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AMDG Our Lady of Victories Church Boys' Dormitory July 2, 2011- July 9 , 2011

Name Scottie Layola Rafael Duran Jolito Aring Nico Lanogon Rafael Faustino* Theodore Viray* Joaquin Torres* Ralph Christian Alibangbang*

Assignment Washing the Dishes Cleaning the Used Plates Drying the Dishes Cleaning the Dining Table Setting the Table

Afternoon Chores Arranging Chairs in the High School Rooms Sweeping/Cleaning the Hallways

Sweeping the Walkways

Getting the Food and Water Jan Carlos Lagco* Jade Sangao Nathan Dela Cruz Mark Daison Ernest Airo Estrella* Tatsumi Ono Scottie Layola *Until he goes home Arranging the chairs and tables in the Dining Hall

Collecting the trash from the school

Cleaning the High School Rooms Cleaning the Toilets

Cleaning the Bedroom