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Chrysler, Compuware and Combustion Components Associates blacklists engineer, 14 years of joblessness/homelessness
The following contains the perils that these companies have put me through due to the blacklisting. They stated that they had no record of my employment. Witness from combustion components lies under oath 3 times! Courts? Bill Butler [Pick the date]



This page informs the public that this book will not be edited by any one as to show what kind of stress and strain I am under for the last 14 years and continue to be. I am sorry if it is not up to your standard of reading and it is my hope that I get my message across to the public


The Companies__________________________6 Background_____________________________8 A Bit Technical_________________________19 My Chrysler Performance Review________________________________27 The Event.. A Dismissal_________________30 Job Search Part 1_______________________32 The Private Investigator__________________35 Job Search Part 2 ______________________37 The Attorney___Mine?___________________38 The Witness ____________________________41 The Newspaper Reporter, The Media ____48 My Evidence Submitted To The Courts_________________________________55 The Courts ____________________________63


The Final Offer They Made To Settle My Case____________________104 Internet ______________________________108 My Theory on Why They Did This To Me ______________________121 The Politicians_______________________124 The US Post Office___________________137 ACLU Boston Office__________________143 The Survival_________________________145 Places To Eat, Soup Kitchens_________203 Food Pantries________________________205 Food Stamps_________________________207 My Current Income____________________207 My Personal Transportation___________208 Conclusion__________________________210



Chrysler Corporation Headquarters Auburn Hills, Mich.




Corporate offices of combustion components associates at the time of my interview



I was born in small town in Massachusetts with a big name, you might have heard of it, Concord, and I do not mean grapes. You know where our forefathers fought the British to gain our freedom from England in 1776 at the old north bridge. Concord has preserved the site very nicely and it is visited by people from all over the world, if you ever get a chance to visit go, it is place that very dear to me. Well it was a cold winter morning in Concord at the Emerson hospital when my mother went into labor at 7:45 AM on Thursday December 31, 1953. Everything went well so they told me. I grew up in one of the neighboring towns called Maynard where we lived away from the crowded center. My schooling years were normal, I was quite shy though and stayed away from people in general, women especially they scared me the most, oh do not worry I cured myself of that and now talk to them on a daily basis. When it came time for me to go to high school I had choices to make on what curriculum should I take? Well my parents stated that there would not be any funds to send me to college so I decided to take the industrial arts curriculum at Maynard high school, our class was the centennial class, that is we graduated 100 years after the town was incorpated in 1871.


Next I met an inspiring supervisor at the Brunswick Corporation (textile mill in westboro, ma it long gone these days) where I got a job as a janitor. He noticed that I was more than a janitor and he did his best to give me other jobs. He had me welding, running a lathe, operating a milling machine and building equipment for the company. They hired another janitor after a while. One day my supervisor cane by to introduce us to a new janitor and we all said hello and in a few minutes he came by again asking if we had saw the new guy. We all said no. He stated that the turned to look at him and he was gone. We chucked the rest of the day. It was a textile mill and the noise was so high you had to wear ear plugs all day. I like all those jobs they were interesting to me and along with his inspiration, I decide to give a college a try. I wanted his job so I set out to increase my educationremember I had no college prep classes. I had to find a prep school where I could catch up and then enter collegemy goal was to become a mechanical design engineer. Which was not the job that my supervisor had, he was a industrial engineer/plant engineer. The company just got some new carding machines in and I was picked to learn how to set them up and maintain them, they even sent me to South Carolina to take class at the company that made them. I also would run tests on them, trying out new materials hence a new supervisor. I chatted with him about getting more schooling and told him of my dilemma. He suggested a prep


school in Boston called Newman Prep and I attended it in the evenings after work for the next year to take my college classes, like pre-algebra math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and physics. Great, I was going to prep school and then college, maybe. I felt like I was on the top over the world. I knew it was going to be a long road, but if it did not go, the time would go by anyway. So I gas up my little Chevy Vega and headed off to Boston, mind you at night, remember I was a shy country boy! It was a difficult time I had a lot of worries, was I going to pass, was the car going to last, was my dad going to throw me out his house, and when I finished prep school what if I did get a student loan to enter college. I was surprised that I even learn anything in prep school with all those worries, I made the deans list, with As and Bs every semester. My Chevy Vega, bless its soul, where ever it is today. It is probably part of another car or cars due to recycling. It used to make so much noise. I just turn the radio up not to hear the noise, phew I was glad the radio did not die and then I figured out that if it stopped making nose, it would have stopped running so then I was happy to hear the noise. I remember one winter I was driving home, it was the night of the big noreaster that came to New England in 78. I am sure everyone here in the northeast remembers it, the state was closed for several days. Well I was driving home that night

~ 10 ~

and I approached the famous Belmont hill, it is a hill on route 2 coming out of Boston, it has to be 2 miles long, a challenge for any 4 cylinder car never mind my little Vega. Was I going to make or was this where it was all going to end no car no school well that what I thought at the time. I was chugging along and I was half way up the hill when a car blew his/her horn at me to get out of the way, sure where was I go into the ditch and get stuck there I do think so. I guess he/she just blew it to let me know he/she was passing. He/she passed me and I continue to chugging along. I reached the top of the hill and over to the side of the road was the same car in the ditch. I drove by him/her and tooted my little horn, smiling and that night I made it home and I then knew that my little Vega was it in for the long run. It lasted me thru prep school, 2 years of college in Boston and 3 years in college in Hartford. Good Job Chevrolet/GMC.

My 73 Chevrolet Vega all used up I manage to get thru prep school with a few problems that still haunt me today. Oh I have

~ 11 ~

solved them but the still haunt me. Like I had one problem in physics, it was about a tiger on the run and a man firing a gun at the tiger. The question was how many bullets it would will take to stop the tiger. I read it as how many will it take to kill the tiger, well the answer would be one. But the answer to stopping the tiger is simple. You take the mass of the tiger and it velocity multiply it together and you have what is called momentum. Knowing the velocity of the bullet and the mass of each bullet them you divide it in the tiger momentum and it give how many bullets you need to stopped the tiger and kill it. There were some geometry problems too but I have managed to forget them over the years. I did good got as and bs and got accepted to Wentworth institute and got my student loan so I finished in the summer of 77 and entered Wentworth in the fall of 77 for two years of study. Wentworth was difficult but I was committed. remember I had a father that was not supportive. I made the deans list every semester and almost made the presidents list the last semester I was there. I quit my day job and went to Wentworth days and I met many people from all over. My class at first was kind of distant; we all had our on little circles and stayed pretty much within those circles. The school had its annual open house and the dorms had the traditional keg party. That day our class met each other and we all became friends, helping each other thru each day with class work, it was great.

~ 12 ~

I thought I was in heaven I was learning things I often wondered about, like the strength of materials, i.e. steel, aluminum, copper and many other materials. I remember my lab reports in strength of materials. The teacher use to grade on a fraction the denominator was the highest grade you could get and the numerator was what you got. My numerator was always higher the denominator, the teacher would give extra credit because my lab reports we really good. My classmates got angry at first then they turned it into a competition and we could not wait to see who got the most extra credit. It was fun and they learn how to do a better lab report but of course they would say I was the one that needed to learn, ha ha. Another time in drafting, the teacher graded on a scale of 1 to 10 and he never gave out a ten. I went to him and told him that I going to do a drawing of this gate valve but I was going to put a lot of detail in it. Normally an assembly drawing only shows the bare minimum just to get the part assembled. I told him that with all the detail I could get practice on drawing all the different parts and techniques ..he agreed. I worked on it for several weeks learning all kind of things I need to, it was great. I drew castings, threads, machining, bushings and shafts. I finally finished and turn it in it was my masterpiece, drawn in pencil and on vellum. When I got it back the guys were really curious to see what grade was, I got a 10. I was in shock the first one I ever saw. The boys were upset one complained to the teacher stating that an

~ 13 ~

assembly drawing never shows that much detail. The teacher explained my drive and stated that I deserved the grade and that was that. Another memory that stays with me is in thermodynamics, it was time for the final exam and we all were worried if we were going to pass. Well we all took the test and the usual complaints of how hard it was and I was real nervous because the night before I did not study, I watched TV with my mom and sis. Later in the week, I was walking across campus and ran into my friends; they stuck the nose up at me. What is wrong with you all, I asked? They post the grades by your social security number and yes we knew each others. They had already saw the posting and saw that my grade was the second highest of the class and they were ribbing me. I had nothing to say but, some of us have it and some of us dont. I was ribbing them back of course. I was pleased with myself that whole night and better part of the next morning. Jumping ahead it was late in my last year at Wentworth and companies were coming in the school to interview candidates for jobs after we graduated. I was pretty cool, all you had to do is put your name on the list and show up if you missed it the give you another chance, how could you go wrong. I signed up for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, I knew nothing of them. I took the interview and the interviewer asked me if I knew anything about the company, I stated no. He then said well I will start from the beginning. We talked about the company for about ten minutes he, then excitedly

~ 14 ~

told about the life in Hartford, Connecticut especially the nightlife and the lasted for the duration of the interview. I consulted my class advisor and he said that they got you there will be an offer in the mail soon since they were trying to sell you on the life in Connecticut. He was right 3 weeks later I had an offer to start after I graduated as a senior draftsman for the pay of 1034 a month, that is about 6.00/hr. that was double my pay in the factory and I was in a office nice and clean wearing a white shirt and tie..yay. I grabbed it and left for Connecticut right after graduation. My mom was sad she, like all other moms did not want me to go. I arrived in Connecticut and got a room at a boarding hose until I found my way around town and later got an apartment. My first day at the job, I was nervous, so it did not help me when they walked me out to a test cell and showed me a F-100 engine running with full after burner on. Thats the engine they put in the f-16 aircraft. The first thought that went thru my head was what have you got yourself into now, I should have listened to my mom and not take this job. There was 20 feet of flame coming out of that engine and there was only a wall between me and that bomb that they called an engine, so I thought at the time. It had a window with some kind of glass or plastic that you could look through see if it was going to explode or something, it was many inches thick but, I still did

~ 15 ~

not feel safe. The next day it all got better and I stayed there for over 9 years. I took the summer off from school that first year and in the fall I started at the University of Hartford going nights to get my full degree, a BSME. It was a little more difficult for me. I transfer my credits and lost more than half and two as much to make up. I was looking at more than 6 years but it had to be done. So, I started and took two classes per semester and one in the summer a total of five per year. One semester I was studying psychology and was reading about introverts and extroverts. I label myself as an introvert immediately. I slammed the book shut and began talking to anyone in my site. I made a lot of mistakes it the first conversations because I had no experience, however I go better as time went on and today I am still improving on my conversation with others. Now people have said to me you talk to everyone you meet, I reply pretty much. I enjoy psychology so much I took several classes in it, general 1,2, child and abnormal. Abnormal was interesting aside from learning all the phobias, every time we had a test the sky was clear and it was a full moon.woe go figure. Chemistry another test of my wit, I jumped into it without taking any prep classes in high or prep school. It was cool though I really like the labs doing all the different experiments and helping others that did not understand. I manage to get a B in the class, well that boosted my ego to continue until the final goal was reached.

~ 16 ~

I have one thing to say about vibrations and that is, I am still shaking after all these years. After six tough years I graduated, I did not know if I was until the day before because my last class did not post my grade until the last minuteI made and graduation was a go. The family came down from Boston and went to my graduation yes even my non supportive father the one that did not want to feed me when I was living at his house. The president of the University of Hartford during graduation asked the following question of the audience, all the parents that helped the sons or daughters thru school please stand up. Well my proud father stood up and all the other family members were quite upset. No one told me until 3 months later, I was furious, I was fit to be tied, he never helped me, he just made it harder. After working at Pratt & Whitney for six years as an engineer assistant, pretty much everyone still thinks of you as an assistant even though you have a full degree. In fact I went to my current boss and told him that I was graduating and he said ok and that was time to get back to work. I went to personnel and they found me another job and I got a 38.3% increase in my salary. My current boss came over and looked at me and said 38.8% raise and shook his head as to say no and then walked away. The new job was ok but I was not getting challenged so I had to make a move and I got a job in Michigan at Williams International working on cruise missile engines and I not at liberty to say anything else about it, it was

~ 17 ~

classified. Before I went to work as a contractor at Chrysler I worked for Ford also as a design engineer. It was my intent with this back ground to give my reader an idea of me and I hope I have accomplished it. Now let me go to the real reason for this publication.

~ 18 ~

I got a contract job at Chrysler Corporation in Auburn Hills Michigan as a mechanical design engineer. I was schedule to work on oil pumps but when I show up things changed. I was in charge of the PCV system and within a few months I had al lot more than the PCV system I had about 10 different parts I was responsible for. I did not care I was working again and that was the important part. Lets talk PCV positive crankcase ventilation. The functions of this valve it to regulate the amount of engine vacuum that is applied to the oil system to remove the hot oil fumes. Let me explain when the oil in the oil pan heats up it give of fumes similar to when you are deep frying fench fried potatoes on the stove. In the sixties we use to dump it overboard through a breather tube now it is fed back the engine to be burned through the PCV system. If you take a cigarette and light it, a stream of smoke will come out of it. Place a lit match in the smoke stream and the smoke will disappear above the match because it is being burn, a similar thing happens with the PCV system. When I investigated their current PCV system, by testing it at Chryslers proving grounds in Chelsea, Michigan, this is what they had. A PCV valve than was a designed for a V8 engine and I valve cover design that allow of a quart of oil pull over every 7500 miles (Chryslers recommended oil change interval).

~ 19 ~

Chryslers SOHC valves cover neon, baffle plate removed

Oil pullover it the amount of oil that is pulled out of the engine thru the PCV systems vacuum over the recommended oil change interval. Pullover depends on several parameters, the flow of the PCV valve, the blow by of the piston rings, the design of the valve cover and its ability to trap the oil in the engine as it pulls out the oil fumes. I was responsible for the design of PCV configuration in the valve cover and I had to give direction to another engineer since he was responsible for the entire valve cover. I came up with a concept and had a prototype made at the local shop. I dont have a picture of the prototype but recently I went to the used auto yard and purchased a production version of the part Illustrated in the following picture,

~ 20 ~

I also set up a test at Chrysler labs to reduce the flow of the valve since it was to be used for four cylinder engine. I would vary the engines rpm and adjust the flow of the valve so that we would get the same amount of vacuum in the valve cover at all engine RPM. It produced a curve and I submitted it to an outside vendor. They produced a valve that followed the curve precisely, my Chrysler supervisor was impressed. Chrysler previously was producing the valve in house and was having trouble with it. Chrysler decided to give the vendor the business. With the new valve and valve cover I schedule a test at the proving grounds. I put it through everything test I could think of, up the hills, over the rough roads, around the high speed corners and on the flat curves. Guess what happen to the pullover it went down to only a few grams of oil. It was so good my supervisor required that I test it with other engineers test plan, it passed them all. I could not believe it myself so I tested it several times

~ 21 ~

Chryslers proving grounds Chelsea, mi .

Chryslers small car engine group made me champion of the PCV engineer group because of my work on the 2.0l SOHC PCV system and its success. We would have monthly meetings to discuss issues and ideas with each other. Most of the other engineers were having problem with their designs. One engineer stated that he went up the hill and a stream of smoke came out of the tail pipe. I think he called it a mosquito killer since it filled the whole test area with smoke. Here is a picture of their proving grounds (above) in Chelsea, Michigan. You can see all the different courses an engineer can test his/hers design. They have a garage there and union mechanics to work on your car. I would

~ 22 ~

drive the neon over to the garage from where I worked in the office and a mechanic would change the valve cover then drive the car on the proving grounds. Engineers could get a license to drive on the proving grounds themselves. I could not see any sense in it because I had to reserve a mechanic to install the valve cover as it was a union shop they would not even let me touch the car. Was I supposed to change the valve cover at the local hamburger shop where they all ate and then when I went to the proving grounds, I would get into trouble with the union? My supervisor never understood that he just wanted me to get the license. He would always give me some grief about this.

~ 23 ~

Chryslers plastic valve cover The issue from a PCV engineers point of view was the edge of the plate indicated by the arrow in the above figure was not touching the valve cover and it would flood the PCV chamber with oil, keeping the PCV from working properly. I pleaded with them over and over again, asking to at least seal with some kind of high temperature sealer but they simply refused. I guess they wanted to keep the cost down. However I was also involved in Chryslers 2.4 liter DOHC engine valve, but I was asked to leave before it went into production I recently bought one and removed the baffle plate

~ 24 ~

and guess what IT WAS SEALED WITH SEALER!!!! Just like I requested?

