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Protection Relay & IED

Over Current & Earth Fault Protection Relay

Product Overview
The 'CGI 14N/C' Numerical Protection Relay is a fully digital relay based on microprocessor technology with analogue to digital conversion of the measured values and subsequent numerical processing. It uses specialized digital signal processor (DSP) as the computational hardware, along with associated software. The relay has feature of IDMT as well as instantaneous protection for both over current & earth elements with breaker failure protection (50BF). The relay can be field programmed as 3O/C + 1E/F or 2 O/C + 1E/F + 1SE/F or 1RE/F (optional). The front panel features a 6-button keypad & a 16x2 LCD display that provides an easy user interface. Salient Features 4 Breaker Failure detection. 4 Communication port: RS485 / RS232 (optional). 4 through local Key pad. Programming 4Definite Time or IDMT curves as per IEC standards. Selectable 4 current selectable 1A or 5A. Rated input 4 protection to guard against unauthorized access & Password editing of settings. 4of ten last fault records with time stamping. Recording 4 Parameterization & downloading of records through CG View software (optional). Protection Functions IEEE / ANSI Code 50 / 51 50N / 51N 50N (S) 87N 50BF IEC Symbol 3I>, 3I>> Io>, Io>> IEE>, IEE>> IREF> CBFP Function Name Over current protection Earth fault protection Sensitive earth fault protection Restricted earth fault protection Breaker failure protection Application 4 Primary circuit protection on distribution networks at any voltage level. 4 Backup/auxiliary protection for transformers, generators and motors.

Typical Wiring Diagram

Protection Relay & IED

Over Current & Earth Fault Protection

Technical Specification Rated Current (In) Auxiliary Power Supply Relay Settings Phase Fault I> (51) Phase Fault I>> (50) Earth Fault Io> (51N) Earth Fault Io>>( 50N) Current/Time Characteristics 5% to 200% , in steps of 1% 50% to 1600% , in steps of 1% 5% to 200% , in steps of 1% Trip relay(self or manual reset) 50% to 1600% , in steps of 1% a) Standard Inverse (SI) 3s @ 10 times b) Standard Inverse (SI) 1.3s @ 10 times c) Very Inverse (VI) 1.5s @ 10 times d) Extremely Inverse (EI) 0.8s @ 10 times e) Long Time Inverse(LTI) 13.33s @ 10 times f) Definite Time (DT) upto 99.9s Instantaneous Delay Pick up current Reset Current Reset Delay Breaker failure time 0 sec to 2 sec in steps of 0.05sec 110% of set current 90% of set current 0 to 2sec in steps of 0.5 sec 200ms to 1000ms insteps of 100ms Output contact rating Rated voltage Rated current Rated Breaking Capacity Over Load capacity 2000 VA 2 times rated current continuously 20 times rated current for 1 sec 250 V AC / 30 V DC 16A for Trip relay and 5A for other relays Annunciation-2 Relay for EF (self or manual reset) Breaker Fail Indication Relay (self or manual reset) Annunciation-1 Relay for PF (self or manual reset) Output Relay Contacts 1A or 5A(Programmable), 50Hz 18V to 52V DC or 75V to 250V DC Burden Indications Less than 0.2 VA/ phase at CT input Less than 6 W at Auxiliary Power supply 4 LED Indications for Power on, Alarm, Trip & Error 16x2 character LCD for parameter display and Setting 4 relay outputs (RL1, RL2, RL3, RL4)

Dimensions (mm)