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Dodge City Community College Guided Studies Course Contract Spring 2012, Session 1

This agreement is entered into this 10 day of January, 2012 between Dodge City Community College (the College) and John Doe (the Instructor). 1. The Instructor agrees to the following 2012 Spring Semester assignment commencing on 01/10/12 and ceasing on 05/04/12.
Course Number BST BST CS Course Title Cr/Cont Hrs 3 3 3 Students 4 2 6 Certification 02/06/12 02/06/12 02/06/12 Total Pay 540.00 270.00 810.00

160 4901 Microsoft PowerPoint Outlook Cert 205 4901 103 4901 2902 Microsoft Access Cert Advanced Computer Apps

2. Payment will be $ 45.00 per credit hour taught, per student certified*.
Payment Disclosures: a) Payment for spring semester classes may be either in three (3) equal payments beginning no earlier than March or in one (1) payment at the regular May pay period.** i. Classes certifying prior to the 9th of the month or prior to the preceding business day if the 9th is on a weekend or holiday will be eligible for pay to begin in March, or in the month after certification, whichever is later.** ii. Payment of classes certifying on the 9th of the month or thereafter will be eligible for pay to begin in April, or the month after certification, whichever is later. ** A class is considered certified once the official certification roster has been received by the Records Office. You must submit signed certification rosters to the Records Office before payment can be made. Payment will be made by check or direct deposit in accordance with Board Policy 812 and 813. Payroll checks will be disbursed to employees on the 25th of each month. If the 25th falls on a holiday or weekend, checks will be disbursed on the business day immediately preceding. * Instructors teaching different course levels on the same day and time will be paid for the credit/contact hour value of one class only. **Different terms may apply for late start or short-term classes. ***See enclosed compensation chart.

b) c)

Please select a payment option:

Three Payments (March, April, May) Two Payments (April, May) (April, May (May) One Payment
Note: Failure to select a payment option results in a default selection of One Payment

3. The College may cancel this agreement in the event low enrollment makes the continuation of the class impractical. Determining to cancel a class due to low enrollment will be made in consultation between the Instructor and the Executive Vice President for College Affairs and Learning, or his designee. 4. This agreement may be terminated by either party upon 30 days written notice. In the event of such cancellation, the Instructor will be paid an amount proportionate to that part of the contract fulfilled. 5. The provision of the Board Policy Manual and all applicable laws and statutes of the State of Kansas are hereby made a part of this agreement. 6. This agreement is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Dodge City Community College and shall only take effect after approval by the Board. Said approval shall be noted in the official minutes of the Board. 7. This part-time contract is contingent upon receipt of official transcripts. Instructors Signature: Dean of Technology and Distance Education:



Payment to the Instructor under this agreement shall be ID #: 123456 Account #: 01-2345-6789