Chryslers 2.4 Liter DOHC valve cover The valve covers that were shipped to Canada for the cold weather test had huge gaps between the baffle plate and the valve cover. They pulled over lots of oil as the filming indicated. I took off the baffle plate and seal the edge and that did the trick no pullover, My supervisor was not pleased with my test results; he made me do a test in the cold room at Chrysler, as he stated that, I did not test the production intent. The test showed the same thing as the test did in Canada.

~ 25 ~

One day I was sitting at my desk and two gentlemen spoke up to get my attention and asked me to explain my design. I turn and one introduces me to the other as I knew one. He was a manager and he had brought a manager from another engine group and wanted to explain my design. I was glad to. They were both impressed and just as I finished my supervisor spoke up and she said that we not sure it works yet. Obviously it did it went into production for 5 years.

~ 26 ~


written by My Chrysler supervisor

My contract was on a yearly basis and I was to get a performance review at the end of each

~ 27 ~

year. The first year came and I got o great review and got a raise. My contract supervisor (as opposed to my Chrysler supervisor) was very pleased. My Chrysler supervisor chatted with me one day and stated, Wow you are what you said you were at the time of the interview. In other words you can do all the things you said that you could do. I was shocked and said that you mean they are people that are not what they same on their resume. He replied I could not believe that. Time went on and things we not going good between me and the engineer of the valve cover. I never get parts on time; he would do things without asking me like change my design to accommodate the manufacture of the valve cover. The relationship between him and my supervisor was growing strength. That is the were both hunters and they were building quite a bond especially on Mondays they would trade weekend hunting know what each other had killed and how many. I use have lunch with the valve cover engineer but I grew tired of learn how many animals he killed each weekend, so I ate lunch at my desk. I remember one day the leader in the other group was going to Canada to test the neon in the cold weather and they wanted me to go. I did not have a credit card to secure the hotel so I asked my supervisor to secure the hotel room and I would pay for it when I got there. Not so good to be in place where it is 37 degrees below zero without a place to sleep. Well the leader of the other group

~ 28 ~

kept putting pressure on my supervisor wanting me to go. I said I did not have a place to stay up in there in the cold. Finally one day my supervisor took me out in the hall and said Chrysler was looking for a PCV engineer before you came along and if you dont go on this trip Chrysler will be looking for PCV engineer again, understand! I settled down, then I talked to the leader of the other group to get the hotel number and gave them a call. They said no problem you dont need a card you get a room. We will just save you one. Peace was restored in the office I was going on the trip and everyone was happy. The cars were trucked up to Thompson Manitoba Canada while we flew there and yes I did not get the valve cover in time to review it so I had no idea what I was testing. I was in the dark, because I did not know what kind of parts I was getting. I had camera equipment in installed in the car with a monitor so that I could see what was going on under the valve cover while I was testing them. The biggest issue with the valve cover was the attachment of the baffle plate to the valve cover. The valve cover was an aluminum piece pre 2000 model year and for the 2000 model year the changed it to plastic. First they molded studs on the valve cover and attached the plate with clips but the studs wore out and the changed to screws as shown:

~ 29 ~

THE EVENTa dismissal

Chrysler had hired another engineer to help me with all the parts I had. I believe he took over the heater tubes and the asked to show him the ropes until he came up to speed. What I really was doing is training my replacement. I had gotten my performance review after the first year but never got one for the second year. I asked around and no one would say anything. Finally my contract supervisor stated that Friday 3:00am on October 31 1998 that I would get my performance review, only a year and half late. I went to the office at Chrysler and my Chrysler supervisor was not there she was nowhere to be found, she obviously new of the event. That was sad because I had written a review for her so she could become a supervisor. They told me the contract was over and they were not going to renew it. They also said that they would look for another contract for me, I laughed to myself because I knew that would never happen. I said ok, they started to tell me why but I stopped them. I did not want to hear their lies. I left the Chrysler office never to return. They wanted my pager that I had left home that day, the next week I returned it my contract company with my pager and asked them for the 2 weeks vacation pay they owed me. It was next to impossible to get it. Finally I went to the office again and talked to the president, yes I screamed at him and I did get my pay.

~ 30 ~

A year later I called my contract supervisor to find out why the dismissed me and he said the quantity of your work was insufficient. Yeah I was right they lied, because I also called a co-worker of mine that sat next to me and he told me that they hired two engineers to do my job.

~ 31 ~


136 job applications, 8 interviews, no second interviews and no offers, just rejections!!!!!!!!!!
My intent was to move back east to New England and find a job there since that was I was from; outside of Boston, Massachusetts and my family was all there. My first interview was with a well know company it was with Pratt &Whitney aircraft. I went thru a recruiter and he set up everything, interview schedule, hotel to stay at, where to eat dinner etc. I arrive at the schedule time and checked into the hotel clean up and waited for dinner. I was supposed to meet the manager of the group, I was interviewing with the next day for dinner. The time came to go to dinner and I went to the dining room of the hotel and sat at the table and waited and waited and waited, he never showed, yes he stood me up and didnt even call with an excuse. The next day at the interview I met with everybody on the list but I never saw him, and no one ever said a word even after I asked about it, they all just shrugged the shoulders and said I just dont know. The interview went well I knew just about everyone on the list as I had worked there for 9 years before left for Michigan. I even said hi to all my old coworkers. I called the recruiter and he stated that they loved you on the interview however you have no

~ 32 ~

technical background so there is no job offer. I was amazed, I told the recruiter what I worked for them for 9 years; I had 4 years with Ford and 2.5 yrs with Chrysler as a contractor which was on some of the job requirements that I had read. I even told him that the manager stood me up for dinner and I never meet him the next day. He responded in awe and said that what they told me. I was never able to contact that recruiter again, he never return any of my calls or emails. Here is my thoughts did personnel called Chrysler and they stated no record of my employment (as they did to my private investigator and newspaper reporter, I will get into it later in the book) and they told the manger and recruiter. Is that why the manager did not meet me for dinner at the hotel and the recruiter cut all communications off with me? Did they think I was a lair because of what Chrysler and Compuware stated? I did not contact my private investigator at the time of this interview. My second interview was obtained through Wentworth Institute, they had a list of alumni that were available for employment and companies would gain excess to your resume. The company is called Combustion Components Associates in Monroe Connecticut. This is the one because the official that manage my interview became a witness in the case for the defense. I went to the interview and I enjoyed I a lot, I told them that I had a couple of weaknesses, that is no experience in

~ 33 ~

combustion and computer graphics. They told not to worry that they would train me in both of my concerns. I went to lunch with this official at the local seafood restaurant and had a wonderful time. We chatted about a lot of things many of my hobbies; she told she had a loom for weaving and I told her that I use to weave as a job. We even talked about dating. We finished lunch and as we left the car to go back into the office she commented that she could not remember the last time she enjoy an interview with a candidate like she had enjoyed it with me. I left with their statement saying that we interviewing other candidates and that they would get back with me. I will get into more detail under the title, the witness, stay tuned lol.

~ 34 ~

I was visiting my niece in Worcester, Massachusetts and wondering if I ever was going to work again. I was thumbing thru the yellow pages and came across a page label private investigators and they were advertising: find out what you last employer is saying about you. I had conservation with him to learn what they had to offer. They said for a minimum fee of 400 dollars they would do the investigation, I agreed and met with the gentleman in a parking lot at the local shopping center. I was nervous and I did not want him to find out to much about me, so I gave my info and he went to work. He was very nice to me; he could tell I was very nervous. He reported that MIS International (the contract company I worked for) got bought by the Compuware Corporation. He stated that MIS international got renamed to professional services which stated it had no record of my employment. The Compuware Corporation stated they had records of a William T. Butler who was terminated in 1988 his social security number was different than mine so that result in no records of my employment. The Chrysler corporation their contract division stated they had no record of my employment. At first my investigator gave me the report and I was in shock, no wonder I did not get a job. I file a case with a lawyer in Oakland county

~ 35 ~

circuit court and submitted his report. Now here is the funny thing after the case was filed, I contacted him with a question and he was downright rude with me, he barely even wanted to talk with me. That made me wonder who else had talked to himyou decide.

My private investigators report

~ 36 ~

The next company I interviewed with was a bearing company in Connecticut. I had another good interview. I enjoyed meeting with these people, they challenged me asking me to figure out some complex assemblies without knowing anything about bearings and I got feedback right there. They said I did ok for not having any bearing experience. I went to the machine shop and they were impressed with my knowledge of the machines, I knew them all except one or two. They ask me if I had issues and I said that I did not have any bearing design background and they replied dont worry we will teach you. The last meeting was with the personnel official and I told her what had at Chrysler and she wrote it all down and then shook my hand and sent me on my way. A short time later I received a letter stating that I was denied a job offer because I had no bearing experience, yes that is what they said they would teach me. Did the official from personnel check on me and determined it just was not worth it or did she check and they stated that they had no record of my employment and she label me as a lair.

~ 37 ~


I was searching for a lawyer and meet with one in Worcester, Ma, I told her my scoop and she headed in her supervisors office making me wait. They both came and said that it would cost a lot of money to litigate this case, and asked me how much I thought, I had no answer. The top lawyer stated the it would have cost 200,000 dollars. They were not prepared to spend that much, they just did not want the case, the search continued. I talked with a Michigan lawyer on the phone and he said to write each company asking for the reason for my job denial and if they did not respond to me. I would pay him 1500 dollars and he would write a letter stating that we are opening an age discrimination case and that they are all a part of it. Then maybe they would tell the truth on what really happened and we would have a case. I wrote the letters and they just got ignored me except for the bearing company and they just sent me a carbon copy of the first one they sent me. This lawyer did not seem interested in the case so the search went on. I found another lawyer in Michigan to take the case, I faxed him all my info I had and mailed him a check for $1500. He filed a case against Chrysler and Compuware in Oakland county circuit court. I had to go back to Michigan to follow the

~ 38 ~

case. Let me say right now, he did nothing and at the risk of be rude I repeat myself he did nothing. 1. He did not contact any of the companies I interview with 2. He did not get it in the newspaper 3. He did not contact the phone company for the witnesss phone records 4. He did very little discovery 5. He even wrote his first brief wrong I got in the newspaper, the witness stated she never talked to Chrysler I asked my attorney are you going after the phone records, he said that they probably were not available. I called phone company and they said they were, all they need was a saponia from my lawyer, I asked him for one and he stated that, they are out of state they probably would not honor his saponia. I said I will call you back. I called the phone company and they said they would. My lawyer sent the saponia and we received the phone records showing the witness I did call Chrysler. I talked to the bar association about my lawyer they recommend that I look for another one so I had him put a package together for another lawyer to look at, he got angry. He stated that what is it going to be me or the other lawyer, since the other lawyer said he was doing ok then (I wonder if they chatted) I said it is going to be you. From this point on anything I recommend he shot down, I told him about contacting the companies and he stated that would not help. I

~ 39 ~

said contact unemployment office and he said they would not have any info. I told him my theory why they did this (which I will explain later) and immediately he shot it down. My lawyer????

~ 40 ~

THE WITNESSConnecticut
The witness which I identified quickly became a witness of the defense..what gives? She provided the court with a affidavit and a telephone deposition. Well she lies under oath in both documents. In her affidavit she states page 2, statement 8, which reads I was never told by Chrysler Corporation that Mr. Butler had not worked at Chrysler. On her telephone deposition page 8 statements 12 and 14 state I never talked to Chrysler and I never talked to anyone at Chrysler. She said it twice. Phone records indicate that she telephoned Chrysler personnel and the line was open for 2.12 minutes, this was verified by my lawyer. Well if she never talked to Chrysler then why does her phone records indicate that she did. The phone records do not prove that she talked about me, however the call was placed directly after she talked to my Ford supervisor which she admitted calling. In the month phone we obtained those were the only two calls made to Detroit area. She could have talked about someone else or the call never got thru, if this was the case then why did she not say that on her affidavit and telephone deposition she provided to the courts. What was her reason for hiding the truth by not saying she did make a call? Did she get the old statement record of his employment?

~ 41 ~

How is it that I went from some that they were very interested in to not offering me employment for the following reasons?(page 3 witnesses affidavit) 1. His perceived technical ability 2. His salary expectation 3. The expenses would be incurred in relocating him 4. A former employer was seeking to return to work I just moved from Michigan so everything was packed so the cost will minimum and I discussed it with her and she agreed. When I spoke of my salary to the head official he gave the impression that it was not a problem. My technical ability, they stated that they had no problem training me in the combustion field and computer graphics. A former employee returning, wow that was the first I ever heard of it, on her affidavit and I called her several times to check on my potential employment status, hell even my lawyer questioned that.

~ 42 ~

The witnesses invition to appear for an interview

~ 43 ~

Page 1 of the witness affdavit

~ 44 ~

Page 2 of the witnesss affidavit

~ 45 ~

The page of here telephone deposition that the witness states she never called Chrysler, twice

~ 46 ~

Witnesss phone records indicating she talked to Chrysler personnel for 2.12 min verified by my lawyer number 96

~ 47 ~


Since my case was stuck in circuit court and all the judge would say is I will take it under advisement and contact counsel at a later date. I thought that a newspaper article would pressure the companies into settling with me. I contacted several newspapers in the Detroit area. I met with a reporter from the Detroit news at MacDonalds on Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. I went through my whole story telling her every detail we spoke for an hour. At the end of the hour she looked right at me and said there is no story here. I was furious with her. It took some time for me to recover from that meeting, I did. I contacted the Observer and Eccentric newspaper in Westland, Michigan. A staff writer asked to come down and chat with her. She was really nice and at the end of the interview she stated, stay in touch I want to do a follow up article. I said I would, thanked her and left, hoping they would print my story. Sometime later she called and stated that on Sunday September 17, 2000 on the second page my story was story the Detroit news stated..really? Well the story came out so I rushed down to buy some many copies and to my surprise she called the companies and got similar results that my private investigator got. So she became a

~ 48 ~

witness in the case too (more on that later). The case was already filed in court and they still are saying no record of my employment, one of the grounds they used to dismiss the case was absence of malice. Well what are they saying now? I said to my lawyer. After the defense lawyers got a copy of my newspaper article, you should been there they even asked the judge where the copy room was, I was never able to contact the staff writer ever again. Wonder why? In 2007 I was introduced to a newspaper here in Boston called the Spare Change News, a friend contacted me through federal court (she found me as I had a case filed there at the time) It is a paper that is sold by the homeless and the way it works is that you write your article and submit it to them and if they like it they will print it. Then they will send out a newspaper reporter to do a follow up article as they did with my friend. They never contacted me again___wonder why? Countless times of the TV stations just ignoring me, both in Detroit, Boston and New York!

~ 49 ~

First newspaper article reporter becomes a witness

~ 50 ~

Article print in Bostons Spare Change News sold by the homeless for $1

~ 51 ~

I got the following email from a local news show here in Boston it call Chronicle it is quite popular and as you it was dated April 17, 2008, well do you think they are still thinking of me or did they just deny me.
Dear Bill, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll keep the idea on file, and if we find an opportunity to follow up, we'll be sure to contact you. We appreciate your interest in Chronicle. D----- C----Chronicle WCVB-TV

I also contacted FRONTLINE here in Boston thinking that they do not have Chrysler sponsored adds so maybe they would do my story well wrong again! I also contacted S----- S-------- / M---- L--- at dream works and a got a letter back from their legal department, returning my letter stating that they cant accept unsolicited materials and that they are returning my material unread and asked that I did not send them anymore. Just one thing when I opened their letter, my letter was open___ yes my letter was enclosed however it was opened , repeating myself!!!

~ 52 ~

Letter from Frontlines

~ 53 ~

Letter from DreamWorks legal department

~ 54 ~

Submitted to court I provided the following evidence, a printout from social security showing the wages I earned from MIS International (bought by Compuware and renamed professional services) 2 copies of W2 forms showing the wages and tax paid while working there, a copy of a employee identification badge, a private investigators report stating all three offices had no record of my employment, a newspaper article that called the said companies and got similar result as did my private investigator did, phone records of the witnesses office showing she did contact Chrysler, a performance review written by my Chrysler supervisor shown as follows:

~ 55 ~

My social security print out

~ 56 ~

My w2 forms, remember MIS international was bought by Compuware and renamed professional services

~ 57 ~

My employee I.D. badge

~ 58 ~

My newspaper article

~ 59 ~

My private investigator report!

