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Trim Calculations

TPI tons per inch immersion is used to calculate parallel Sinkage or rise. Tipping center or Longitudinal Center of Flotation can be described as a hinge or pivot point about which the vessel moves longitudinally. Similar to the fulcrum position of a lever.

Stability & Trim


Deadweight Scale pg 131 used to determine MT1 & TPI MT1 moment to change trim one inch FWA Fresh water allowance; difference between Summer and Fresh marks amidships Burn off; Fuel and water consumed in transit. This will alter and trim.

Change of Draft on One End Only

You can change a vessels draft on one end only if the parallel Sinkage is equal to the change in trim. The special formula is as follows; d = 2 * MT1 TPI

Load Problem

A vessel is floating at a draft of 20 forward and 21 aft. It is to be loaded to have a departure draft of 20 forward and 23 aft. TPI is 55 and MT1 is 988. How many tons must be loaded and where to achieve this draft?

Example of change in draft on one end only.


trim=2=24 in trim = 12 12 * TPI (55) = 660 tons d = 2*MT1 d = 2* 988 TPI 55

Example of change in draft on one end only.  d = 2*MT1 or d = 2 * 988 TPI 55  d= 35.92727 feet