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A Cry for Nigeria Oh Mother Africa Weeping for her beautiful daughter, Nigeria Whose splendour in beautiful apparel,

amazes Everyone that looks on her, She dresses gorgeously yet not allowed to seat at meat with Other princess. So, her mother Africa weeps for her, Nigeria does not know why she is treated differently from the rest Who unlike many others from royal linage, despite her beautiful and gorgeous out look Would not be allowed in for the banquet with Kings Who will tell her why this segregation, No longer is it about the colour of her skin Nor is this a prejudice of her religious believes In search for an answer not far away from her Nigeria is meant to answer only three questions 1. What has happened to your quest for relevant knowledge, like in the 70s a nd the 80s? 2. What has befalling your educational sector in the Last 20 years? 3. What do you embrace today, education as a mere believe paper or a mental development? Oh indeed she has left the real for the imaginary. She has forsaken the labour of her loyal servant To embrace the falsehood of robbers Now, they have loathed her, taken away her precious jewelleries Leaving her with an ugly and hungry looking boy This boys name is education; the boy Nigeria lost about 20 years ago Education was gradually neglected for a fellow servant Oil and Gas. Call on her I say Call on her Call Nigeria back to an awaken, That the boy who brought her, a long awaited dream of freedom and Independent Is still alive and ready to serve her, as a loyal servant Let her know the beauty of her strength is in the hope of Education Awake, never again to neglect Him For he shall deliver thee in the days of battle, Education shall search out, Nigerias hidden treasure If only Nigeria will turn again to her loyal servant Education Treat him favourable, giving him all his necessity Then in few years we shall see the beauty Nigeria better than ever Poem by: Olakunle Ogunjobi (08056070116)