~ 60 ~

Witnesses phone records

~ 61 ~

My resume

~ 62 ~

My lawyer filed my case in Oakland county circuit court, the judge just did not want to make a decision in the case he had it for 2 years. Every motion hearing that he had, the answer was still he will take it under advisement and contact counsel at a later date. Motion hearing after motion hearing. One day I went to the court to hear my case and they never discussed it. Yeah you ask around and no one knows anything except for the judge and you cant talk to him. I learn thru my lawyer that the judge put the case to mediation where three lawyers determine what the case is worth. My lawyer did not even show, he sent one of his colleagues. One of the lawyers had to dismiss himself because of a conflict of interest. They quibble for about an hour and his colleague came out and I asked how much was the mediation valve she said a $1000 and that I should be happy it would have been lower if the other lawyer did not dismiss himself since he was a defense lawyer. The judge remanded it to district court I found out later ignoring paragraph 11.53 which states, there is no longer any rule providing for the remand of cases from circuit court to district court because the mediation award is less than the jurisdictional limit . January 1 1997. Why did the judge ignore this rule? Wondering again?

~ 63 ~

Oakland county circuit court

~ 64 ~

Remand to district court para 11.53

~ 65 ~


My lawyer told me the date when my case was to be heard in 50th district court for a hearing, I was angry, the most you could get is 25,000 dollars I was out of work for close to 2 years. He asked me if I would be happy with that, I stated absolutely not. The trial open and the judge stated to counsel that we dont have juries this week. There to have been some mistake made by the assignment clerk in scheduling this matter. Wondering again? All parties agree to take this opportunity to treat this matter as a pretrial except for me. After discussing the case in court, the judge and lawyers continued to discuss my case in chambers. They came out and my lawyer

~ 66 ~

whispered to me that the judge was going to dismiss the case! My anger rose higher! The judge came out and called the court to order swung the gavel down and said that he was remanding my case back to circuit court to the very judge that remanded it to district court and order my lawyer to prepare the paper work. Back to circuit court it went I lost it for a week or two, I was told it went to a visiting judge and that judge did not want it so it finally went back to the original judge. Meanwhile I found a department in the court where the judges had to answer to called court administration. I met with the court administration and complained that the judge refuse to do any in my case he has had for close to two years. I stated that hearing after hearing he would state the same words, I WILL TAKE IT UNDER ADVISMENT AND CONTACT CONSEL AT A LATER DATE. The judge continue not to make a decision in the case, I was desperate I have be out of work for two years and nothing still was happening. I called my lawyer (he never called me only one time telling me my case was dismissed) and he stated that if you complain to court administration again then the judge is liable to dismiss the case. The next business day I went to court administration and complained again. My lawyer was right for the first since I hired him the judge did dismiss my case. This is what he said. Assuming this letter is admissible, it does not support plaintiffs allegation the defendant companies reported such

~ 67 ~

information to his prospective employers. The same is true of a newspaper article submitted by the plaintiff, where a staff writer states that her calls by her newspaper yielded similar results.. Ok, just for sake of conservation, pretend for a moment that you are the human resource official at Chrysler or Compuware and you get a call asking about me. You say who is this because if you are a newspaper reporter or a private investigator then we have not records of Bill Butler, however if you are a potential employer then we can tell you something differentWell what do you think/ Wondering again? Why would any human resources official tell a newspaper reporter that they had no record of my employment that risks a lawsuit? As for my private investigator he had it set up so they could not tell he was one, it showed that he was just a company calling. According to him he called over a period of a week at different times of the day, to speak to different human resources officials and got the same response from all of them, no record of his


~ 68 ~

Transcript of proceedings in 50th district court

~ 69 ~

Transcript of proceedings in 50th district court

~ 70 ~

Transcript of proceedings in 50th district court

~ 71 ~

Transcript of 50th district court

~ 72 ~

In a coffee room in the court house my lawyer, the defense attorney and I discussed me accepting the mediation value of a thousand dollars. My lawyer said if I wanted he probably could get 1500 out of Chryslers in house lawyer and I would break even( it cost me 1500 dollars to retain him). Really you think I will be even, what about 2 years of unemployment and my savings that I lost. I DONT THINK SO!

STATE OF MICHIGAN, COURT OF APPEALS My lawyer wanted some adsorbent fee for taking my case to the court of appeals. I did some research and learned that I could appeal it myself which I did and as a matter of fact I took the case to the rest of the courts. Exactly to the day you wait 1 years. I went over several times pleading with the clerk, telling her I have been out of work for more than two years, no success. Finally after I got their ruling, they stated that the plaintiff (me) failed to provide evidence to support his claim. Really what about my private investigators report, my newspaper article, and all the rest of my evidence. They did not even address it; they did not even say it was no good; they chose to say nothing about it. Wondering again?

~ 73 ~

You go on the internet today and even back then and you can find hundred of firms, for a fee that will check on what previous employers are saying about you. Why would anyone pay all that money to get your previous employer statements and have it dismissed in court? Wondering again?

~ 74 ~

order denying my appeal

~ 75 ~


Again another failure, this is an interesting one! In Supreme Court in the state of Michigan you can provide an extra 150 dollars and they will review it immediately but will not take any action. Here is the interesting part I mailed my info to the court and the receive it on a Friday the following Monday I received a letter from the court stating the following, your application for leave to appeal in the above-referenced matter has been reviewed and filed by this office and will be submitted to the court for it consideration on January 05, 2004. I was excited never had a court moved as fast as this one did, wow they got it on Friday and Monday I got a response. Maybe I am going to win..Yay! Not so fast Bill, 21 days later I received an order from the Supreme Court denied my appeal because they were not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this court. Well the information that granted immediate consideration quickly did not persuade them to review my questions.wondering again?

~ 76 ~

Letter from Michigans Supreme Court granting immediate consideration A copy of the letter that granted me immediate consideration was also sent to the defense attorneys. still wondering?

~ 77 ~

Michigan Supreme Court denies my appeal

~ 78 ~


Detroits Federal Court

I was invited to an oral argument in federal court before a magistrate judge, wow I thought I may be getting somewhere now. I prepared myself, I got a dark blue shirt from the second had store and a pair of black pants, I was ready. I got onto the bus and went down to Detroit hours before I was schedule to appear in court , for two reasons, one I did not anything to go wrong, I had to be there and I needed to get copies of a case I just found on the internet the night before,

~ 79 ~

I got everything done and had a time to get lunch. I found a little and I do mean little burger shop. The cook was friendly and I chatted with him about my case and he was quite supportive and asked me to return to inform him of my results, I agreed and the burger was not bad also. I proceeded to the court, I got through security and I had an hour to wait, just looking at the interior of the court was enough to scare anyone never mind someone getting in front of a federal magistrate judge without a lawyer, but I kept it together. I got to the court room and met the defense lawyers on from Chrysler and one for Compuware. A funny thing all through state court the Compuware lawyer took the lead and as soon as we went to federal court the Chrysler lawyer took the lead, was Chrysler worried. The judge called court to order and I think I was the second case. I stated my case, telling her about how the defendant companies blacklisted me, by stating they had not record of my employment. I asked if I could submit a reference case to the court and she agreed. I asked for permission to approach and she granted it, so I handed a copy to everyone in the court, yes even the defense and everyone became quiet, that scared me, then I realized that they were reading the case I just handed to them. The judge asked why I thought I did not get a justice in state court. I told the judge all the issues in the stated courts, like how the first judge state that my potential employers would have got a

~ 80 ~

different response than my private investigator and later my newspaper reporter, how the court of appeals simply refused to address my evidence and how the supreme court granted me immediate consideration over the weekend and 21 days later they stated I did not convince them that they should review my questions and denied me. Immediately I said that the defense should know about what happen in the Supreme Court because they got a copy of the letter. I look over at the defense attorneys at this point and the look liked the just swallow a catguilty and they had nothing to say, what they did to get it denied in Supreme Court, I guess we will never know. The judge agreed with me by saying I know what you mean not being able to get a job. I have to write a recommendation to district judge and you will get a copy mailed to the address on file. I thanked the judge and turned to leave and as I did a lawyer from another case said to me with his face covered so the judge would not hear him GOOD JOB, I was excited. I went back to the burger shop and the owner immediately asked me how it went. With a big smile on my face I told him every detail, especially how the lawyer said good job. He was excited and he wanted me to tell him what the response was from the judge would be. Well the usual thirty days went by and I received a copy of the report from the magistrate judge. Well she did a great job, 13 pages to the report she cited case after case, explain res

~ 81 ~

judicata to me and how I could not go to federal court because it had been in state court, however she failed to do one thing address anything I said in her court, she left out everything it was like I was not even there, why invite me then, I also receive and order from the district judge dismissing the case. Here are the documents I left of the magistrate judge report it is 13 pages long. Wondering again?

~ 82 ~

Order from Detroits federal court

I went back to the internet at the library in Oak Park, Michigan where you could find me there often. I got to be good friends with the director.

~ 83 ~

every time he saw me he would say, you New Englanders never ever give up do you. I always responded if we did you would be bowing to the queen of England right now and we both would laugh. I was searching the net and I found that you can filed a complaint against judge for judicial misconduct thru the circuit executive ,just as the oak park library director came over. I showed it to him and he smiled and said it again, you New Englanders never give up do you! I filed a complaint of judicial misconduct with the sixth circuit executive and he submits it to the chief judge for his review. Another 30 days and the chief judge dismisses my complaint stating no judicial misconduct, however the circuit executive informs me that I can complain to the judicial council of my case.

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

~ 84 ~

Here is how a complaint to the judicial council of judicial misconduct in the sixth circuit works. You send you complaint to the circuit executive and he sends a copy to all members of the council to review you case before the judicial council meeting. If all council (appellate judges) members on there own state no judicial misconduct then it is a dead issue. If at least one member stated that there was judicial misconduct the council must discuss you complain in the next council meeting. Well my case was discussed at the next meeting and 30 days later I received a letter stating that all members that were present ruled no misconduct COMPLAINT DISMISSED. What happened to the member that stated there was a misconduct to get it into the council meeting was he even invited to the meeting or it he no mining coal in Tennessee, lol .Also I receive a letter dismissing my case in federal court of appeals.. Here are the documents:

~ 85 ~

Judicial misconduct denied by chief judge

~ 86 ~

6th circuit executive letter

~ 87 ~

Order from the sixth circuit judicial denying judicial misconduct

~ 88 ~

United States Supreme Court I sent my case to the Supreme Court in Washington and they sent it back stating to follow the enclosed instructions. They retain my fee indicating that they knew I would be successful with the rework and return it to them. You have to submit you brief on paper 6.125x9.3125 and you need to submit I think 30 copies. That requires that you have to rework all you word processing to fit on that format the make 30 copies. Then you go to the copy store and they don' have paper of that size so you need to print it on 8.5x11 and have it cut down. Well with 50 to 75 pages and 30-40 copies you end up with a maximum of 6000 pieces and with to recycle you just dont want to throw them out I gave them to some children I knew to color on then we recycled them. I mail all thirty copies to the court. In thirty days I got an order from the Supreme Court my writ of certiorari was

~ 89 ~

Letter from the Supreme Court adding my case to the docket

added to the docket and denied with no explanation.

~ 90 ~

Order from the U.S. Supreme court denying me

~ 91 ~

I was informed that the judge of my case in Oakland county circuit court retired so I motion the court to reopen the case and the new judge dismissed the case before he received the defense response to my motion. Notice the dates on the judges order dates February 6 and the defenses response is dated February 7 a day later and I was not made aware of session in his court or I would attend. Here are the documents:

~ 92 ~

Page 1 of judges order to deny my motion

~ 93 ~

Page 2 of judges order to deny my motion

~ 94 ~

Last page of defenses opposition to my motion notice the date and compare it with the date on the judges order to dismiss my motion to reopen the case

~ 95 ~

Bostons federal court Well what do I do now there are no more courts to go to, oh wait there is a world court but I not a country. I thought and thought and maybe if I could get a change of venue, I wrote to the chief judge in Boston federal court explaining the situation I was in. Well it was a long shot but I had nothing to lose. Wow I go a response from him stating I did not have a case in his courthouse. I could fix that, I move to Boston and files a case in his court a week later. The defense was quite angry; they sent me an order from the federal judge in Detroit stating that I could not open a case in another federal court. Looked kind of fake to me not judge signature or clerk of the courts stamp, so I continue. I went to the court to file my case and the clerk asked me if I had the money to pay the fee, I said yes with a question on my face. How did she know that I did not have any money who informed her?

~ 96 ~

The defense files a motion to dismiss the case and I made a mistake thinking that they were responding to and he denied the very next day. Here it what he sent to me, I will not cloud you thoughts, for your own opinion on how this hit me!

~ 97 ~

Federal judges response in Boston

~ 98 ~

Federal judges response in Boston

~ 99 ~

The following letter was received by me from Chryslers defense attorney sent me the following letter which states that enjoins me from going to another court. I did not believe this document as everything was typed on it. all my other court documents have a stamped from the clerk of the court stating that this is a true copy, so in my opinion any one could have typed this up just to scare me. I not even sure that a federal judge from one circuit has such power. I would think that such a document would have to come from the Supreme Court in Washington, DC and it did not! Any I stop going to court because of the finical burden on me and they judge refused to grant me justice here is the letter, what do you think?

~ 100 ~

Letter from Chryslers defense attorney claiming that the federal judge in Detroit stops me from going to another court page 1

~ 101 ~

Letter from Chryslers defense attorney claiming that the federal judge in Detroit stops me from going to another court page 2

I decide to petition the judge to reopen the case, so I made up a nice little sign and went to

~ 102 ~

the Boston common, a town down the cape and then I got really bold I went to the Chrysler dealership. I was quite nervous so I did not stay on the common very long but I tried several days returning frustrated more than the day before. I even went to the old north bridge in concord and tried to get permission to collect signatures there but I could not get their permission. I remember the sending me everywhere, the ranger house, visitors center I was riding my bike around concord for hours and did not get anywhere. .but here is a sample of my some of my signatures

~ 103 ~


While I was petitioning the federal judge to reopen the case I did petition in front of one of Chryslers dealers and sent them a photo of it. They had their high powered lawyer contact me to discuss an offer. He asked me to mail him something to I thought would settle the case, as I recall; I think it was this way it was a while back anyway here is my settlement list and what their response was:

~ 104 ~

My settlement list submitted to the Chrysler hired lawyer

~ 105 ~

Chrysler hired lawyer letter of response

~ 106 ~

As you can see by the letter they continue to offer 2000 dollars. On the phone call I had with their lawyer I tolded him, I just go a bill in the mail for $7000 (since I did not pay it for 10 years at the time) what would $2000 do for me. He hummed then replied if you change your mind contact me.

~ 107 ~


My first video

Based on how quick the defense attorneys took my newspaper article and how mysteriously the staff writer refuses to chat with me again after that. I decided to go public with my story which is very differcult. The newspapers, TV stations and radio stations will not talk to me; they just ignore anything I send them. I was in the career center in town and chatted with an official and he stated you could put your story out on the internet. I had to go and get an education about the internet.

~ 108 ~

The above was the first video I put on the internet to informing the public what the three companies did to me in hopes that it will pressure them to settle with me. I was quite nervous and where, I had it filmed it just happened to be 98 degrees in the studio and I was sweating heavily. It has done quite well, and people have taken it of YouTube and load it on many other sites from around the world. On the other hand a difficulty I have to deal with is that many sites have label my story as spam and simply delete it. I guess they just dont want to be involved with these companies, ah you known how big they are. Also they could be getting support dollars from these companies, one never knows. The Framingham public library is where I started I go on their computer for 45 minutes in the morning and if it was not busy the system would give an extension of 20 minutes twice. If it was busy then you had to come back in 2 hours. Wow it was so differcult to get anything done. I went to the Natick library to get more internet time and was surprised the let you on for an hour and with two 20 minutes extensions. But I had to ride 10 miles round trip on the bicycle. I then found the Sudbury library and the first time I went there it was really cool they did not even want to know who you were, just sit down and get you stuff done with no limit. However it was a 20 mile round trip on the bicycle. Back to the Framingham library, on day a librarian state that you could check out a laptop for

~ 109 ~

three hours. Some librarians enter a contest and the won two laptops and donated them to the library; I use those for quite a while 3 hours a day every day. However you could not save anything. I manage to save a few dollars doing some odd jobs, fixing my nieces car and I charged her only because I need a laptop. I managed to save enough to buy a modest laptop. Cool now I could save anything I wanted and I could be on for more than three hours! So I went to town and putout 6 videos and placed my story on over 370 websites

My second video nd+compuware+blacklists+engineer

Well after listening to my first video I saw many flaws in it so I decided to put another one out that was much more refined, but I could not delete

~ 110 ~

the first one since people were already exposed to it. That is, they maybe telling their friends about it and when their friends go to look at it, it not there well we cant have that! Back to the Framingham library they have room for just one person to study what a great place to film a video but I needed some help on how to create one. The librarian came to the rescue and taught me how to film myself using my laptops web cam and hot to save to load in to different websites for other people to view, all over the world. This video is the most popular one of all six of them. I loaded it on websites and as I Google Chrysler and Compuware blacklisted engineer I found it on websites that I never loaded it on. That made me feel good other people were helping me get my story out that had a much more vas knowledge of the internet than I did. I found it on a site in England that has to do with painting art, and another site that had to do with drag racing in Canada, another in a insurance in San Francisco, California

~ 111 ~

My third video

My third video was filmed in Boston, Massachusetts in front of the state house to drum up some more viewers on the internet. I just set up my sign and people were so interested it what was going on. This is the place that you got to get peoples attention and most people in Boston know that. In fact a gentleman stopped his car right in front of the state house and got out to ask me what I was doing. I gave him my info and he said he would help spread the word.

