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Chapter 0 Contents

Chapter 1 Description of Product Functions . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Chapter 2 Basic Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
2.1 Operation Description of Remote Controller . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
2.1.1 Schematic Diagram of Remote Controller . . . . . . . . . . 2
2.1.2 Function Description of Remote Controller's Components . . . . 3
2.2 Schematic Diagrams of the Output Ports on the Back Panel . . . . . . 4
2.2.1 Schematic diagrams of the output ports on the back panel
2.2.2 Function Description of the back panel’s Components
2.3 Schematic Diagram of the Panel Functions . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
2.4 Product Outline Drawing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Chapter 3 Operation Description of Main Functions . . . . . . . 8
3.1 Basic Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
3.2 DVD Function Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
3.3 Output Setting of Sound channel 5.1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
3.4 Description of AM/FM Radio Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
3.5 TV Operation Description . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
3.6 CDC Function Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
3.8 Description of parking sensor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Chapter 4 Description of Product Installation . . . . . . . . . 17
Chapter 5 Safety Instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
5.1 Warning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
5.2 Safety Instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
5.3 Notes for the Use of Disc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Chapter 6 Main Performance Indices . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Chapter 7 Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Enclosure: customer Return Receipt and warranty card

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Description of Product Features Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Basic Operation

1.1 Product Functions Picture mode selection: 2.1 Operation Description of Remote Controller
TFT LCD preset mode enables quick
Main functions: adjustment of picture quality.
DVD, AM, FM, TV & CDC (multiple-
2.1.1 Schematic Diagram of Remote Controller
Automatic muting for taking
disk changer), Packing sensor incoming calls:
,A/V,GPS rearview camera
connection,built in Amplifier 4 Ch. If telephone wire is connected,
Output and 6.5”TFT LCD automatic muting is available when
phone call is received. Acoustic mode 2


Tilt back/forth LCD panel: will be automatically restored when 4

Enjoy from any viewing angle the phone is on hook. DISPLAY

1 2 3
Automatic storage: 1.2 Product Application 5


All adjusted parameters can be Adopting high definition TFT color
4 5 6

automatically stored and restored. LCD, built-in DVD, FM, AM, TV, TITLE/PBC

7 8 9
Display mode: backing radar, CDC, rearview mirror 10

for backing, and four-speaker power 9


Automatic identification of PAL or output, the product has such features 10++ 0

NTSC modes with a wide range of as rich entertainment programs, easy ENTER MODE

application and good compatibility. installation and connection, no

11 13


Remote control function: radiation, low power consumption, no 14


flicker, large angular field of view, 18

All the operation can be remotely bright and realistic color as well as SEARCH REPEAT

controlled to ensure easy and small size. The product can be widely

convenient operation. applied to all kinds of cars, special



purpose vehicles and deluxe buses. 20

- +
It can connect with the button of the
steering wheel to ensure easy and 26

convenient operation. All the opera- 23


tion can be on screen display, and 24

display real time.
Night time Illumination:
When getting dark if this function is
activated,nighttime illumination will
turn on automatically.connect light
blue wire+ 12V.
Signal selection:
Two-channel video output, and
left/right preamp audio output.
Automatic detection for backing:
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Basic Operation Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Basic Operation

