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Stub protection

1MRK 580 022-BEN
Page 1 Issued: January 2001 Status: New Data subject to change without notice

Features Application

Phase segregated current measurement

Activation from line disconnector position

The stub protection operates for faults in the parts of 1 1/2 and ring bus station configurations, which cannot be protected by the distance protection function if the line isolators The function operates as a three phase instantaneous overcurrent protection. The function is released when the line disconnector is open; a normally closed auxiliary contact of

are opened. The use of the function can be extended to various other purposes, when a three phase overcurrent protection can operate only under special external conditions. the line disconnector has to be connected to the STUB-RELEASE functional input by configuration. The operating level of the overcurrent protection is settable over a wide range.


Function block


Input and output signals

Table 1: Input signals for the STUB (STUB-) function block

Signal BLOCK RELEASE Description Block of stub protection Release of stub protection

Table 2: Output signals for the STUB (STUB-) function block

Signal TRIP Description Trip by stub protection

Technical data

Table 3: STUB - Stub protection

Function Operate current I> Setting range (20-300) % of I r Accuracy +/- 2.5 % of Ir at I Ir +/- 2.5 % of I at I > Ir

Stub protection

1MRK 580 022-BEN
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