~ 112 ~

My forth video

My forth video was an effort to make students at MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) aware of what Chrysler and Compuware can and will do to you. I got attention of many people as my banner seems to be an eye catcher, One gentleman stop and chatter with me giving me an avenue to get a job but when he heard what happen to me he simply shrug his shoulders indicating he did not know what to do, wished me luck and walked away. A few others commented as they walked by.

~ 113 ~

My fifth video

My fifth video is quite interesting. I contact the communication group at Chrysler and their number was given to another group however the lady was nice and she got me a new number. I called it and the lady was not at her office so her voicemail gave me here mobile number so I called it. She answered and said she wad driving down the highway and could not do anything right now I said I would recall her office and leave my contact information for her, she agreed and then stated would call me back. About a week later some security specialist contacted me and said that I

~ 114 ~

need to contact Chryslers Boston legal department. I asked how I would find that information he said that he would get that info for me. About a half an hour later he gave me the mailing address and who to contact and stated that we need to resolve this issue. I mailed my info to them and the rejected it stating the need the precise name of the division of Chrysler in order to process it. I called the security specialist back and got the info and remailed to Boston nothing happened, so I called the specialist back and got no response. So I called him on a weekly basis to inform of my internet video viewer count. He picked the phone after a week or two and stated that if I did not quit calling and emailing the communications group, that Chrysler would have to take me to court for harassment since he felt I was boarding it. I thought that you are doing nothing for me so I said I never call you again, however my internet campaign will not stop till I die, he hummed and said he had to go. I thought it was quite funny that I was contacting Chrysler legal department in Boston if the headquarters wanted to stop my internet campaign why wouldnt they have the legal department in Boston contact me. What kind of game were they playing? I decide the public needed to know what kind of progress I was making.

~ 115 ~

My Sixth video

I was biking in a nearby town and went into the hardware store to purchase a bolt. I was talking to the sales clerk about my story and he was quite interested. He asked why they did this to me and told him I had a theory. I explained to him about the steel baffle plate being attached to the plastic valve cover by sheet metal screws. He understood since he sold fasters. He suggested that I do a video showing the public the actual part in question that was a great idea. I went to the nearby junkyard and found one . I took it of the car and brought it back where I stay. I was very nervous taking of the baffle plate, maybe they change the design after they asked me to leave. Woo, they did not change the design it was exactly like I left it. So I put the above video out. Chrysler has gotten quite angry with me no very angry with me, recently I found that the CEO

~ 116 ~

of Chrysler has a facebook page and I attached a link to my video and the next day my viewer count of that video went up by one. It is a new video so not to many people were looking at so I feel some one at Chrysler looked at it. As a result this is what happened I have been banned for leaving comment on all three facebook pages Chrysler communications, and the CEO of Chrysler as shown below. Compuware has stop me from living a comment too.

This is what I get when I logged on to facebook with my user ID, this is a blog from Chrysler communications. Notice there is no window that opens so I can leave a comment, they use to be

~ 117 ~

Chrysler s CEO facebook page again no window for leaving a comment, my current friends have checked this out and they can leave a comment on the same page.

Chrysler has also blocked me on YouTube as indicated

~ 118 ~

The latest as 9/21/11 on facebook when I use their name it will not post my message. it puts the word undefined where my post should go. when I dont use their name, Chrysler and Compuware it posts

~ 119 ~

Lets not forget the forums where people just read your post and tell their friends here at some samples, as of 9/11/11 the names are purposely left off, viewer count is: 1,872,396 507,729 148,750 A video 69,890 20,165 17,398 147,840 As you can see by the above numbers people that read about my story tell all their friends!!!!!!!!!

~ 120 ~


As I have said before but now I will get into more detail now. I was responsible for the design of the PCV system and another engineer was responsible for the valve cover design. During my prototype testing I attached the baffle plate with sheet metal screws and the all fell out of the valve cover. I know that my prototype was a made of aluminum and I had different screws however, you have to inform the players of what happen. You see when designing parts for the public, the last thing as an engineer you want to happen it is a failure in the field. This is extremely costly and must be avoid at all times. I informed the engineer of the valve cover and he seemed not to concern. I them chatted with his supplier and they told me not to worry it would be fine. I them informed my supervisor on my concern. I just listen to ne and show his head in agreement. In other word he just blew me off. Here are some pictures:

~ 121 ~

Steel baffle plate 2.0l SOHC engine

Steel baffle plate with sheet metal screw shown 10 in total

~ 122 ~

Close up of sheet metal screw installed

Size of Sheet metal screw in relation us dime!

~ 123 ~

Massachusetts and Washington, DC
Numerous politicians stated time and again we cant get involved in with your case, in the state of Michigan. When I move to Massachusetts and got nowhere with the federal court, so I went to ask the late Senator Kennedy for help. I of course did not meet with him, I met with his aide. I gave here my story and she said that would they do anything this office could do but, she needed a week to review my case and asked me to call back, ok. I called in a week and they would not even let me talk with her. They said that she was a new aide and she should have not told me that the senator could get involved. I called Kerry office on the phone and they connected me with an aide and she stated the she need a letter of permission from me to get involved with my case, ok. I sent her a letter and that was the end I could never get in touch with her again. The governor of Massachusetts, I had a sign made as shown below and I was showing it off in front of the state house. I got a student Wentworth Institute that happened to be on the Boston common to take my picture for me. After that I walked my banner right into the governors office and sat down with his aide and rolled it out on the floor, it about 7 feet long, we were discussing my case when her supervisor walked by and asked her if everything was ok the aide replied yes. She told

~ 124 ~

me, that the governors office could not get involved in my case but could help with services to support my life. I said that I am ok and I was all set up. Well it just happened that I was just awarded social security disability and the cut my food stamps down to $4 a month, I said nothing of this to the governors aide. A week later I got a letter from the food stamp program indicating that my food stamps will raised to $150 dollars. Did the governors office do this?

The next politician was congressman Markey he had an office here in town, I never met him I worked with his aide for 5 weeks and she produced nothing, I ask the congressman to write a private

~ 125 ~

bill in congress and his reply through his aide was no, they do not go anywhere.great!. I went to the US attorney office here in Boston and asked them to file a criminal case against Chrysler and Compuware. The next day I got all my paper work sent back to me with a note stating that they did not break any federal law. I searched the federal laws at the local library and found one, law 29 CFR 516.5 and states that they need to keep employee records 2-3 years. I went back to the U.S. attorneys office and showed them a copy of the law. I receive a phone message from the assistant U.S attorney stating go away we told you we cant do anything for you and dont come back! wow I was shocked! Here is the law: notice it states they must retain my records of employment for 2 years and have them available, my private investigators report is 14 months after my termination. So they did break the federal law and this law is under the department of labor!

~ 126 ~

Federal Law the companies broke

~ 127 ~

I contacted the white house, at first I faxed them a letter as I stated before I asked congressman Markeys aide help to find the faxed letter at the white house. She could not even find the fax number! I then sent a copy of the letter to the white house and guess what I got a response, here is the letter

Letter from the White House

~ 128 ~

It was from a M------ K-------, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Correspondence. It stated that he took the liberty to forward my information to the department of labor. I received a letter from a H---- C. O----- an official from the department of labor here in Boston stating that I should go get a job and she even provided directions where to go, wow!

~ 129 ~

My letter faxed to the president

~ 130 ~

Fax cover sheet to the president of the United states

~ 131 ~

Letter from the department of labor

~ 132 ~

Letter from the department of labor

I was quite upset with the government, it fails to help me again, but it has no problem taking my money when I was working. I wrote and told her that it was next to impossible to get a job in 1998 because of this injustice/blacklisting, why did she think that it would be easier 11 years later, wondering again.

~ 133 ~

My letter to the official at the department of labor

~ 134 ~

My letter to the official at the department of


I never heard from her again so I decide to fax the president again and continued till the shut off the fax, no they just blocked my fax

~ 135 ~

Second letter fax to the president of the United States

~ 136 ~


As you inspect I sent both Chrysler and Compuware a letter to inform them of my internet campaign and how well it is doing. I would mail a letter two ways certified and certified return receipt. On certified letter you just type in you number they give you when you pay and it tells you where you letter is, you do the same for return receipt however the mail you back a green card that is supposed to be signed by the party you mailed it to. The last two letters I mailed just disappeared the computer showed they were received but never got delivered And my letter with the return receipt, well I never got the little green card that I filled out. We have two post office in the town I live in I went the one in town and they checked the computer and said they could not help and suggested that I to go the main branch. I talked to the manager there he checked the computer also and he said he did not know where it went and later he would call the Detroit post office and check and to come back. When I went back he said no one knows where your letters are. I contacted the post office consumer affairs in Boston and she looked for me and came up short and gave me a nice letter to make me go away, well I did not. I contacted the post master general in Washington dc as I had trouble with this

~ 137 ~

situation before so I knew who to contact. She contacted Boston and asked them to look again. Here it the result the Boston office sent me a green card with the information I gave them and the wrote the word duplicate on the card and with that, I was supposed to be happy that the company received my letter. What kind of idiot do they think I am, if the letter was delivered what happened to my green card, why do they just say what the US attorney said go away and do come back we cant do any for you. I must add the local postal workers were very supportive in my situation and are very much today, hats of f to them! Emails between me and post office officials

my address bill butler 110 Arlington street Framingham,Ma mail to Legal Department Chrysler corporation 1000 Chrysler drive auburn hills, MI 48236 --- On Thu, 12/11/08, D----, D------ F - Washington, DC <-------------------------> wrote: From: D-----, D------ F - Washington, DC ------------------

~ 138 ~

-------------------> Subject: Not signing for package Certified #70071490000422614555 To: Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008, 8:56 AM
Dear Mr. Butler, Your email to the Postmaster General was forwarded to this office for handling. In order to appropriately investigate your request, please email your complete mailing address, including the address where your Certified letter was sent, in Gross Pointe, Michigan. Sincerely, D. D---Consumer Research Analyst Postal Service Headquarters


Message flagged Tuesday, December 23, 2008 10:44 AM

Dear Mr. Butler: Your email to the Postmaster General regarding a Certified package, Article Number 70071490000422614555.

We will be working with our managers in review of this issue as they have the local knowledge vital to such evaluation.

~ 139 ~

Please understand we remain involved, but the managers with immediate authority over your local area will be able to move swiftly to review this matter and develop a response. For any future Postal Service issues, please feel free to contact the Consumer Affairs Office nearest you at (978) 664-7641. Thank you for contacting the United States Postal Service. Sincerely,

D. D---Postal Service Headquarters

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------February 16, 2011 Dear Mr. Bill Butler,

This acknowledges your inquiry to the Postal Service regarding your certified package 70102780000267420664.

We regret learning of the situation you outlined in your inquiry. Certainly, such a report is not good news to us and does not reflect the service we want to provide to you. We are always concerned when a customer has had an experience that does not meet their expectations.

~ 140 ~

We realize your situation will require the knowledge of management officials overseeing the Post Offices in your service area. Accordingly, I have forwarded the information to your local Consumer Affairs Manager for appropriate action. Please understand referral does not reduce the scope of the review. The managers who will receive your inquiry are those with both the authority and responsibility to ensure their local customers issues are addressed.
To discuss this or any future Postal related issues, please feel free to contact the Consumer Affairs Office at 25 Dorchester Avenue, Room 4009, Boston, MA 02205-9631; Phone: 617-654-5740, as they have the ability to respond to local issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


Here is a letter from the United Post office, Boston Consumer affairs, in the official state I think it is important to explain that Certified Mail provides a receipt to the mailer at the point of mailing and it is dispatched and handled in transit as ordinary mail with no definitive tracking capability

~ 141 ~

Print out from the U. S. post office showing tracking of certified mailthis contradicts the statement made by the official in the previous letter.

~ 142 ~

ACLU Boston Office

The ACLU thats, the American Civil liberties Union, I contacted them twice and I even went to Boston and they said sorry cant help you shaking the head no. Then you come home and on the news you see the fighting for somebody elses case, but they cant help you. They did send a letter recommending me to go to the NELA here is the letter; I contacted them and they said it would cost me 250 dollars for an hour and at the end they may say we cant help youwithout any money at the time this was out of the question.

~ 143 ~

Letter from the ACLU

~ 144 ~


As I sit here remembering what I have gone thru in the last 14 yrs, I know that my teeth are rotting away I almost feel the falling apart since Massachusetts heath stop repairing teeth, they just pull them out when the cause a problem. I should not complain though, they have fixed a lot of other stuff, and probably will fix a lot more before it all over. Lets start out this part of the book with something positive ok, it was the summer of 1998 and I decided to go on a nice vacation for a change. Instead of rental a car and driving around New England, I decided to go wind jamming off the coast of Maine and booked it for September. For those of you who do not know what wind jamming is well, it is sailing in an 85 ft schooner. I had a lovely time the food was great, it was all cooked on a wood stove and there was plenty of it. I helped raise the anchor, sails and centerboard, one day I was feeling a bit sluggish and did not help raise the center board and the 2nd mate spoke up and said are you helping today or what.well ok. We went to an uninhabited island and had a lobster bake there on the shore in maine They had potatoes, corn, onions and of course the lobster, all you can eat. The record according to the

~ 145 ~

captain was nine; I ate seven of them and then I could not move. Well the trip ended and I went to visit my uncle as he lived in the area. I only stay a day as I had to get back to Detroit and go back to work. This was my last vacation before Chrysler and Compuware dismissed me. I stayed in Detroit for about a month, I had conversations with my sister about moving back to New England and she said I could stay with her until I get a job. I needed some convincing though as I knew there would be trouble if I had to stay there a long time. Well after several conservations I agreed to move and I would put all my possessions in storage while I stay with my sister. I called my friend in Connecticut she was excited that I was coming back to New England as a matter of fact she made me an offer I could not refuse. She stated that if I flew her out to Detroit she would drive one of my cars back to New England, I agreed. I had a 70 corvette and 91 Grand Am. I sent her a ticket and then met her at the airport in Detroit. I had rented a truck and trailer and was ready when she arrived so I thought. She did not like the way I packed the car so she took out everything and repacked it oh well at lease she was not happy. I had bought a pair of two way radios so we could keep in touch as we drove to New England. It was a scary adventure for me as I never drove a truck before, especially one that had a trailer attached with my antique corvette that I just finished restoring on it. I remember going through

~ 146 ~

Toledo, Ohio the first big city I had to drive through cars coming from every direction and because you are driving the truck slow they all cut in front of you and they cut it close enough so the only think you can do it stop. I manage to get through it all and then get slammed onto the Ohio turnpike, let me tell you I think the whole countrys trucks are on that stretch of road. I also think this is where the word convoy was created just miles and miles of trucks one right after another non-stop all the way to Cleveland. I reach Cleveland, Ohio and the pressure just increased, the highway in that city just weaves in and out of those tall buildings and the thoughts that were going through my head, will the trailer be ok did I secure the corvette to the trailer right, the thought just did not stop. They were so many turns in that city, I just had to stop, relax and get a soft drink. Half an hour later I was ready go on the road again. We got to New York was and it was time to stop for the night. We pulled into one motel and the rates were very reasonable so we checked in and then went to this very nice restaurant suggested by the motel clerk the food and service was so country, it helped me wind down from the drive. However I was unaware of what was happening back at the motel.

