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AMAZING CURLY SCARF Yarn: Amazing from Lion Brand - 2 skeins.

I used the color Pink Sands US Size 11, 40 inch circular needles Cast on 60 stitches Rows 1-3: Knit all stitches Row 4: Increase by knitting into the front and back of each stitch - 120 stitches Rows 5-7: Knit all stitches Row 8: Increase as in Row 4 - 240 stitches Rows 9-11: Knit all stitches Row 12: Increase as in Row 4 - 480 stitches Rows 13-15: Knit all stitches Row 16: Increase as in Row 4 - 960 stitches Rows 17-18: Knit all stitches Bind off, weave in loose ends
Pattern designed by B. Richardson. While I really can't prevent you from making and selling this scarf, I do ask that if you decide to do so, please give me credit in some way. If you would like to share this pattern online, please do so by linking back to this post. If you print this to share, again, please do give me credit. Photo Copyright B. Richardson 2011