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National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society is a great opportunity

for me; something that I am really excited to have. I would
love to be involved in NJHS and share my ideas/listen to
others ideas about fundraisers and collecting donations,
etc. I love helping the needy and have participated in
countless things. For example, I made bears for those who
have to live in hospitals and helped throw a Christmas
party to give them their bears and play games, I have
cleaned up a junkyard full of trash, sang to elder people,
read to little kids, cleaned a baby orphanage and take care
of them for an afternoon, and I am currently finishing up a
bedspread I am planning to donate. I love to see people
happy when they see someone helping them, and I
absolutely love babies and children.

I love being in charge of things. Many teachers and

people have told me that I have great leadership skills and
that I use them well. I am the secretary of the student
council. I have been called the leader of some of my study
groups and captain/co captain of some lunch sports. I love
to be at the top of things, get them done on time, and do
them correctly.

I think that I am doing well in school and keeping up. I

have done pretty well in past grades. I currently have A’s
in Science, math and science, over 110% in Language arts
and over 92% in Social Studies. That is ok for me and I’m
trying to do better in many classes but I’m feeling great
with my Language arts grades. My GPA last semester was
a 6.8 I think. My lowest grade on a progress report in 6th
grade was one B+ and I had more than one A+.