2.1.2 Function Description of 12. Confirm button: To confirm the items for adjustment in OSD mode. 2.2 Schematic Diagrams of
Remote Controller's setting of each function. Then press function button to the Output Ports on the
Components 13. Select button: Press this button Back Panel
to cyclically select and switch to the 21. Function button: Press this
1. Power button: Press this button to play mode for DVD, FM, AM, CDC button (or MENU button on the Connection 1
turn on, press again to turn off the and TV. . panel) to call in OSD display. It
player. can be confirm when selecting 1.Ant VCC(brown).power antenna
14. Function button: Press this
button (or MENU button on the OSD menu. When Connect with the switch of grip
2. Time button: Press this button to
enable or disable time display. panel) to call in OSD 22.Stop button: In DVD play mode, brake(ov is available)
twice exit OSD display. press this button to stop playing
3. Menu button: Press this button to Automatically closed on the screen
15. Mute button: In the normal mode, DVD, which depends on the disc.
call in/out PBC menu. when unclinching the grip brake,
press this button to disable sound please connect with the GND line
4. Eject button: In DVD play mode,
output. Cancel mute function by 23. FR button: In the play mode, when don’t connect with the grip
press this button to open/close the
pressing again. continuously press this button to brake, otherwise there is not image
16. Angle button: In DVD play mode, play back at a speed varying 2.parking brake(white), used to
5. Display button: Press this button
press this button to select images from2 to 20 times.short press to connected to the motor antenna
to display the current DVD play
to be played from different angles select OSD menu. control end.
(Effective only when it is supported 24. Forward song selection button:
6. Numeric button: On DVD mode ,it by the disc). 3.amplifier connector(gray),
Press this button for once to skip
is used to select songs. used to connect to outside amplier
17. Search button: In DVD play forward by a song in DVD and
7. Sound track button: In DVD play mode, press this button and CDC play mode and tune forward 4.reverse back car(purple)
mode, press this button to cyclically numeric button to select the if it is in AM, FM & TV mode.
switch to different sound channel programme or time to play. 5.Night time illumination wire(blue)
25. FF button: In the play mode,
output. Effective when it is supported by used to connect to the switch of
continuously press this button to
8. Title button: In DVD play mode, the discs.In TV, AM & FM mode, it play forward at a speed varying little light(12V allowed)
press this button to return to Title is used for automatic tuning. from 2 to 20 times. Short press to 6.ACC +12V(red), used to connect to
mode. 18. Backward song selection select OSD menu. ACC power switch
9. Setup button: In DVD mode, press button: Press this button for once 26. Play/pause button: Press this
this button to call in "Menu to skip backward by a song in 7.Grounding Cable (black), used to
button to cyclically switch to
Setting" to set each parameter. DVD and CDC play mode and connect to the clean and bare metal
Pause and Play. In AM, FM & TV
Refer to Section 3.3.8(Page10) tune backward if it is in AM, FM & part of the vehicle chassis.
mode, press this button to tune
for details. TV mode. forward. 8.12V battery cable(Yellow), used to
10. 10+ button: When input num- 19. Repeat button: In DVD mode, connect to the vehicle battery to
bers, press this button to add 10 to press this button to repeat a single supply uninterrupted 12V DC
the input number. song, section or full disc or cancel power.
the repeat function.
11. Up/Down/Left/Right button:
Used to select items in DVD 20. Volume adjustment/Up/Down
setting mode. button: Press "+, -" button to
adjust the volume. Press

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Basic Operation Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Basic Operation

speaker on the rear part of the
Antenna socket, used to connect
TV 8.Rear right positive terminal of outside of the vehicle.
speaker(purple) used to connect
CONNECTION1 CDC connecting port, used to
to the positive terminal of the right
speaker on the rear part of the
7 5 3 1

1 2 1 2 1 2 3
8 6 4 2 vehicle. CDC (6~10 disks changer )
3 4 3 4 4 5

5 6 5 6 6 7 8
Connection 3
1please see the detailed diagram



Whi t e
G reen/blac k

Gr e e n
Gray/ black


Purple/ black
7 5 3 1 7 5 3 1






8 6 4 2 8 6 4 2






Two cha nn el vi de o out pu t

A Car telephone mute
Audio-r output
Audio-l output
Camera video input
CDC video inp u t
B GND 2.3 Schematic Drawing of Panel Functions
Connection 2 GND
Video input2
Video input1 TFT monito r
1.rear left negative terminal of the Audio-r input
speaker(green and black), used C GND
Audio-l input1
to connect to the negative terminal Steering wheel +
Steering wheel - Step backward
of the left speaker on the rear part Audio-r input2 Step forward FF
of the vehicle. 7
Audio-l input2 SELECT
Volume +

2..Rear left positive terminal of Volume - TIME

5.Front right negative terminal of PLAY/PAUSE
speaker(green), used to connect MUTE
the speaker(gray and black), use EJECT PANEL
to the positive terminal of the left
to connect to the negative terminal
speaker on the rear part of the Receiving port of remote control signal
of the right speaker on the front
part of the vehicle.
3.Front left negative terminal of the
6.Front right positive terminal of
speaker(white and black), used to
the speaker(gray), use to connect
connect to the negative terminal of
to the positive terminal of the right
the left speaker on the front part of
speaker on the front part of the
the vehicle.
4.Front left positive terminal of
7.Rear right negative terminal of
speaker(white), used to connect to
speaker(purple and black), used
the positive terminal of the left
to connect to the negative terminal

