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Medea Worksheet Due Tuesday, March 27th 50 points

Please answer the questions on a separate piece of paper. 1. Provide a brief summary of the life of the author Euripides based on the introductory essay or on a google search of his name. Be sure to put the information in your own words and cite the source that you consulted to retrieve the information. 2. List the main characters in the play and provide three words that describe their character traits.

3. Read the footnotes on pages 3& 4 and summarize the back story to this play. Explain how Medea helped Jason acquire the Golden Fleece.

4. Read Medeas soliloquy, beginning on page 11 with line 212-line 271. What does Medea rant about in this line? Summarize the main points of her discussion about marriage and power.

5. Read through pages 20-28. What happens in this scene? Go through this scene point-by-point, highlighting the points that both Jason and Medea make as they argue about their situation.

6. How does Medea kill the Kings Daughter? Be specific. Insert a quote from the text into your description. Hint: See page 55.

7. How does Medea get her revenge on Jason? Who reveals the tragic news to Jason. Hint: See page 56.

8. Pick one quote from the text and explicate it. Explain what it means and why it significant, connecting it to the main themes of the text.