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November 25, 2008

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Mekong Freshwater Stingray

By Brinkley Gray
freshwater sawfish, and fresh water sexually and gives birth to live
The Classification is- sharks. Also other freshwater stingray’s pups just like a shark.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Other interesting
Class: Chondrichthyes Locations on earth:
Order: Rajiformes Mekong and Chaopharya
Family: Dasyatidae It’s a fresh water stingray
Genus: Dasyatis It’s the worlds largest fish
Species: D. laosensis Habitat:
Fresh water river systems
Distinguishing characteristics Reasons for
of phyla, class, etc: endangerment:
it’s an animal, it’s lives in the water, it falls Position in the food chain: overfishing, dam construction,
under with sharks that why it’s in that class, it’s Adaptations: Wing like fins for and the controversial Upper
in that order because of it’s flatten body, it’s in
that family because only stingray fall under this, speed and the color of skin for Mekong Navigation Project.
and the genus because it’s freshwater, and camoflague
species because it’s body type and were it lives.
Close relatives:
According to National geographic Laws protecting species
Reproduction: The Mekong
the Mekong Freshwater Stingray is There are no laws protecting
Freshwater Stingray, reproduces
closely related to the Giant Catfish, the species at this time.