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Basic Operation Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Description of Main Functional Operations

2.4 Product Appearance 3.1 Basic Operation button again, the system will exit the
mute mode and recover voice output.
1. Switch on/off
DISC PORT 5. Display and Tuning of Time
EJECT BUTTON Turn on the power supply with the
On DVD mode car key, the power supply of the Press the TIME button on the panel
Press here to player will be automatically switched or the remote controller, the time
on and the system will return to the display will be switched on or off.
stretch or Press the "TUNING" button on the
close the state when it was switched off. Press
the power button to switch off the remote control, the time display will
display angle player if you don't want to use it. switch circularly between "hour-
minute-second". Press the "+/-"
2. Function modes switch button, now you can change the value
Press the SELECT button on the of hour, minute and second respec-
panel or remote controller, you can tively.
have the player circularly switched 6. Supported Disc Types
among the following modes: DVD,
AM, FM, CDC and TV. (Remark: CDC DVD, DVCD, VCD, CD, CD-RW,
Panel Spreading Mp3, etc.
can only be played when the player is
configured with CDC player.) 7. Rotary panel
The player has to be restarted if it is Press button on the panel or
powered off. The player will automati- remote controller to rotate the panel
cally recover the mode when it is or adjust the angles of the screen, and
powered off. the original position can be restored.
If you place a disc into the player, it (a) Press on the panel or the
will automatically switch to DVD mode controller for remote before launching
no matter which mode it is in. , then the panel will be totally
3. Volume Control
(b) After launching totally, a brief
Press the "+/-" button on the press of on the panel or the
panel or remote control when the remote controller will make the panel
player is in normal play state, you can draw back (6-7mm), another press
Panel Closing change the volume to meet your will lead it draw back again.
(c) A long time press will draw it back
Note: 4. Mute Control completely.
The Company is actively engaged in improving the product quality and If you don't need the voice output in Note:
offering update version of the product. The appearance, functions or design the normal play, press the mute a brief press: Means that the
button on the panel or the remote effection time on this key is equal to
of the product may be a little different from those in the manual. And the controller. The symbol of "Mute" will or less than 1 second (just once of
actual product prevails. The Company will not give any notice for the be display on the screen and the the buzzer);
changes. Please forgive for this. system will be in mute state. Press the
a long press: Means that theeffection

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Description of Main Functional Operations Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Description of Main Functional Operations

time on this key is more than 1 switched off. The whole system can (1) Play/Pause/Stop. Press the Randomly Press either place of the
second (twice of the buzzer). be operated after that. Play/Pause/Stop button on the picture under TV play state.
8. Eject disc This machine has touch panel screen; the machine will execute 3. Radio Function
function. The main menu is shown relative operation. The current status
As the key for exiting disc hides will be shown on the left upper side Press radio symbol under main
behind the panel,so it can be as Drawing OSD0001, which has 5 menu to enter radio play menu, as is
functions: DVD, TV, Radio, of the screen.
appeared just when the panel has shown on Drawing OSD0004.
been launched completely, and then CDC,GPS,A/V and Setting etc. Just (2) Song skipping: Press "Last
12: 00
Press the screen to get what you song"/ "Next Song" to skip backward F M/ A M FM 106 .2MH Z
you can operate manually only.[
want, or press the Up/Down button or forward. HOME M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M06
different from the
on the remote controller to cyclically (3) Main Menu: Press this button to MUTE 15
key on the panel and the remote choose the functions. Press the return to main menu which is shown
controller (rotary key )] function button on the remote as OSD0001 (This function works
Detailed steps were show as controller to confirm the current OSD-0004
the same in all state. No further
following: choice. The "+/ -" On the remote Detailed operation can refer to
explanation will be listed)
(a)Pressing on the panel or the controller can increase or decrease chapter 3.5
the value of current state. (4) Volume Adjustment: Press "+, -"
remote controller to make it launch (1).AM&FM. Switch between AM &
button to adjust the volume (This
completely; 1. DVD Function FM
function works the same in all state.
(b)Pressing near the exiting slot Insert DVD, VCD discs etc, and No further explanation will be listed.) (2).Search station, select station -,
in the back of the panel, the disk will Press DVD symbol on the screen, select station +, adjustment -,
(5) Mute button: Press this button
exit about 2 seconds later. the player will start reading the disc adjustment +, store station. Refer to
and "Muting" will be shown on the
and play the picture on full-screen. Chapter 3.5 for detailed functions
screen. The whole system will be in
3.2 Description of Touch Detailed DVD operation can refer to mute state. Press again; it will 4.A/V Function
Panel Operation chapter 3.3. In the play state, by resume the Sound Output (This Press AV symbol under main menu
Pressing either position of the function works the same in all state. to enter av menu, as is shown on
When you press POW button on the screen or pressing the Menu button No further explanation will be listed) drawing OSD0005.
panel or the remote controller, initial on the panel on the Function button
2. TV Function 12: 00
setting "Do not watch me when on the remote controller, it will return
Touch the TV symbol under main 15
driving" will be displayed. Then it will to main menu which is shown as
OSD0001 menu, TV will be shown on full-
return to the state when it was screen as OSD0003. Detailed LOUND MUTE HOME EXIT

