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HCL Infosystems Business Intelligence Presentation

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About the Practice

HCLs Business Intelligence practice focuses on

1. Enhanced reaction and sensitivity toward the customers 2. Identification of customer demands 3. Capability to respond to market transformation 4. Improved optimality within operations 5. Effective use and saving of wealth 6. Intricate study assisting for future prospects 7. Optimum utilization of organizational resources

Our Value Proposition

Managed Services Technology End to end DW/BI Solutions in major Industry domains Agnostic approach to DWBI solutions model Complete ownership from assessment to delivery

Expertise in major BI Tools/Platform

Flexible Engagement Model

Our Offerings
EDW-BI Strategy & Architecture Framework
o o o o Process & Architecture Assessment Enterprise DW-BI (EDM, MDM, EDS etc) Strategy & Roadmap Business Analysis & Process Definition Enterprise DW-BI Architecture Definition

Enterprise Data Architecture and Data Modeling

o o o o o Enterprise Data Modeling Framework Enterprise Data Warehouse & Data Marts Operational Data Store (ODS) Transaction Processing Data Stores (OLTP) Database Architecture

Enterprise Data Integration

o o o Enterprise ETL Architecture Framework Batch/Near Real-Time/Parallel ETL Scheduled/Event Triggered ETL

Our Offerings (2/3)

BI Reporting and Analytics o o o o o Enterprise Reporting Architecture Framework Analytical & Operational Reporting Data Mining, Statistical & Predictive Analytics Canned & Ad Hoc Reports Dashboards, Scorecards Reference Data Management, Master Data Management, Data Governance Data QualityProfiling, Cleansing, Standardization, Enrichment, Matching Data Archival, Migration, & Purging Data Storage & Data Security, Data Obfuscation

Data Management o o o o

Our Offerings (3/3)

DW-BI Development & Maintenance o o o DW-BI Development (End-to-End, all components) Program & Project Management Sustain Production Support, Maintenance & Enhancements

Technology Services o o o o o BI Tool Evaluation & Selection Product Installations, Upgrades, Migration DBA & Tool Administration Performance Tuning BI Security Assessment & Implementation

What we have done

Client Details Major PSU Bank in India Challenges: Our Client undertook the provision of improving the banks decision-making process, reporting and information management to streamline business processes through predictive intelligence. The challenge was to meet unplanned and emergency situations and timely creation of statutory reports from data collated from different branches in various formats. Solution: The solution involved extracting data from different data source systems of the bank, generating more than 300 reports for various departments The solution provided BI tool for software solution capable of various analysis for bank as a whole up to the branch level. Also,the Web portal was implemented for publishing reports for predictive intelligence. The solution provided data modeler based on defined parameters based on customer profile and providing Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool to extract and upload from the existing hosts. Results: The Management Information System (MIS) and Business Intelligence (BI) solution led improvement in the decision making process of our client. The MIS solution offered consolidation, accuracy and real time information for internal use as well as compliance related reports. The bank can generate reports for various departments like risk management, credit department, social banking, core banking, operational risk and loans.

Our Technology Centers of Excellence

COE Sharepoint Mobile Computing ECM / BPM Testing E-commerce BI

Focus Areas Collaboration, Knowledge Portals, Customer Portals Mobile enablement of BFSI Mobile banking, mobile stock market transactions Document Management, Workflow Management Regression test Suite automation E-commerce solutions Oracle/Hyperion, Cognos, SAP/Business Objects