~ 147 ~

My 70 corvette

We got back, it was begin to rain, I did not have a cover for my corvette that was waterproof and this motel had a bar that was buzzing. I was pissed all that restoration and some drunk was going to crunch my car, the one that I put my heart and soul into and I just got it painted, that night was a sleepless. My friend tried to help by stating that the drunks will stay in the bar cause it was raining hard that night, well that helped somewhat but not enough. I got up in the morning and jumped to the gl window to see my corvette, all was well and shortly we were back on the road again. I go to Massachusetts and it was late, my sister did not even know where the storage place was never mind having axis to it that night she did nothing. I still had to bring my friend back to Connecticut where was I going to put my corvette, I thanked my sister with a smirk. I went up to a swanky motel in the area and got a room, they assured me that my

~ 148 ~

corvette would be ok so, drove my friend back to Connecticut. I checked my corvette when I go back and it was ok so, I was a little relieved. The next day I had to unload the truck as I needed to return it. I got into the storage place and my sister and her son were nice enough to help so I thought. I was having trouble backing the truck and trailer up so my nephew did it for me. We unloaded it into to storage, one for my house hold goods and the other for my corvette it belongings, tools, jacks and extra parts that sort of stuff. It took us a couple of hours and it was done. Image I had to pay my nephew, I was out of work ,thirty dollars, my sister suggested, oh wait it even gets better! I settled in with my sister only to find out she never asked her husband if it was ok, strike one. I got to sleep on her old couch and boy was it uncomfortable and that was a lot of fun. After a few months went by one of the spring came apart and I had to repair because I got blamed for breaking it. When I first arrive I got sick I think it was all the smoke, there was a layer that you could see about 4 feet of the floor through the house, I kid you not. The only place I had to recover for my illness was the couch, my sister got upset that I was laying on it to much. Her son was remodeling someones living room and they wanted to dispose of the old couch so my sister got it through her son. I was not allowed to sleep on it anymore since I was blamed

~ 149 ~

for breaking last one. I went to get an air mattress that I would put on the living room floor and sleep there. I had to deflate every morning and blow every night as it was in the living room. While I laid there asleep every morning my sister would awake me to feed here fish, by pushing the mattress aside to get by. I asked one day can you feed you fish at night when I dont have the mattress blown up then you wont wake me every morning, I got a flat no. I did not pay here any rent as I was not working but I did many things for her. I remember redoing her kitchen, sanding and refinishing all her cabinets, removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room and adding a new floor. When she sat at the table the night I finished, she just dug the leg of her chair into the new floor and when told about it she said it is ok I dont like the floor I going to change it, it was never changed. I wallpapered her bathroom and dining room. The dining room had wallpaper that had to be removed so you could put the new paper on. We had an argument about me not knowing what I was doing, and I did not need r remove the old wall paper. I did not listen and strip the many layers of old wallpaper and paint. Some of the wallpaper was painted before the next layer of paper was applied it was a mess. I got it all off right down to the bare walls and I had to do some repairs. I prime it then I sized and installed the new wallpaper. The new paper was the kind you could paint it look real nice, not a peep out of my sister, I dont even think she said thank you. I put a stereo in her car she got from the salvage yard, fix her

~ 150 ~

brakes exhaust, I told her anything that I could do I would. She never let me cook there so, I had to eat out all the time luckily I was getting unemployment. I asked her if I could make some cookies once and said no, what you want to do run up my electric bill that pissed me off after everything I did for her, later she realized that she made a mistake and asked me I wanted to make some cookies. I replied no the damage was already done. She use to make spare ribs and to show her power over me, she would cut off two and give them to me knowing I did not eat. She did feed once and a while if she cooked a large meal like turkey or ham, not too often though. My sister asked if I would help her son fix his truck as it had an exhaust leak and it could not pass Massachusetts inspection and he could not go to work, he repaired and installed hardwood floors. I looked at the problem and saw that the stubs in the exhaust manifold were broken.rhw manifold had to be removed from the truck and the studs had to be drilled out and install new ones after tapping the holes. I t was an old truck so every was rusted and to remove the manifold you had to remove the EGR tube which was rusted heavily. To remove the tube you would have to break it and buy a new one, I told him that, he agreed. We got it all apart, drill, tapped and installed new studs and got everything back into the truck.

~ 151 ~

Well he did not have the money for the new tube$80 dollars. I left his house and he was quite upset, I got back to my sisters house only to see she was on the phone with her son and he blame the whole thing on me. He told his mom that I wrecked his truck and he had no was to get to work. Huge argument everyone upset, he states I never ask you again to help me. So to keep peace I agreed to buy the dam tube. I bought it installed it and every was ok again, except one thing he said he would pay me back, 14 years later I still waiting. Lets move on to the next one my sisters daughter and her husband liked to go to the casino in Connecticut and invited me. I went along and guess what I won and won and won. One night I was down to my last coin and I won 700 dollars in front of them. Oh boy were they all angry I could tell by the tone of their voice. I was only able to go with them a few more times as they stopped inviting me. Was it because I was winning and they were not, I guess we will never know the truth. Next my sister love to barbeque and one day after her work she asked if I want, ok. We were out in the side of her apartment on the sidewalk and shortly her husband came home, he grumbled something as he walked by the grill and that was the last of our communication, never said another word to me. From this point on he would come out of his room while I was watching TV in his underwear, only his briefs. This nightly event, a

~ 152 ~

discussing one at that I might add, was it done to drive me out of the house, you bet it was. I was wining a lot at the casino driving myself now, so one night I decided to stay at a motel in Connecticut, give myself a break from the crap going on at my sister house. That trigger everything she said she wanted 200 a month from me to live there from now on. I said the hell with you, you dont let cook here, you dont let me shower here, you barley let me sleep here and wake me up morning feed you dam fish, so I took her keys and threw them at her and said have a good life I went to a motel in eastern, Massachusetts, for the night, boy was I relieved, I took 13 showers that night. It was good to remove all the smoke and everything else obtained at my sisters house off and guess what, the next morning a knock on the door. It was housekeeping they want to know if I needed more towels, oh I thought I was in heaven, after staying at my sister house for ten unbearable months. I only stayed there one night at first, as I owed money on my car and I thought they were after me so every night I went to another motel. Some of them were very scarcer than others. I remember one I enter the room and the door was splintered like it had been broken it with a police battering ram and they glue it back together, you could still see where the cracks I asked for another room, it was better I guess. I went to the restaurant next door and they informed me of the reputation

~ 153 ~

of that motel, they said all warrants were served at 8 pm, if you were still around at 8:01 you were ok, I was. Boy I was glad I was just staying the one night. Another place I stayed was a single cabin and the heater in my cabin was making strange noises like it was a signal for some mother ship. Finally I got up and went to the office and the manager came in and shut it off and gave me a little space heater, wow I thought how much worst can it get. I stayed at another that reminded me of being in a box made of cement all the walls were just painted cement block, very cold. Still another was so old I thought when I walked across the room I thought it was going to fall apart and when I got on the bed it just confirmed my thoughts, it made so much noise I did not dare to move and the lumps had lumps. Another one was close to a prison it gave me the creeps since I was not paying my bills, well I think you know what I mean. Finally I said to myself that this is too much and I just decide to stay at one motel and I took a room way in the back to hide my car. That was the winter of 1999, 350 to 400 a week, there goes my savings. I did not go anywhere just watched TV and snuck out at night to get something to eat. I remember one night I went to the office to chat with the night crew and there was a flat bed wrecker parked in the lot. I thought they had found me and I was going to lose my transportation. I

~ 154 ~

panic and hurry down to the office, blood pressure rising and asked about that wrecker and they explained that every now and then the driver wants to get away from it all and this is where he can get some sleep so dont worry they have not found you yet. She continue if there was a warrant for your arrest they would come and get you and we here at the office could not do anything so go relax. I went back to my room to relax, boy was that an experience, I will never forget; remember I always paid my bills. The next day was another big surprise, my niece came over with her 4 kids and Chinese food what a break from silence, and they were a site for sore eyes. They brought all kinds of laughter to my silent room, I was sure happy about that; you know the four walls were closing in on me. She use to take me for rides, we would go out to a department store or to the grocery store or any other errands she had to do, I was grateful it got me out of the little motel room. I learn for her that my sister was mad that I did not agree to pay her instead I chose to pay the motel. The winter had passed and my niece was going on vacation and she asked if I wanted to watch her apartment while she was away. I agreed and moved to Worcester while she was on vacation to Missouri. I think they were gone for about a month. When they came back she asked me to stay with her and her family for 100 dollars a month, ok it was cheaper than the motel.

~ 155 ~

One day my niece decided to get a part time job and convinced me to try, so we went down to the local supermarket and we both applied, some time went by and she got hired and I go called in for an interview. They wondered why an engineer was applying for a part time deli job. I told them my story about Chrysler and Compuware blacklisting me, her response was hmmm and she shook my hand and off I went. The following week I received a letter from them denying me employment in the store, Chrysler strikes again. Summing up things I was paying my niece 100 per month, feeding her kids, putting them to bed at night and letting her use my car to go to work, and any other thing she might want. What a deal she was getting, even my brother comment how good it was. I was trying to get the children to eat their vegetables, yeah every night and the little one said some sort of lie to his father and well I saw the writing on the wall, it was time for me to leave. I told my niece, she gave me a hug and my 100 dollars back and I got my car driving back to the motel. She quit her job that night. I stayed at the motel for only a week since they went up on their rate it now was 2000 per month. I went to Vermont to camp in the woods at one of their state parks; I figured that I would be safer there instead of just in the woods. I started with a tent and my car which was illegal. I had to

~ 156 ~

go back to Massachusetts to get is inspected so it look legal. Here is my campsite and parking pass;

Parking pass

State park

The first night I must have removed enough stones to fill a dump truck and when I told the ranger in the morning, she smiled and thanked me. I also tolded here that there was so much noise that it was differcult to sleep, she said I be right

~ 157 ~

back and brought me some ear plugs and that did the trick. It was fun at first building a fire and cooking food, I guess that I like it because it was a change from the motel room. I had to buy firewood split it and build a fire to cook my food. That was getting expensive, the range said that the army core of engineers just left and they thinned out the forest and left a lot of trees lying on the ground. If you can get the wood back to your campsite you can have it. I rushed to the nearby hardware store and bought a little saw, it was tough cutting the 18 inch green oak logs but it needed to be done so I thought to myself suck it up and get the job done so you can eat. I went to by an ax to split the wood but it was green so I need a hammer. The hammers mangled the end of the ax, so I went to get a wedge. Yes you guessed right, it mangle the hammerany way I got the wood cut and split and was able to cook my food and stay alive. The stay there was scary at times as during the week I was the only one in the park because all the weekend campers went home. I use to go to New Hampshire to the movies to kill most of the evening and I got to know the ticket agents. At the time the Blair Witch Project was showing, she would not sell me a ticket because she knew I was sleeping in the woods. The scariest part was when I would get back from the movies and drive down those dirt roads with dead trees hang down over the both sides of the road. It reminded me of a horror

~ 158 ~

movie, once I got to my site I was ok, Chrysler strikes again. One afternoon this mom can by with her two children and chatted with me a while, she made the evening a little more pleasant. They left and I threw another log on the fire it was just about a couple hours before dark. I heard a little voice stating hello there, it was her little daughter she brought me a steak her mom had sent her, and then her son came with more food, and now I felt special. I was glowing more that the fire and that saying a lot. I sent a very big thank you back with both her son and daughter. The next morning they were gone it was the end of the stay I did not get a chance to thank her. Another time the ranger came to my campsite and said a very bad storm is coming through and I want you pull up your tent and go to one of the lean- to get out of the rain. She said I dont want you floating down the drive in the flood. Just make sure you out first thing in the morning. I pulled up camp and went to the lean- to and spent the night there. The storm did not come it just blew by, not a drop of rain. The next morning I went to a different tent site.

~ 159 ~

Lean-to site, state park I was told about the air mattress so I went to department store and bought one, I was so excited no more stones in my back. I got back and it just fit in my tent. I blew it up and immediately I laid down on it, I was in heaven I could not wait to go sleep that night. The fire went out and I was tired, but excited to try out my new sleeping accommodations, so i went to sleep, only to be woken by those stones again. The mattress lost it air, no they was no whole it, simply it would not hold air through the night, I know I exchange it several times and none of the lasted through the night, so I just put up with it, it was better than having the stones all night. Well the rain finally came and did it rain, I had left my cup on the picnic table and in filled right up in minutes. The tent leaked the floor was wet along with everything else. I just kept the air mattress full and rode out the storm, it lasted for hours and at times it was quite a down pour. It finally stopped I got out to string a line and hung everything up to dry. I was ok nothing ruin just wet and it all dry.

~ 160 ~

The nights were getting longer and longer every day, I did not have much money so it took a lot of thinking. I finally cracked I went to department store and bought a boom box. I was in touch with the outside world againyay. I played it all day and at night I had a set of ear phones to listen to those late night radio shows. It was great and I was happy it worked and there were no problems with it, I did not have to exchange it, I had my fill with that dumb mattress. I discovered an unemployment office in New Hampshire; it wasnt too far as I was at a state park close to the state line. I visited it almost every day with no results, I chatted with the official there about what had happen to me, mentioning that I had filed a lawsuit against them in Michigan She convince me to go back to Michigan to fight the lawsuit. I was getting close to my three weeks stay,( in Vermont they allow only three week since they dont want you living permanently) so I decided to go back to Michigan but first I needed a little vacation so I went east to visit my uncle on the coast of Maine. I arrived and got the usual greeting, a solid hand shake from my uncle and a warning from my aunt; when we die we are leaving this place to my two daughters. I got that every time I went there, I always tolded her I dont want anything I am just visiting my uncle, she smiled. The next day I awoke and went down stairs and they were both sitting on the back porch and I said good morning, the both laughed; it was a

~ 161 ~

normal thing to say so I was a bit confused. I asked them why are you all laughing. They regain themselves and stated that it was 5 oclock in the afternoon and that I had slept the whole day away. Wow, I felt grand and quite rested to, now if I could only get about a dozen more of those daysfat chance of that ever happening. I told them this was not I vacation and I would like to do some things to help them out. All right my uncle said, first I put up a new flag pole made from cedar post he had left in the barn, I lap jointed two of them together, it turned out ok. Next we erected a fence and I got emotional and he caught me and said what was wrong, so I explained. Hey I put up a fence on the coast of main using cedar posts, I continue that cedar was my favorite wood and I was in my favorite place, the coast of Maine, and my uncle was here. How often would this happen again, he shrugged it off and said it is no big deal it was to me. One day they surprised me, they invited me to go to my uncle class reunion, which I found out later it was my father too. how cool! You see the school is so small out there the invite all classes even the current graduating class. I got to meet some of my dads classmates and oh did they speak highly of him, except they said he was a quiet type. I knew I was not getting the real scoop they were just being nice, so some of the younger people snag me to play a round of croquet, I could not resist as I use to play it at my grandmothers

~ 162 ~

house every time we visited so it brought back some memories, I had a great time. My aunt and uncle at the time were getting old and they could take so much of me so I only stayed a week and went off to Michigan. I said my good byes and they surprised me again, they gave me 50 dollars for a motel room. Later I learn that the past away while I was in Michigan, I glad I went to see them for my last time. When I departed I was sad as I did not want to leave Maine to go back to that state of Michigan. I traveling along and I look up in my rear view mirror and there was a police car following me. I stiffen as you know my car was illegal if he had stopped I probably well I just dont know. In this part of Maine all the roads are country roads and the go on for miles, there is not place to turn off and if I just pulled over he would stop to see if I need any help so, I just followed the rules. He followed me for 5 or 6 miles my blood pressure was at it max, finally a convenient store I turn right in and he whizzed right by me. I told the clerk in the store that he needed to give me some time to cool down before he could help me and he understood when I explained. The rest of the trip I had no encounters with the law. I arrived in Michigan toward the night I called a friend and ask if I could crash for the night, she said ok. I had every plan to camp in the woods but she made me an offer I could not refuse, she said I could sleep in her front room, great I took her up on her offer, however I pointed out to her that I wanted