Insert CD, Touch DVD symbol, it will

operation can refer to Chapter 3.6 AV1 AV2
lead you to the menu which is shown
as OSD0002. 12: 00 OSD-0005
CH 01 7 2 5.2 3 0MH Z Detailed operation can refer to
12:00 chapter 3.7
15 5.CDC Function
HOME Touch the CDC symbol under main
menu to enter radio playing menu
CDC SET GPS EXT EJECT HOME EXIT OSD-0003 which is shown as OSD0006.
Note: To set OSD picture, just Detailed operation can refer to
OSD-0001 chapter 3.8

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Description of Main Functional Operations Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Description of Main Functional Operations

(1)Picture Adjustment: Touch image

symbol (IMG) under Setting menu to B:Main volume: Enter Audio

12: 00 enter Picture adjustment menu.( Adjustment menu. The default
D I SC L 01 : 0 1 : 05 MUTE Shown as OSD0008). Light, setting is main volume. Press “ IMAGE AUDIO TIME BELL

contrast, color of the picture can be +/-“ on the right side of the menu SETUP
adjusted when the disc is to increase or decrease the volume.
continuously played. Just press “ (3)Time Setting: Touch TIME symbol

+,-“ button to increase or decrease under Setting Menu to enter Time

the value. Or to return to the preset adjustment menu.( shown as OSD-0011
default value. Press “E X” to OSD0010)
return to full-screen display. (5)Black Screen: Touch black symbol
(1)Play/Stop. Press these buttons to 12 : 00 12HR under Setting Menu( Shown as
realize the play/pause/stop OSD0012), “ Black Screen On”
functions.Twice of "play"means will be shown. Press Exit Button to
"pause". the picture is in black. On the
(2)Mute button: Press this button ON OFF EXIT contrary, when the screen shows “
and “Muting” will be shown on Black Screen Off” , press Exit
the screen. The whole system will be OSD-0010 button, you will continuously enjoy
in mute state. Press again, it will OSD-0008 the picture.
resume the sound output A. Hour Adjustment. Press “ HR” Note: This is effective under any
(2)Audio adjustment: Press audio button on the screen to adjust the
(3)Select Disc or Song. Press the “ symbol under Setting menu to enter hour. When Hour is flashing in red
Last disc” , “Next Disc”, “ Audio Adjustment Menu( shown as color, press “ +/-“ to change the
Last Song“, “Next Song”,“ OSD0009) hour value.
FR““FF” to realize relative IMAGE AUDIO TIME BELL

operation. B. Minute adjustment. Press “ SETUP

FL FR MIN” button on the screen to
15 HOME adjust the minute information. When BLACK CODE HOME EXIT

6.Setting Function TREB MUTE

Minute is flashing in red color, press
Touch Setting symbol(SET) under BASS EXIT
“+/-“ to change the minute value. OSD-0012
main menu to enter Setting Menu RL RR C. Exit. Press this button to return to 6:Passward:
which is shown as OSD0007. picture playing state. Press PSW symbol under setting
OSD-0009 menu (shown as OSD0013)
(4)BUZZING: Press bell symbol
A:Front Left/Front (BELL) under Setting Menu(shown
Right/Central/Base/Rear Left/Back As OSD0011), “ Off” will be
AUDIO BELL Ini tial pas swor d 0 1 2 3
Right Button. Press these buttons shown below. No sound will be
SETUP 4 5 6 7
and “+,-“ to increase or decrease heard when touching the symbol on
Modi fy pas swor d
the volume of front left speaker, front the screen. On the contrary, when it Cance l pas swor d  

right speaker, central speaker, base, is shown as “ On” sound will be
rear left speaker and rear right heard when touching the symbol.
speaker. OSD-00013

