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External Morphology of Rabbit & Integumentary System)

1- Subplantigrade locomotion is characteristic of (A) Man (B) Rabbit (C) Frog (D) Both A & B

2- Giving warning signals to their herds on detecting an approaching animal by means of producing a sound by grinding incisor teeth is a feature of (A) Lepus (B) Rana (C) Oryctolagus (D) Both A & C

3- Hairs in Rabbits/mammals are derivatives of (A) Dermis (B) Mesodermis (C) Epidermis (D) Endodermis

4- Sebaceous glands occur in rabbit in (A) Skin dermis (B) Skin epidermis (C) Gastric epithelium (D) Intestinal epithelium

5- What kind of epithelium the skin epidermis in mammals is (A) Glandular (B) Stratified squamous (C) Sensory (D) Simple squamous

6- Nails, hoofs, and horns are examples of (A) Bone (B) Cartilage (C) Connective tissue (D) Keratin derivatives

7- Coiled tubular glands are present in (A) villi (B) Skin epidermis (C) Skin dermis (D) Fundus of stomach

8- Mammary glands of Rabbit/mammals are modified (A) Sweat glands (B) Sebaceous glands (C) Endocrine glands (D) None of these

9- Cells of stratum corneum are (A) Living, nucleated (B) Non-living,nucleated,without keratin (C) Living without nuclei

(D) Non-living flattened,keratinized,without nuclei 10- Vibrissae of rabbits are (A) Long tactile hairs upon upper lip (D) Skin webs between toes 11- Dense fur in temperate animals protects these from (A) Snow (B) Air (C) Cold (D) Enemies (B) Papillae upon skin (C) Vibration-detecting

12-Which group is of homoiothermal animals (A) Rat, Rabbit, Frog (B) Crocodile,alligator.turtle (C) Rat,Whale,Rabbit (D) Sea horse,salamander

13- The capacity of mammals to raise their hairs erect by muscles attached to hair follicles is primarily concerned with (A) Frightening enemies preservation of body heat (B) Faster evaporation of sweat for cooling (D) Greater perception of contact stimuli (C) Greater insulation for

14- Primary function of subcutaneous fat in mammals is to (A) Provide a reserve food depot (D) Provide contour of the body 15- Layer of actively dividing cells in skin of frog/mammal is termed as Stratum (A) Corneum (B) Granulosum (C) Malpighi (D) Spongiosum (B) Provide thermal insulation (C) Act as a cushion against shocks