~ 163 ~

to help her doing things around the house and then I told what had happen to me, she was overwhelmed. I started with cutting the brush in her back yard wow it was over grown, estimated cost was about 900 dollars. I save her that money and got to meet the neighbors she never talked too. I put new grass in her front lawn as what she had was dead. The neighbor saw that and asked me if I knew anything about ceramic tile, I told yes because I had tiled my cousins bathroom in his new house. He asked me to look at his bathroom and I did. What a can of worms, as it ended up I replace the tub, sink and floor. Once I removed the tub and floor the sub floor was all rotten so that had to be replaced also. The subfloor got repaired the down went a new piece of plywood to make the floor the same height and the hall floor, finally it was all done and then they ask how much did I want, I said, you mean money, yes how much do you want. I had no idea what to charge so I told him 2-300 hundred dollars he ok and paid me. I was in shock and I took my friend out to dinner. Well as it turn out I did a lot of this neighbor, put a new front door, new ceramic tile in the foyer, new ceramic tile in the kitchen, new tile at the fire place, and the biggest job was finishing of the basement. Wow I was getting paid and I had money now to file my case in the courts. Well out there in Michigan the houses are only the width of the driveway apart, so you pretty much know what you neighbor is doing. The next door neighbor stopped by one day and said I next; I want my kitchen to be refinished. New ceramic floor, new

~ 164 ~

countertops, new tile on the black splash, refinish the cabinets and new paint was the task at hand. We went to pick out the counter top color and she liked it, the more expensive one, she asked how I like it and I said it is very nice, so she ordered it and when it came I installed and it look really nice. I also put a new ceramic floor in for her. I started the back splash and before I could finish she disappeared. She never answer the door, I never seen her outside or anything. The thing is that I was staying right across the street and a small street it was. Six weeks later I caught her in the yard and she complained that I spent all her money and she could not finish the job. Really I told her, I spent your money that is silly, you decide what to buy not me and with that the job was never got finished. One good thing came out of it though, another neighbor came by and he wanted me to do his kitchen. He was gun ho and it was exciting to work with him, he knew what he wanted and it full steam ahead every day except Sunday until the job was done, I liked that. We laid out the job right away he wanted the cabinets sanded and refinished, new counter tops, new ceramic tile on the floor and back splash. We got it done and he loved it. Later he gave me a job of taking out a wall to increase his master bedroom size. The a fourth neighbor asked if I could put ceramic tile in her laundry, well she wanted to put vinyl tile but I told her it would not last with all the water from the laundry so she agreed to the

~ 165 ~

ceramic. She also was nice and she let me do it the job right but she did constantly complain I need you to finish so I can clean. We are having relatives in from Iraq, you I never saw those relatives I think they never came. I had so much work I could buy new tools and also buy supplies to redo my friends house so it would not cost her anything and did I redo it, here it the list, new wallpaper in the hall, new wallpaper in the bathroom, fixed all the gutters on the house, new ceramic tile on the floor in the foyer, repaired the living room ceiling cracks, painted the living room both walls and ceiling, replace bathroom faucet at 12 midnight so she could shower in the morning, and vinyl sided the front of the house, all with no cost to her. Well all those neighbors that I had work on their house had relatives and they all had work for me to do since I not did charge a lot and they all like the finished product. Guess what they all picked me up and took me to the home center to get supplies and then to their home, since the registration on my car ran out. One lady use to knock on the window at 10pm she wanted me to go to the home center to get supplies for the next day. I went each and every time she knocked on the window just to keep the peace. Well two of the many stick out from the rest one was unbelievable at times. She wanted everything done the same day she gave me the job, and she would let you know it you were taking too long.

~ 166 ~

She wanted the kitchen done new ceramic tile and a few other things done. So she hired another guy to work with me to get the job done quicker. I was laughing at her every day and she knew it as she had to scream at him every day as he did not do a good job, he was in a hurry to get paid and go onto another job, We put the backer board down for the tile and if he cut it to long he would just whack it with a hammer until it fit. You are supposed to leave a gap between each sheet, he did not. When he laid the tile out it was so uneven it was sad, but he had only one thing in mind get it done and get it done quick. She gave him another job because she thought I could not do it. It was to redo the back step and she want I couple of ceramic inserts installed, he screwed it up so bad, he had to bury them in cement, she was very angry. It was getting quite tiring for me to go over on a daily basis and listen to them fight all the time. Finally I said this is my last day let him finish the job. She said no, no, no we want you to stay and finish, I did not like that because she would and did ask me to fix all the things he messed up. Well somehow we got everything fixed and I moved on to another job, only to return to do another job for her at a later date. Well it happened sooner than I thought she asked me back for another job as a matter of fact she asked me back several times. I install both front and rear doors; put in a bathroom and laundry in the basement and extended the driveway.

~ 167 ~

She put two really nice doors in the front entry the main door had a lovely oval with etch glass and the screen door was a full light. I got the front door in and it took me the better part of a day, she complained that it was taking too long. I looked her right into the eye and said this is your front door every one that comes to the house this will look at i it, it must be prefect in every way and I dont care how long it takes.understand, she said nothing and walked away. A few weeks passed and she bought the screen door. I was taking it out of the package on the front lawn and she was watching me. I thought it would be good time to joke with her, so a pulled one part out, with the instructions in my other hand and said we dont need this and threw it over my shoulder. She called out my name with her loudest voice and I turned and said I was just joking she shook her head no and walked away, the door was installed, worked perfectly and they all were happy. The next job with this same woman was to extend the driveway 20 feet I built the forms and we decide to mix the cement ourselves to save money. We rented a mixer and she had her son mix the cement while I spreaded it. If you know anything about cement/concrete the most important part is the mix. I got a bucket and told him for every bag you need to put this much water in. He did that for one or two bags, then he just fill the mixer with water and threw in the cement. Some of the batches were dry while others were soupy, I told him about it and he just ignored me. I had to squirt

~ 168 ~

it with water because it was so dry and that was not good.The next day the surface had a thin layer on it and you could peal it off with your hands. When I arrived she came out and let me tell you we were 40 miles away from Detroit and I know they could her out there, she scream, and scream and would not stop I started to walk off and she stopped me. She threw her hands out and said what you are going to donothing as long as you are yelling at me, she stooped and I told her we could rent a grinder at the home center and I would grind the whole surface 11 ft by 20 feet, I was pissed, because her son would not listen to me. I ground the entire surface and it turn out lovely, she had me edge it with red brick and then I was finish with her for a long while. The other lady was on the opposite end of the stick she was really nice and as time went on she knew what kind of work I did and how cheap I did it for. It started that she wanted me to just paint her bedroom. I finally got around to painting it 4 years later, oh you think I was a goof off, well you wrong about that, she went nuts she had me redo the whole house, I am not kidding here is the list, New upstairs bathroom, panel and install old kitchen cabinets in the garage, new kitchen, new doors inside and out, new den, paint everything, new patio floor, raised her pool house, added foundation and a window to the pool house, fixed her sprinkler system, installed a new vinyl fence and finally then I did painted her bedroom

~ 169 ~

Let talk about her kitchen, I stripped it out completely everything was removed, installed a ceramic floor in the kitchen that led to the dining room, that led down the hall encompassed the laundry, and the half bathroom then, it finally ended in the front foyer, what a tile job. I tiled the kitchen first so we could get it back together so she would have a place to prepare food, then I finished the rest of the tile later. All new cabinets in the kitchen new counters and a breakfast bar. It came out so sweet I was so proud of it. She then wanted it painted it a dark pumpkin which matched the oak cabinets lovely and may I add that the light tan floor brought it all together. The walls in the den were painted a dark red, cranberry I guess, it turned out lovely, then I built a desk and added crown molding and new base boards all stain in oak. She added a gray carpet with a nice chandler done in bronze. She told me all her friends loved it and she thank for several weeks. The raising of the pool house was scary and fun at the same time as I never did anything like this before. It did not have any foundation the sill of the building sat below the pool deck so all the water went right into the pool house and which rotted out it the structure. I had to replace all the sills and some of the wall studs. We then jacked the building up 2 inch at a time starting in on corner and then going right around the building and when it was all up two inches we went to 4 inches and we continued this method until we had the

~ 170 ~

building jacked up 12 inches and then we laid the cement block in between the wood blocks holding up the building. After letting them dry we place a 2 inch block of wood on top of the cement block and then jacked the building so we could remove the 12 inch wood blocks and set it doun on top of the cement/two inch wood blocks. We did this so we could slide cement blocks where the 12 inch wood block were. After the entire cement blocks were in place and the cement was hard we removed the 2 inch wood blocks and finally rested the building on the 9 in cement block, job done. I must add one more thing I kept say we as my assistant was her teenage daughter, she was a excellent addition to getting the job done, and I am still thanking her, good job! I dont remember when but I think it was the week after she pick me up from the house I was staying like she did every weekend and I suggested that she put a window in the pool house ,it would be good she could open it and dry the inside if it got wet. Well at first she rejected the idea and I need something at the home center she stopped on the way to her house. When I came out she asked if I looked at the windows, I laughed and told her that I did. I gave her the price and we both went back in to purchase a window for her pool house, that afternoon I finished installing it and it brought the pool house alive! That is no more damp musty smell and if it did get wet then it would dry out quickly.

~ 171 ~

I always enjoyed working for her and she never had a problem paying me. In fact at times she would pay me before I finished the job, unlike some them they figured that he homeless so what can he do if I dont pay him. Over the 4yrs I lost 4 thousand dollars by people not paying me. I installed a laminate wood floor and a ceramic floor for some friends of the lady I was staying with. Week after week they promise to pay and they never did. Another one I was redoing his bathroom and when I stripped the vinyl floor there was no plywood it was rotted out. I told him that he had to pay more but he refused and I left the job. One guy paid me every Friday until one week he forgot and paid me on Monday. The following Friday he did not show I went home and the next Monday he was looking for someone else. Then let us talk freebies they would pay me and then add a little job figuring that I would do it because I just got paid. Well I would consider how the job went and how often they yelled at me and then I would decide if I would do the freebie or not, most of the time I did but they were time I simply refused. Since I charged so little and the work was top notch I was holding all the cards, they would always call me back time after time. Well my friend was getting tired of me being there so she started to make it differcult for me to stay there. She would make little demands on me then they would get bigger and bigger until I had a week to leave and it was in the middle of the winter.

~ 172 ~

I was lucky I met a family that wanted to redo their kitchen and other jobs. I said yes but you have to pick me up in Pontiac about an hour away, they questioned why, that the closest shelter. You can stay in our basement no problem boy was I lucky! I packed my bags and left her house leaving my car behind figuring if she wanted to throw me out in the winter she could get rid of the car, and she did. I started their kitchen before I move it and they agreed to pay me for the kitchen, they only paid me half. I stripped the kitchen right back to the walls and installed all new cabinets and a counter top and black marble floor tile with a black and white ceramic tile black splash, it came out really nice, it was a black and white kitchen. It did not stop there; I replaced the floor tile in the fireplace room with the same black marble tile in the kitchen, sanded the hardwood floors, finished off the basement. They never paid me for none of it as I was staying there. The first weekend I worked on somebody elses job they got quit angry until I explained, then they were ok with it. Youre not paying me and I still pay for my storage back east so I have to maintain a job that is paying me. One day I came back to the house and I went the room in the basement or as I thought of it the dungeon because It had no window and it had the damp musty smell. I checked my radio and there was a tape in it that was not mine, it was in a foreign tongue so, I checked where I keep my cash and it was gone all 2000 dollars that I had saved. I

~ 173 ~

said nothing as I had no place to sleep and if I did they would throw me out. Just about the time my money was gone they bought another car. This was quite upsetting for me as I did not have much. I had to keep my mouth shut and be happy every time I was with them so they would not know I discovered it, now it was much more differcult to live these people, I adjusted. I filed my case Michigans Supreme Court and I need some papers notarized the gentleman asked if I could come back at night, ok. I had to meet the man at 7:30 pm so I got on my bike as that was my only way of travel spring, summer, fall and yes even winter.

My bike in the snow 14 winters so far

I got my coat on and rode up the street it started to rain I met the man to notarized my papers and off I went still raining, I was crossing a

~ 174 ~

side street and a SUV took a left and hit me I went over his front left fender and landed on my back underneath his SUV. Everyone jump out of their cars yelling for the man not to move his SUV as I would have lost both my legs. The ambulance came and I was worried about my court papers, I got the EMT angry because I asked about the quite often. Off to the hospital I went, lying in a bed in the emergency room the doctor took look at my left wrist and said he would be right back and left, a moment later he came around the curtain and grabbed my hand and pulled it, what are you doing I said are you out of you mind I just had a accident and is probably broken, he said I know and I had to reset it, now it is ok. I had snapped my radius bone if half and he had to stretch my arm out to get the ends to meet again, so they could heal together. He put my entire arm in a cast and I was on my way. I called the people where I was staying to come and get me but I could not get through. About an hour later I got through and the picked up and was in wondering what had happen to was all phony I felt they did not even care

~ 175 ~

Scar from the where the metal plate and 8 pin are

Scar from the pinched nerve

I had to go to my doctors for checkup and they did not even asked if I needed a ride, in fact it was snowing and I could not ride my bike, because of my arm, so I had to walk and I did not have any boots so my three toes on my left foot froze and now and then the go numb on me. I had to go for surgery and the installed a metal plate with 8 pins. I went to physical therapy and my fingers were going numb I asked her why and she said come back in a week and I did, she said she was too busy to help, and the doctor refused to answer my question also, was it because there was a lawsuit pending. Years later I need surgery for a pinch nerve now I am no doctor but before the accident I never had a problem with any of my fingers going numb. The house was pretty much done and a year had passed, the wife got pregnant and I guess they did not want me around any more. To my surprise

~ 176 ~

the yelled down the stairs one day and asked me if I had a minute. I came up and they told me, you got one more week, and then we would like you to leave. Again I find myself homeless in the middle of the winter. Lucky again I was on a putting in some interior stairs for a lady in the neighboring town was cutting the wood outside and a couple was walking their dogs as they asked me if I was available to work on the house, again I said that I could but I had to move to the shelter in Pontiac as I lost my housing. They agreed for me to move in their basement. This was the most differcult one of my stays in peoples basements. It seems that the wife could talk to me more than she could her husband and he resent that. He worked on the second shift and she worked on the first so she would come and chat with me. The room they put me in the basement, it was smaller than the dungeon I just move out of, but this had one of those cellar windows. The biggest problem was they had two dogs and I would be lying there on the bed and all of a sudden one or two would come in the room at high speed and lick you right in the face, scaring the hell out of me, then you would hear the owner yelling down the stairs at the dogs. One of the dogs was a runway he was a full grown hound and when it got loose it had one speed full throttle he was gone it a minute and he was impossible to catch him. I remember we chased him to a ball field and he would run back

~ 177 ~

and forth one side to the other side, we never did catch him, after his run he would show back up at the house like nothing happened. That would upset the man of the house and if he was upset enough with me being there, then everyone would be upset or he would make sure you were. When it came to my bike accident I just wanted my medical bills to be paid, well his wife had different ideas, she asked me to contact a lawyer he friend recommended so I went to the convenient store and called him, before I got back to her house he had called me back it was about 1/4 mile. I went and met with the lawyer and guess what he was in the same building that my lawyer for my Chrysler/Compuware case was in. He agreed to take my bike accident case. He then took the better part of the hour trying to convince me to stop from continuing my case with Chrysler and Compuware as I told him that I had another lawyer in this building, a mistake on my part. Back to my survival I was eating out all the time now, I would buy a chicken at the local super market one of those roasted ones and have to eat it in the park. I ate so many of those the deli clerk knew me by my first name. I was running real low with money down to my last 5 dollars and no food to eat. I was at the convenient store and one of the delivery guys just threw out 20 cakes. I went into the trash bucket and got them out, now I had something to eat, dont worry they all wrapped up and they were only in there for a few minutes. I was

~ 178 ~

ok then and soon I would have a 401k withdrawal coming, in a few days. I will say that where I was living he would not feed me, I asked him to cook me some noodles that I bought and he agreed so I gave him three packages and he gave me a bowl of noodles. I was working on his basement so right after he gave me the noodles. I ran up to ask him a question about my work and guess what the s.o.b.. was eating my noodles. That was the end of that I never asked him to ever cook anything for me again. When my 401k check came in I could eat again. That span of time I ate so many $1.00 hamburgers, now I cant eat them because it brings back memories of those hard times and I want to forget them. Someone had one the other day and the very smell of it rushed all those memories in that I had forgotten. I work hard for this couple; I installed in the basement a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, a tool room a living room and a bedroom. In the bathroom I had to break up the cement floor to putting new plumbing in for the drain of the toilet and shower and sink, and then I had to cement the floor, build the walls and tile the whole room. He wanted a design in the bathroom that I had to cut 1.25 inch triangles and boy did I have to cut a lot of them. He also had to have a urinal in the bathroom yes it took more plumbing but I got it all together and finally it was ready for use. I was so happy I could now shower downstairs and I did not have to disturb them, what a relief.