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Description of Main Functional Operations Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Description of Main Functional Operations

Language Video Audio Rating

“ On” sound will be heard when recovered. Programs will be displayed on the Osd Chi nese English
touching the symbol. 4. Sound Channel Switch: Press the screen. If the file is a JPEG/GIF/BMP Subtitle English

(7)Exit. Press Exit button to return to “ Sound Channel” button on the image, the screen will display the Audio English
Dvd menu English
normal play state. panel or remote controller, the player image file in full screen for 5 Osd menu open
is in normal play state. It will switch seconds and then the player will
(8).Exit automatically execute the next file.
Language setting
between Sound channel 2 and
Touch Exit Symbol in Main Menu to Press the STOP button on the Osd menu:English,Chinese
Sound channel 5.1. For details, Subtitle:English,chinese,AUTO,OFF
exit OSD menu and return to play please refer to chapter 3.4. remote control, the player will return
state. AUDIO:English,Chinese
to SMART NAVI mode. DVD Menu:ENGLISH,Chinese
5. Skip: Press the Forward or
OSD Menu:on,off
3.3 DVD Operation Backward button on the panel or the
remote controller, the player will skip 1/320 00:01:56 Language Video Audio Rating
Description forward or backward to play the next
1 001 6 006 Tv s h ape 4:3
2 002 7 007 Tv system NTST NTSC
or previous program. PAL
1. Switch the machine to DVD mode 3 003 8 008 video out S- v i d e o
PAL 60
and insert disc( Note: place the side 6. Play on Demand: Press the 4 004 9 009 AUTO
Search button on the remote 5 005 10 010
with words upward), the machine will File:001
Tv setting
start reading disc and begin to play controller, the player will switch
between chapter mode and time Tv sh ap e: 4: 3, 16 :9
10 seconds later.
selection mode. Then press the tv sy st em :N TS C, PA L, PA L 60 ,A UT O
2. Disc eject: Press button on the 8. On-Screen Menu Setting Vi de o ou tp ut :S -v id eo ,Y UV ,R GB
digital buttons on the remote
panel or remote controller to rotate In DVD mode,press the
]controller, the player will start from
the panel totally.Pressing near SETTING button on the remote Language Video AUDIO RATING
the chapter or time selected to play
the exiting slot in the back of the controller, the setting menu can be subwoofer on on
the disc. Press the Fast Forward/ off
panel, the disk will exit about 2 loaded (as shown in the following
pink noise off
Fast Backward button on the remote Dre off
seconds later. figure). Select the options with the
controller when the player is in play Audio setting
NOTE:If the panel has not been state, the player will skip forward or UPWARD/DOWNWARD/
totally launched , you press behind backward with a speed 1 to 8 times LEFT/RIGHT and CONFIRM button subwoof er :on ,off
the panel , the disk will not exit.(for of that of the normal play. on the remote controller to define pi nk noi se :off ,lef t,right
example: you press on the panel your favorite setting. DRE:off,on
7.Digital video( MPEG, MP3,
or the remote controller again when Basic Operation:
JPEG/GIP/BMP )can be played in
its rotating, which will make the
DVD mode. UPWARD/DOWNWARD button is Language Video Audio Rating
panel draw back again after totally
launching ; Or you have pressed of (1) Place the disc into the chassis, used to select the options upward and passward ---- 1.kid 1.kid
panel or the remote controller shortly the player will read the content in the downward, LEFT/RIGHT button is to rating-3yg reset 2.G
Load factory 3.PG
after the panel has launched disc automatically and enter into switch between the main menu and 4.PG-13
the submenus. The sunken option is 5.PG-R
totally,in this case ,the disk will not SMART NAVI mode (displayed on 6.R

exit although you press the key in the screen), as shown in the figure at the option for setting. The option in 7.NC-17
the back of the panel.) the right lower side. white is the currently selected option. Passward setting
And the CONFIRM button is used to
3. Pause/Play Button: Press Pause (2) Play MPEG or MP3: The player Passward:four digital
confirm the currently selected option
button on the panel or remote will play music according to the play rating:1.kid safe,2.G,3.PG
as the current setting. 4.PG-13,5.PG-R
controller, the play will be paused. modes in PLAY MODE. The current
Press again, normal play will be playing time, the current program SN load factory:reset

