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\ 4 \ 2012


Grade: 10 \ 5 + 6

Unit: 9

Step: Focus on

OBJECTIVES: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to: - Read an article bout The National Assembly Building. - Discuss topics related to the text. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS AND SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS: None LANGUAGE FOCUS None. NEW LANGUAGE: None.

MATERIAL: Ss book, Pgs.: 74-75. WARMING UP AND PROCEDURES: greeting students and wishing them a very good day. - Starting the lesson by asking the students to look at the pictures on page 74, then asking them general questions about the lesson : " Can anybody guess what is shown in the picture?" -Task. 1Students are to answer this question:" What is the purpose of the National Assembly Building?" - Task. 2 Students are to answer this question:" How does the building combine traditional and modern style?". - Task. 3 Students are to answer this question:" Who designed the National Assembly Building?". - Task.4 Students are asked to make a list of words form the text related to the theme of architecture". - Task. 5 Students are asked this question: "How old is the Kuwaiti Parliament?". - Task. 6 Students are to answer this question:" What is unusual about Kuwaiti parliament ?". Feedback question: " Do you like the design of the National Assembly Building? Why ? Why not?" EVALUATION: Objectives: ____________________________________________________________________ Students: ________________________________________________________________________