~ 179 ~

There was still a lot of work to do, he wanted to build a platform close to the ceiling were he could install his model train and he wanted it to go through all the walls. He also wanted a model car display case built into the wall. He got the display case but was talked out of the train platform, let me tell you not a happy camper and he let everyone know about it. During construction the neighbor down a few houses wanted to redo his bathroom so a few nights a week I would help him. He was a independent fellow and he love to argue with me. He also was not a supporter of my case with Chrysler and Compuware, and he had no problem letting me know about it. He said to me once, at least I not asking someone to support me for the rest of my life. I dont know I think he just was an angry old man that lost his wife. Any way we got his bathroom done and he then kept to himself. On day the next door neighbor had a fire in her house and it burnt quite badly. It go so hot it melted the vinyl siding on the house that I was staying at, another source to make him angry. The neighborhood smelled burnt wood for several weeks because of that fire. They strip out everything that was not repairable and then came with a spray gun, covering everything else with an oil base primer and then they rebuilt it. She hired someone to do it boy was I glad of that. Did I mention that I still chasing that bloody hound dog? Well the basement was pretty much done it just need a final coat of paint and they said that they

~ 180 ~

could do that, so they asked me to leave. I was excited I was going to a motel I had my 401k money and remember that my lawyer got me 12,000 dollars for my bicycle accident, well it was 20,000 dollars but he need to take his cut. So adding up my money I had 25,000 in cash in my coat vest pocket riding around Detroit suburbs on my bicycle. I got my friend to pick me up with all my tools and I was on my way to the motel so I thought. He surprised me he said you going to my house and stay in the basement while you fix it. Ok I said if that what you want. There must have been a huge family discussion, before the agreed to allow me to stay there because of their culture. I got a room in the basement and it was the smallest yet a TV that got one channel. I remember I use to go to the movies to stay out of that basement at night. I would go to the show that ended at 10 pm and ride my bike 5 miles through the night to get back where I was staying. It was quiet at first in the basement because I did not finish the bathroom, once the bathroom was finished it got real noisy, everyone was using it. At times they would have parties all night and never invite me. It got real noisy and there were many people so if I had seen all the movies then I would take a bike ride late into the night and get back late to avoid the noise, going right to sleep, I think I even wore ear plugs once. They just built a bedroom on the back of the house and they got caught hammering late at

~ 181 ~

night, I guess one of the neighbors call the police because of loud noise. When the police came they found out that there was no permit and the police got the building inspector involved. They now needed to have it inspected to see if it was to code. Well it was not they hired some fly by night builder who did not even put a foundation in. We had to dig all around the new room down over 4 feet deep by hand because he did not want the town to know what we were doing. The rear of the build was the toughest it had a huge tree. We had to cut it down and then grind out the stump and roots. We manage to get through that one. The neighbor knew how to run the stump grinder so he came over and did the job as he visited quite often, he was retired. We got the tree stump all out only to uncover a huge rock boy did my friend get upset, he screamed out what we do now. I said we rent a rock cutter and chop the thing up until we can get a foundation in, he was not sure about the plan as he had no experience with it. We went to the home center and rented a gas powered unit with a 12 inch diamond wheel on it. We cut the rock in parallel cuts about a couple inches apart and then chip out the rock until we cut it back enough to put our foundation in. I set the forms and we began to mix cement, wait they began to mix cement bag after bag. They would mix it I would pour it making sure we did not have any air holes. One night they asked me to work late and I ok 10 pm it the latest I would work, they all laugh it was already 3 am. Let wrap it up. Well we got the

~ 182 ~

foundation in with no air holes and the town passed it and all was well. The next task was to vinyl side the exterior of the room, we used a white siding. It was the first time I did siding, well it did not come out that bad as a matter fact they all liked. We continued with the inside and I added a ceiling joists and I wired it, and they had to have it inspected, since they started the addition without a permit, the town was quite harsh on them so, they had to rewired it to please the town. Then we dry walled, prime and painted it and it was ready for use. Now it was time to do the basement one of the brothers started and I guess threw up his hands a refused to finish it, so that was my task. It was a mess the plumbing was all wrong, I had a problem with building a wall between the toilet and the exterior wall of the house since he put a clean in the plumbing between the toilet and exterior wall. The only place I could put the wall was within inches of the toilet which made it uncomfortable when you use it oh well they agreed to live with it. The plumbing for the pedestal sink was wrong also it came out of the floor instead of the wall, which was all built before I came, so comprises had to be made and the plumbing for the drain was exposed. They agreed and the construction continued. The sink, toilet and tub I finished I needed to put a fan, heat and a light in the room. I managed to get through all that and now the tile needed to installed both on the floor and the walls it was a irregular shaped bathroom due to being stuffed in the

~ 183 ~

basement so I had to cut some irregular shapes in the tile. I remember that one wall came to a point so I had to grind the tile to a razor edge to fit right. The floor was not level, one end had almost no tile cement while the other was quite thick. As a matter of fact you had to step up when you entered the bathroom. Well I got it all finished and it was a blessing I could shower with no problem. I went out and bought a new towel right the next day. I did not mention it before there was four brothers, two sisters and the mom that living there. One of the brothers bought a Nissan sport car one of the z-cars. He wanted to customize it and since I did fiber glassing on my corvette he put his bid in with the family and they agree to stop the work on the basement to work on his car. I got my clay, plaster, fiber glass out and went work. He had bought a panel for the front of the car and I glassed in some parking lights in for him. He wanted a spoiler and what a spoiler he wanted a foot and a half tall. I made him one and he simply did not like, understand I made it to what he wanted and when I finished he did not like it. So after some words we built another, he like this one. I glassed it and bolted it on the car and he was happy. I bonded and bolted all the modifications on the car and then glassed them all they were imperfections. We now into the primer stage he jacked the car up and took of the tires and I primer the whole car. He wanted me to paint the car and I said no you need a booth he insisted so I painted it and the

~ 184 ~

day of the painting there was the stuff called summer snow all over the driveway, hence all over the car. What a mess and I was angry all that work and now we had to start all over. Later after I had moved he brought it by the motel and showed me it because he took it to a body shop to have it repainted, angry again he owed me money and claimed he did not have any. How much does it cost to paint a car, a lot I know? Back to the house they wanted to tile the living room, kitchen, hall and foyer in ceramic. What a job it was huge. I wondered am I still wondering how I ever did it. The tiles were 18 inch square and bags and bags of adhesive, as I write about it now the nightmare comes back to me. I was worried as you see this was their living room, where they entertain all their friends and relatives so it had to be right. More pressure just what I needed, yeah give the clamp one more crank what the hell I can take it. Well it again came out nice and I sure they are still enjoying it today. With it finished the pressure was reduced as I then went back to the basement. I had to finish the laundry, living, bedroom and install an egress window in the bedroom. They was a ceiling, walls and floor tile to install. The most interesting part was installing an egress window, I never did it before, and I had to cut into the foundation which was a cool thing to do for me. I put my 7.5 inch diamond blade in my portable circular saw and boy did it make dust I filled the

~ 185 ~

whole neighborhood, the mosquitoes did not come around for days, no I am just kidding. I got the window in and the oldest brother even comment on how good it looked, wow he never said anything. They had to get the town to approve it so the set up a time and they all disappeared give the bag, to deal with the inspector. He came looked at and said ok, gave me a slip of paper stating everything was ok and that was a done deal. Well things were all getting done and everyone was happy and the wives were coming so I need to leave. I went to a motel just outside of Detroit, it was the cheapest I could find and I found out why when I moved in. The place was run down and the owners fix only the things that need to be fixed to continue to operate, oh well I will adjust. It started out good, it was quiet and I go some rest but as I go to know the people there it was like I jumped out of the pan into the fire that is, I was going from a basement room to this motel. They had all kinds of walks of life there, drug addicts, ladies of the night, alcoholics and people that were changing the gender of life. One night the undercover police were there and arrested people prostituting over the internet, yes the even arrested the laptop. Another time a father and son pulled up and a woman went in a room. The son went after her when he came out then the father went in, they both left. The woman came out and went to the office wanting her money back for the room. A day did not go by that someone didnt ask if I had some drugs to sell them or did I know where to get some.

~ 186 ~

I said to myself if I going to live in such conditions then I going to eat well and I did. There was a great seafood restaurant up the street and the bread their own shrimp, jumbo as I remember and it was so good. I ate the quit often really every time I got depress because where I lived and what has happened to me. I go buy a shrimp dinner and things seem to get better even though they did not.

Seafood restaurant in Michigan

Also there was a ponderosa steak house down the road and they had a buffet, all you could eat that was a treat too. You could get a big feed for 10 dollars. I liked to go there as soon as it open that way one meal could feed you for the whole day. They had many things to choose from as it was a buffet which included pizza, chicken wings, French fries, mash potatoes desserts and many others.

~ 187 ~

Ponderosa steak house

There was a Cinemark Theater were, if you went to the first show it was I think a dollar or so. I went there often the shows were older shows but that was ok I had not seen them. I went there so often one of the ticket agents said to me one day, we are going to have to charge you rent you are here so often. I smiled and said I will pay it. I would go to two shows a day it would kill the time I had to spend at the motel. They also had a arcade there where you could play games and get tickets to cash in for prizes. I remember the day I was leaving for New England I brought all my tickets in and gave them to a mom and her two kids, the mom said are you sure and I explained that I was going to leave the state, she just smiled and said thank you.

~ 188 ~

A lady that was a clerk at the home center ask me to do some work at her house as I was always at the home center for one thing or another. She asked me to install a laminate floor in the living room and ceramic tile floor in the kitchen and marble tile on the back splash. We chatted a lot too, about her issues and about my case. We were always laughing and having a good time. She help me sell my tools when I left for New England at the local use tool shop, boy did I get ripped off there I had over thousand dollars of tools and I had to let them go for 150.00 dollars, oh well I could not bring them with me As you know the best is always left for last and in this case too I stopped all home improvement projects except for three people. The lady that wanted me to paint her bedroom, I was going stick with her until I left, a lady I meet that I met at the home center and the mother of the friend that I first stayed with in Michigan. The mother of the first person I stayed with need some home improvement also, I did a lot for her and I use to go over every Tuesday and chat with her for an hour or so then get her job done. If she had a fireplace you could call our chats fireplace chats also lol. Oh I put a new sink in her bathroom, new sink and tile in the kitchen, painted the living room, paint her sons room, reinsulated the attic, repaint her back door and there was a whole slew of other things too.

~ 189 ~

She was always asking me about my case and what was happen next. She would ask me, what if that does not work what you are going to do next. I always told that I had no idea, but I always came up with something. I think at times she was amazed with my next step. We use to say if we only could be in the Chryslers lawyer office when they learn of my next step, you know the old classic saying I wish I was a fly on the wall and then we would laugh for a while. We both agree that they were very angry with me for all the courts they had to go to. She was nice she always included me for her family Christmas, which was a lot of fun for me. I was telling her about a girl friend I had in Grand Blanc and how we went to a market and bought some roast beef that we cooked at home and it was it so good. Well she had a car and I had a license and off we went to get some of that roast beef for Christmas dinner, what a big hit. This was a special one for me as I enjoyed our chats and we still talk today. It came time to get on the bus and depart the lovely old state of Michigan, was I happy I was going to Massachusetts and file a case in Bostons federal court. I called a friend that I had met when I was redoing his fathers house boy was this a big job, new bathroom, new kitchen, new floor in the basement. He was studying to become a mechanical engineer and he could relate to what I was going through. My first advice for him was to not take a job with Chrysler direct or contract no

~ 190 ~

matter what the cost was. He dropped me of at the bus station and said his good bye and off I went. I went to Detroit and waited hours for the bus to Boston, we change buses several times and in Albany that was the last change, the bus brought me to Worcester, Massachusetts and I then took a cab to a local motel. One of the clerks still worked there that was there in the winter of 99 and she remembered me. I stayed there for a week and wrote my brief for federal court. I moved to and cheaper motel and the clerk knew of the place and she said no no no do go there, I had to it was cheaper. I stayed there for a year and half. It was kind of fun the employees were very nice, we were always joking with each other and having a good time. Well I was back in New England and I had missed the seafood so I immediately went to the closest seafood restaurant and some fried clams I think it was at legal seafood. Then I found another for another day and pretty much I ate fried clams in every restaurant I could find, I think they were six or seven of them, love each one of then, it is a New England thing, we just have to have our seafood. Now I got the seafood out of my system or in my system i had to settled down and eat normal stuff well cheaper food that is. There was a Boston market in one of the local supermarket, they had a buffet there you could make your own plate and pay so much per pound it usually work out to 5 to 6 dollars a meal.

~ 191 ~

That got expensive after a while so I had to do something else. So the motel let me use a microwave that my niece gave me. I could cook my own food and save some money. At first I had a cooler to keep my food cold I had to change the ice 2 to 3 times a day so my food would not spoil. Did you ever have chicken thighs that were microware and I do not mean a warm up I mean cooked from scratch, they are terrible, but they fill my stomach and I guessed that what it was all about. After a while all the food I cooked in that microwave tasted the same or maybe my taste buds were just burnt out, today the really have not recovered. A local department store used to sell pizza for 1.25, I wont be able to tell you how many I ate of those from the microwave. I had a old computer and it save my files on a 3.5 floppy disk and I did not have a printer so I went to a office store and had to the open the file and print them out. I got to know the clerk quite well and I told him of my quest for fried clams and he laugh and said you know the clam roll is better for you than the clam dinner, I was in question and just looked at him, he said they are better because there are less clams in it, we both laughed and I had a clam dinner that night. I met a friend there at the motel and I later learned she worked at the local grocery store, well today we still are friends and when I need the straight scope, that is no BS, I go and chat with her.

~ 192 ~

Well lets brighten up things a bit I started to reconnect with my family not to successful at first but, then my niece and I got connected. She came down to see me from the Cape Cod, Massachusetts to introduce me to her son. What a treat he was so smart. This was the start of a friendship that still flourishes today. My brother I help him fix something things on his house and we had a good time it felt good to reconnect with him. Since my niece lived on the cape I would go to visit her now and then, I remember the first time I went there, we went to the ocean and I rolled up my pants and I put my feet into that cold water. My feet needed to be it that cold ocean water, I miss it so much living in Michigan, so bad it was almost like steam was coming of them. I had been land locked in Michigan for several years fighting working and my case. I was home and for good never to leave again. Here is the beach my niece brought me to, lovely yes.

Cape Cod beach, Woods Hole

~ 193 ~

I was the only one that put my feet in the water that day they all claimed it was too cold for them. At the time I did not think that I was starting a tradition but I did. Every time I went down to the ocean and now matter how cold the water or what the weather was, I went to put my feet in the salt water, it was a thing my mother use to do. I guess I am carrying her tradition on, it is a lovely thing to do. One winter it was New Years Eve (that my birthday) I was down the cape visiting my family, my niece and I went to the beach, I did my tradition, to my surprise my niece decide to join me, so there we were a few minutes before the new year and we were in the ocean ice cold water and a cold stiff breeze blowing in our face, an experience that neither of us will ever forget, we still speak of it today. She thought wow I now know want uncle likes about putting his feet in the cold salt water. We then went to a local restaurant to have a warm drink and small bit to eat. Later we visited her mom to wish her a happy new year! Well the weekend was over and I was back at the motel and the usual routine. Since I spent a lot of time at the motel I got to the employees and one called my room and said come quick to the office the space shuttle and space lab is going to fly by. I ran down to the office and around 9 pm we saw it fly by wow did it go whipping by we compare the motion of a plane; it was three time as fast. The show only lasted 2 minutes and it was gone.