Page 13 Page 14
Description of Main Functional Operations Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Description of Main Functional Operations

3.4 TV Operation 3.5 Description of 3.6 AV Operation more than 1 second, the system will
Description AM/FM Radio Operation Description skip to the beginning or the end of
1. Press the SELECT button on the program.
1. Press the SELECT button on the panel
the panel or the remote control 1.It should connect the “AV” video 5. Repeat: Press the REPEAT
or remote controller to switch the system
and switch the system to the radio input,”AV L/R audio input with the button on the remote controller
3.7 CDC Ope

to TV state.
mode. The player has FM/AM outside video and audio machines. once, choose REPEAT 1 mode, the
2. Programme Search: Press the function, which can store 30 current program will be repeated.
SEARCH button on the remote control- stations. the “AV” symbol on OSD Press twice, you choose REPEAT
ler, the system will automatically search 2. Auto Search: Press the SEARCH menu or switch it to “AV” status by ALL.
for TV program and store button on the remote controller, the remote controller or press the “A/V”
system will automatically search for button.
the station it finds. The system will
automatically return to the first station
the stations and store the one it finds. 3.8 Description of Car BACK
The player will automatically return to Radar
after the search (The system is in MUTE
the first station after the search.
state during the search). The PAUSE
(During the search, the system is in
3.7 CDC Operation 1.The system will automatically
button on the panel can be used as Description
MUTE state.) Note: the "PAUSE" switch to car backing radar display
search button.
button on the panel can be used as status when backing the car. The
3. Station selection: Station selection: the search button. 1. Mode switch: Press the SELECT distance between the car and the
Press the STEP FORWARD or STEP button on the panel or remote obstacles and the relevant state
3. Station selection: Press the STEP controller to switch the system to the
BACKWARD button on the panel or bars will be displayed on the TFT
remote controller, the system will skip to monitor. When the distance
button on the panel or remote
the next or previous station to play. In this 2. Disc selection: Press the digital between the car and the obstacles
controller, the system will skip to the
way, you can choose your favorite TV buttons on the remote controller to is shortened to a dangerous
next or previous station to play. In this
program. select the disc with the corresponding distance, a red alarm bar will be
way, you can choose different
4. Fine tuning: Press the FR/FFbutton on stations to play. number. Or you can use the STEP displayed on the screen and the
the remote controller , you can fine tune UPWARD/STEP DOWNWARD beeping alarm will send out continu-
4. Fine tuning: Press the FR/FF button on the panel to select the disc. ous beeping alarm to notify the
the frequency of the station for best
functional button on the remote driver.
receiving result. Press the STORE 3. Pause and Play: Press the PAUSE
controller , you can fine tune the
button on the remote controller to store button when the player is playing the 2. If the car has back view mirrors,
frequency of the station for best
the tuning result to the current station. disc, the play will be paused. Press the system will automatically switch
receiving result. Press the STORE
Note: as the video formats of the TV button on the remote control to store again, it will continue to play. to display what is reflected on the
signal transmitted from local TV station the tuning result to the current station. back view mirror when backing the
4. Program selection: Press the car, so that the driver can know
are different, it is likely that the TV STEP FORWARD or STEP
program you receive in your TV will be about what is behind the car and the
BACKWARD button on the panel or safety can be guaranteed.
mute. Please enter the sound adjustment remote controller, you can choose the
in the OSD menu, and then choose the program to play. Press once within 1 Note: the function is only effective
appropriate format for your TV. There are second after the start of the program, when backing radar and backing
four formats, the system will skip forward or lens device are installed.
PAL DK/I/BG NTSC M. backward to play the next or previous .
program. If you press the button when
the program has been played for

Page 15 Page 16
Description of Main Functional Operations Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Description of Main Functional Operations

Schematic Drawing of Product Installation

5.1 Warning aware of the traffic and highway state.

1. To avoid fire or failure of the player,

do not expose the player to the rain
5.3 Notes for the Use of Disc
or any dampness.
1. Do not place the dirty, scratched
2. To strictly abide by the traffic laws and distorted disc into the player.
and regulations and avoid the traffic
accidents, do not watch video when 2. Do not place the disc on things with
driving. Switch off the video display sharp points to avoid scratching the
when driving. disc.

