

45 C

0.8 1.0 Rel. humidity [x 100 %]

Effect on Efficiency
1.020 1.015 Correction factors 1.010 1.005 1.000 0.995 0.990 0.985 0.0
0 C


15 C 31 C

35 C

45 C

0.8 1.0 Rel. humidity [x 100 %]

TCI = Compressor Inlet Temperature

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