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1- Talk about your experience with Primavera. 2- What do you need to prepare a time schedule.

3- How do you calculate the duration. 4- How many ways can Primavera determine the critical path. 5- What is the difference between UDF and activity code. 6- How many type of activity progress in Primavera. 7- How can you monitor the WBS and overall project % complete in Primavera. 8- How can you display the baseline planned progress in Primavera. 9- How can you copy the monthly resource usage from Primavera into Excel. 10- How can you use Primavera to keep track of your planning related documentation. 11- Do you use global change? give an example. 12- How can you make different bar colors in P6. 13- How do you use steps. 2- 1. What is total float? 2. What are the difference between free float and total float? 3. What is a constraint? 4. What are the difference between MS Project and Primavera? 5. How to load cost & resource in a program? 6. What is WBS? 7. What is a milestone? What are the types of milestone? 8. What are the difference between flag and milestone activity? 9. What is a critical activity? 10. What is resource allocation and leveling? 11. What is a Baseline Program? 12. What are BSWS, BSWP, and ACWP? 13. What are SV and CV? 14. What is a Budget and how do you compare budget against Actual cost? 15. What is an S Curve? 16. What is the difference between P3.1, P3E, and P5 etc. 17. What is an open end activity? 18. How often you update your program?