3. The product is a laser device. Do 3. Do not place the disc in the place
not directly look at the laser beams. with direct sunshine, dirt or
Two M5 screws for each side. 4. The player shall only be opened dampness.
by professionals. The player shall 4. Do not use irregular disc.
be repaired by professionals or in
designated maintenance center. 5. Gently wipe the disc surface with
Do not try to repair it yourself. soft wet cloth to clean the disc. If
the disc is too dirty, wipe the disc
with wet cloth bedewed with
1. Place the player into the installation slot. 5.2 Safety Instructions propanol. Do not use dissolving
2. Check if the electric connection of the back panel is correct
agents, such as gasoline and
according to the operation manual (refer to page 5 and 6). 1. Switch off the TFT monitor when attenuant.
3. Use proper tools to install the screws. driving.

Note: 2. Do not expose the player to any

water or dampness when washing
The player shall be installed by the professionals when possible. Consult
the car. Otherwise, short circuit, fire
the nearby car stereo maintenance center if there is any difficulty in the
or other disasters will occur.
1. The system is only for cars with 9-14V DC battery system. 3. Do not park the car in the sun for a
2. Perform electric connection strictly according to the manual (refer to page 4 long time, for it will cause a high
and 5). Errors in connection will damage the player. temperature in your car. Lower the
3. Power cable shall be connected after all the other cables have been temperature in the car before
correctly connected. switching on the player.
4. All the exposed cable terminals shall be insulated to avoid short circuit.
4. The product is to be supplied with
5. All the loosen power supplies shall be fastened before the installation of the
12V DC. It cannot be subject to
unrated use.
6. Read the manual carefully before the connection of the player.
7. The player is a high-precision device. The instillation shall avoid places with 5. Do not place things other than disc
a. there is direct sunshine or other high temperature into the disc chassis.
b. unsafe or with strenuous vibration
6. For the safety, lower the volume
c. with dampness or dirt
during driving, so that you can be

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Main Performance Indices Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Safety Instructions

Power voltage DC 9 ~14V

Maximum current 10A
Simple Methods for Troubleshooting
1. No Audio Output
Operation temperature -20℃ ~ 6 0℃
(1) Check if the player is in MUTE state. If yes, cancel the MUTE
Dimension 175*100*1 7 7 ( L*W*H) application.
Dimension of outer lining 196*120 (L * W ) (2) Check if the volume is in the lowest output. If yes, Increase the
(3) Check if the speakers are damaged.
PERFORMANCE INDEX (4) Check if the Audio adjustment is simulation.
MW frequency range 87.0 ~ 108.0MHZ 2. Fail to read the Disc
Noise-limited sensitivity (S/N 30db) 15dBu (1) Check if the system is in DVD state. If not, switch it to DVD state.
Signal-to-noise ratio 50dB (2) Check if there is a disc in the player. If not, place a disc into the
Antenna impedance 75Ω
(3) Check if the disc has been placed inversely. If yes, Place the disc
FM frequency range 522 ~ 1620KHZ with the marked side upward.
Noise-limited sensitivity (S/N 20db) 35dBu (4) Check if the disc is scratched or damaged or too dirty. If yes,
AM Replace with a disc of high quality.
Signal-to-noise ratio 40dBu
(5) If the car has been parked outdoor for too long a time and there is
Antenna impedance 75Ω
dampness in the laser head. Power on the player for half an hour
VHF-L 49.25 ~ 85.25MHZ and try again.
VHF-H 168.25 ~ 216.25MHZ 3. The Display Color of TFT Monitor Is of Poor Quality
TV UHF 471.25 ~ 863.25MHZ Press the FUNCTION button on the remote control and tune the
"picture Adjustment"(IMAGE) in the main menu to the best state or resume
Receiving mode PAL B/G,I/I,D/K NTSC M
to the default value of the system.
Antenna impedance 75Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio 80db
Audio Do not try to disassemble the player once it has failure. To avoid
Maximum output power 50WX4CH enlarging the failure or causing any unnecessary loss, the player shall be
repaired by the professionals or the after-sales service personnel of the
Video output amplitude 1+/-0.2V Company.
Video horizontal resolution ≥500

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