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Analysis of the poem the Red Hat

This poem is told from the viewpoint of the parents of the boy who begins to walk to school by himself. The poem is about the emotions and the feelings of the parents because they want their son to become more indipendent. During the poem we understand another important theme: the importance for his parents that their son leaves their protection and safety and try to defend himself. We also understand that his parents wont let him go alone until they feel sure that he is aware of the responsability but they will always worry anyway because their son can never be completely safe. In the first line we can immediately understand that the boy is not alone but semialone,like the author said, because his parents follow him from a distance. When he walks the Eastside of West End his parents follow him behind. In the middle of the poem the boy has to separate from his parents. Now the boy seems more determined to walk to his school without fear and anxiety,in particular,without the protective eyes of the parents. The rhyme scheme is AA BB CC DD and so on till the end of the poem. There are some examples of alliteration ( l.9 parallel,paths and part) The lines including enjambements and puntuactions marks are more prelevant in the first stanza while comas make up the second stanza