~ 194 ~

Another event was when housekeeping knocked on my door and asked me to come out in the rain and she pointed out all these bits and pieces of some paper money. I collected them all and carefully taper them together. We had all the pieces except of the upper right corner we could not find it. I brought it to the bank and they gave me a new twenty dollar bill. I gave the housekeeping lady 5 of the twenty dollars, everyone was happy. A scary situation did develop two people got to know me for whatever reason, I dont remember and they would visit me and they were drunk all the time and would drink even more. Sometimes I would get a called from the office warning me that the where coming and I would close my room and not answer the door, they would go away eventually. One night they got really out of control and I had to through them out of my room. I was thinking one day and I was running out of options everyone was saying no to me so I had the notion to contact the United Nations, human rights department. I called New York and they stated that the department that handles human right is Geneva, Switzerland oh great I have get up in the wee hours of the morning to contact these people. I failed a couple of times and just went back to bed on several occasions. I got through a couple of days later and I spoke with a official over there and told her my story and she replied go get a lawyer. I told I did but no success and she just

~ 195 ~

replied get another and said good bye, another dead end. I got antsy one day and the clerk said just go of a bike ride, I took a ride to the next town and found an antique shop, I was looking for a light for my house (one I designed on paper). There was a beautiful one there; it was from the medical building from Harvard University in Boston. They wanted 50,000 dollars for it and you had to hire the owners to install the chandler. That was my excitement for the day. Well I have been at the motel for over a year and half and my money was running out. I decide to go to Boston to the federal building and talk to the tax man. I withdrew money from my 401 k and never dealt with the taxes. Everyone in the motel said I was nuts if they can find you dont go look for them. I told what does it matter, I out of money and I got to move to the woods. I went and sat in front of the IRS preparer, he did all his calculation and then he asked me to read line 25, I was sweating. it said that they owed me $ 2500 dollars and then we did another year and again he ask to read line 25, like before I did, I joked with him and said now I owe $5000 dollars right no he said we owe you another $150 dollars. I got back to the motel and they were all happy I did not get locked up for not paying my taxes. Well I did not get the money for 4 to 5 weeks so I did had to leave the motel and move into the shelter.

~ 196 ~

Wow this was a shock to me I had to get up at 5 AM and be out by 6 AM and I could not come back until after 4 PM. They would bus everyone down to the center of town, but I had a bicycle so I rode it down. The first day I had to leave I found myself sitting on the steps of city hall wondering where I was going next, wait for the town to open.

As time went on there was a guy in the room I stayed who called his wife at 10 pm every night, well 5am came early so we had a problem every night as we all need to sleep. I reported him several times to no avail. Finally we got him to the bathroom where he could talk to his wife all night and not disturb anyone, everyone was happy again. One morning I was in the center of town and I had to go to the bathroom and we are not talking a leak behind a tree. Where was I going to go I thought and thought finally I went to the hospital they must be open and they were, just in

~ 197 ~

the nick of time, it was really sad at the companies were allowed to put me in this position. After I did the days errands and go something to eat I would hang out at a park and feed the ducks and catch up on some sleep I missed the night before. There was a hill so where I laid down no one could see me from the street. I would sleep right there at the base of the tree.

Park in Massachusetts

One morning it was time for me to leave and there was a guy that was sick and throwing up and I did not want to go by him because I knew he was going to hit me the moment I walked by. There was an official that was behind me edging me on and as soon as I go close he came from behind and startled me yelling out watch out, it was a false alarm the official was just teasing me. A shock I did not need at this time!

~ 198 ~

It was not all bad at the shelter the weekends we could sleep in and there always a movie to watch it you liked it. One day they said they were going to have a barbeque please come, ok I did. There was so much food I could not eat any more. I still was having problems with that guy who wanted to talk to his wife. He did not like me after what happened. I decide to go back to the motel, I just got my tax money so I left, I stayed there for about a month and again I ran out of money. I contact the director and she got me a room, wow a room all to myself. It was nice there I could to close my door and shut it all off. You might know people in those places people come and go like the weather and after a while a guy came in and he was always joking so we had a great time. I use to sit at the kitchen table in the afternoon and play solitaire by myself for hours glazing out the wind to see what was happening on the busy street below. I learned that the was a house manager and every week you had to go to a house meeting when you would discuss things about the house, making sure it was running smooth. We all had chores to do and would rotate each week to do a different chore keeping the house clean. In the summer they had a barbeque in the back yard and I just had gotten food stamps (image a mechanical engineer on food stamps thats what these companies have reduced me to). So I would grill quite often and that was always a treat for me.

~ 199 ~

I remember the day that my case worker bought me a pair of sneakers as my canvas top shoes were quite bad they had many holes in them and were barely staying together, that meant alot to me and I will never throw out those sneakers, my heart was touch that day and i was never the same again, years later I still think of those shoes and still have them. There I was going to the library every day to spreading my story thru the internet, the food pantries and soup kitchens and the doctors office to keep me healthy. I even went to other towns to use their libraries to get more internet time to spread my story. I had been out there for about 7 months and just came out of the hospital from toe surgery. I got a call from the director and she wanted to move to another house, ok but I said It would be differcult I just had toe surgery and I on the second floor, she said do worry we will help you. We loaded up the truck and there I was off to another house just like that, it was just right down the road a little so my life did not change much. It was away from the center of town so things were much quieter than where I lived before and the train whistle also was quieter too. One day somebody had nothing to do so he counted the number of trains that went through in a day; he said 170 trains with all of them blowing their whistle more than once. The new house had much less people living there so that was nice and it was a duplex so I only

~ 200 ~

had to deal with half of them, you must understand I was use to living alone, that all changed now. It was good for me I continued to go to the library every chance I got to spread my story through the internet. I had been at the new house for several months and things were going smoothly when I got a call from the director and she asked me if I wanted to be the house manager where I lived as they were going to ask the current one to step down, I would like to talk to the team before I take the position. So I went in to meet the team and it seemed that everyone was happy with my appointment. They move out the previous manager and I move down to his room. Currently I have a good bunch of guys and that makes my position a little easier, oh now and then the boys will be boys and the need to open the steam valve to let some out then, they all settle down and peace has settle in again. In peace times I am asked to do just about anything and you have to be quick to respond, as all 9 of them, I think say let the house manager handle it and so far I have. Here are some examples, last winter one of the boys had to go to the hospital, there were many feet of snow on the road at the time. I called the ambulance and they came, boy did they come a huge fire truck and the ambulance, well we got him in the ambulance but we had to get the fire truck out ,was which was blocked due to one of the neighbors having the van stuck in his driveway. I got the van un stuck which

~ 201 ~

got the fire truck moving and the ambulance could go to the hospital, lucky the ambulance did not have to leave right away, they were doing some medical stuff before they took off. Well all is good the guy is up and running again. Another time we smelled gas at one of the houses so I had call the gas company and wait for them to show up. Meanwhile I had to asked everyone to leave the house, and do not smoke, the gas man came and we checked all around and no leaks, peace arrived again in the house. Two kids in the backyard hang around a tree looking up; well their ball got stuck in the tree and yes I got it out for them and off they ran with a laugh in the voice. One of the boys got a serious flat on the bicycle and I have a pump so he required my services, we got it fixed and of he went as a happy camper ready to conquer his next task. So you can see I have to wear many hats and have to change them in a minute notice depending on the situation that is at hand. But the most rewarding to me is when they come back at the end of the day and they just want to talk with me about their day, yes sometimes I can help them and sometimes I just listen and that seems good enough.

~ 202 ~


Let us take a look at the different places that you could go and get a meal for free in the town of Framingham, Massachusetts. Salvation Army every night except Saturday, on Saturday night there is a church you go to except the third Saturday of each month, you go to different church. At this time there was a brunch every Saturday morning and this was all within the town I live in now. The Salvation Army feeds people every night that they are schedule to. I use to go the everyday to eat and I also would volunteer there helping wrap the plastic forks and spoons in a napkin and then set the tables. The food at times was good and at times it was food to fill your stomach, my favorite dish was the sloppy joes that they would make one a month. You also could sign up for the food pantry and receive food every three months. The church that fed you on Saturday night made a good meal and they had a small food pantry where you could pick up some needed items. In the basement they had a selection of clothes and usually you could get something you needed. The church that fed you on the third Saturday of each month was a real treat everyone looked forward to that meal, and if any was left over they would package a meal for you to take home. The made baked chicken, meatloaf, and spaghetti to name a few dishes. They make this wonderful drink

~ 203 ~

that everyone loves and it is all gone before the meal is served. I dont know what they put in it but I caught them pour ginger ale in it once, I think it is a mixture of kool-aid and ginger ale, I dont know what else is in it. The soup kitchen on Saturday morning closed they was no more money to keep it open and we all miss it dearly. A lovely women and her husband ran it. They made meals that were grand and she was so nice she would listen to any problem that you had, I guess she understood what it is like to be in the homeless position. I use to tell her about my internet campaign and how many people were looking at it, she always gave a positive response. The meals, to mention some of them, meatloaf, roast pork, ham and spaghetti they were all good and you could have seconds and/or take a meal home, also they would give you a bag lunch and we use to trade the contents with each other if we did like what we got. I use to help set up the tables and after the meal take them down, she always gave me an extra bag lunch.

~ 204 ~

I was in the hospital due to some meds a doctor gave for cholesterol it gave me chest pains on two occasions, I stayed overnight and a lady came in the next day to give a prayer. I had heard that there was a food pantry at her church, she told me all about it, when I got well, I went and they all knew who I was, they even knew my name. That pantry has help through some really tough times in respect to what I ate. I will never forget them no matter where I go, no matter what I do. They use to give us whole chickens so when Sunday rolled around I use to bake it in the oven and it would last for a few days and give me a break from the soup kitchens. You can go to this one once a week. That is another pantry in Framingham that you can go to once a month and they do a good job of helping you out. They are very nice and want to make you feel welcome. They give out the same time of food also, you can go to this one a month There were other pantries in the area that you can go to, in the neighboring town of Sudbury you could go to theirs once a month and get quite a lot. The only drawback with that one is that it to a long time so you had pretty much give up you afternoon and it was quite far away so you could not go on your bicycle. You needed to schedule a rig with someone, I believe you could go the once a month.

~ 205 ~

In the town of Natick there is a food pantry that you can go once every 3 months, they give you quite a lot of food. They also have a selection of clothes and if they have something you like and it fits it is yours. They give out mostly the same thing cans of food, pasta, and usually a meat, eggs, or cheese, something of that sort. I sure they are more food pantries around but that is all I know of and if you to all them all you get quite a buildup of canned food, but that ok because we load it in a shopping cart and take it down to the salvation army and at dinner time we donated to all the people that get to the food pantries and believe me they need it. During the holidays the food pantries really go overboard and the just give and give, turkeys and all the fixings to go with it. I eat turkey for at least 2 weeks, stuffed just like the bird. In the town of Framingham there is a club that makes a turkey dinner for whoever wants to attend and it quite a feed. The only questions they ask it do you want whatever they are dishing out, seconds they insist! I like to go to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, which makes me feel good. At Christmas time there is a Christmas party that we go to where there is a meal and usually a gift and an opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

~ 206 ~

Do you all know how embarrassing it is to buy food at the store and whip out your little blue card to pay for it. Everyone knows what the card stands for but they do not know your story why you need the card and if I may say it gives me 148 dollar per month. On the other hand I am quite thankful for such a program and I thank my sister all the tie for paying her taxes, you see she is an accountant and she is always concern about money, so it kind of a jokeso far she says you welcome and she was glad it is helping someone she knows as opposed to a perfect stranger.

I was trying to obtain social security benefits for disability with my problem wrist, toe and knee I got it but I needed to axis my pension I was entitled to from another company. Yes because of this blacklisting I was force to take my pension 10 years early so I only got half of what it would have been it I applied for it when I was 65. Know I have a little money to buy a pizza or go to a movie if I want. They strike again.

~ 207 ~

Lets talk about my personal transportation for 14 years I have rode a bicycle through thick and thin. I ride through the winter, spring, summer, and fall. At times I have enjoyed it and at times it has made me quite bitter. One night in Michigan I had a serious amount of ingestion and the only thing that helps is some ginger ale. It was 2 oclock in the morning and I need to get some so I to got on the bike in the middle of the winter and rode down to the all night store. You try riding with a stomach ache in the middle of the night to get some ginger ale to relive you ingestion, not fun at all. When I go food shopping I take my bike and carry the bags on the handle bars. If I want to do something and I cant on my bike then I dont do it. When I go to the library I use my bike, when I go to the food panties I use my bike. In the last 2 years I have had it stolen twice, how low can people around here be so low, but the word around town is that we rank pretty high on the list when it comes to bike stealing. Now went I go for a ride on Sunday morning I do about forty miles into Concord at the old north bridge. It is cold in the winter but I still enjoy it. Only once I had problem it was too much for me. I had to stop at the hospital, dont worry I just visited the waiting room they had a huge heater and I was warmed quickly. I continued and the next stop was

~ 208 ~

at a grocery store where I could walk around to warm up, I stopped at several of these, I made it back alright with no problems, me or the bicycle it was 4 below zero. It saddens me that I have been reduced to only the use of a bicycle for my personal transportation.

~ 209 ~

Being trained as an engineer I am use to give a conclusion at the end of the document as I will in this case. Here is my life presently after sleeping a few hours a night , I awake in the wee hours of the morning and lay there wondering how it is all going to end, and where will I be. 7am rolls around and I now online collecting the number of people that have seen my story on the internet the night before so, I can email the companies on Sunday on the increased amount of viewers. Then I switch over to word to continue writing this document in hopes it will get published and put more pressure on these companies. I stop at noon and fix whatever my food stamps or food pantries have given me then it is back to writing. Around 3 pm I take a break watch a few TV shows and then it back to writing until 6 pm where I fix something more to eat and then I quit for the day or if I feel good I will write some more. When I meet some new and I often do and I tell them my story the moment I say homeless then the look down on me as if it is my fault. The look at me as to say what did you do to put yourself in this position and you just want to start screaming at them as you did nothing, yes nothing at all, rarely does anyone understand. They just think that you are some kind of bum and you should go try to find a job.

~ 210 ~

Sometimes I rum across an individual that really does understand as I did when I went picking apples with my friend the other day and I was talking to the clerk there about what they had done to me and was she understood. She took all my info down and looked my videos that night. She told me about a phone company sent her a bill for 6.09 dollars. She refused to pay it and her whole family was all nervous finally her sister sent a check it to get rid of the bill and they sent her the money back. So we both agreed to never ever-ever give up. I thanked her, she smile and said goodbye. Let us talk about what I have lost because of this blacklisting. The most important thing I have lost is a family of my own. When you go meet a woman the second thing that they asked you is what you do for work. What do you think they say when you tell them that you are jobless/homeless for 14 years. I was in Detroit waiting for a bus and a woman who just happened to come along and wait for the same bus, we got to talking and I said I never see you again so you can tell me the truth. I told her if you met a man on a date and when you asked what he did for work and he told you he jobless/homeless, what would be you next response. She said she would have developed a severe headache and would have to leave, I responded just what I thought. The injustice started when I was 45 and now that I am 57 it is differcult to meet anyone to start a family with, this is a lost one they can not fix.

~ 211 ~

Other things I have lost due to this blacklisting, I use to ski both cross country and downhill, lost all my equipment and no way to get there. I use to golf, lost my clubs. I use to take pictures of the country side lost all my camera equipment. I took up painting lost all my brushes and paint. I use to gourmet cook, I had all the neat cooking equipment lost it. I use to have a antique corvette that I restored myself gone too. These companies destroyed my lively hood which is directly related to my life and if it was not for the program that I am in for chronically homeless people it would be safe to say that I would have perished by now, so a great big thanks to all of them involved. It is my intent to pressure and embarrass these companies to the point that they want to settle with me, so if you be so kind to look at my videos and increase my numbers, it will pressure and embarrass them to the point they want to settle with me and if I am so lucky some of you wont buy their product, that will piss them off big time. With 3,113,005 million viewers as of 12/12/11, they are losing a bunch of money already. If you just take 10 percent of my viewers you get 311,300 viewers. Multiply that by say 35,000 dollars per car,(some are cheaper and some are more expensive), you get________

~ 212 ~

10,895,517,500 dollars. I use to get over 30,000 viewers a night now I get a couple of hundred a night. They continue to hide behind their big corporate walls. Lets see if we can break down those big corporate walls and show them what this country is about, the people and do not let them forget it, after all did we not just bail them out of going bankrupt!!!! Look at my internet section for the addresses to my videos, or just search BLACKLISTED ENGINEER

Chrysler Compuware Combustion Component Associates Blacklisted Engineer


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Trained as a mechanical design engineer going nights to get his BSME against all odds, with no support from his family, he receives full degree in mechanical engineering only to get blacklisted by three companies and everyone he contacts to help refuses. Jobless and homeless for 14 years he continues to fight these corporations to regain his life. Read inside to learn what he has gone, is going through and that he will never give up!

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