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Bunso is a documentary film about minor imprisonment in the provincial sites in the Philippines. It is all about the living conditions of the minor children in jail. Their condition isnt really that good, besides it is far more than one person can imagine in the life of a prisoner. In the movie, the experiences of three different kids in the prison cell are highlighted. This film captured their lives inside and how they were able to survive in that kind of living conditions. Those three kids are Anthony, Bunso and Diosel. All of them are minors because they are only 13 and 11 years old respectively. As I watched the film, I was able to notice the differences of the three kids. Tony, as his nickname for his name Anthony, was a kid who has been entering the prison for many times because of stealing. He steals because of lack of money. He also cant live a happy life with his family because his father keeps on beating him up. I pity Tony because his father doesnt love him that much. I also pity Tonys mother because she looks so desperate on having Tony back but she is afraid that if he came back, his husband might kill him. Another kid who starred in the film is Tisoy or also known as Bunso. He is called Bunso because he is the youngest minor in the cell. He is addicted to glue or rugby and this addiction led him to steal also. He has his belief that if he had good parents, he shouldnt be placed in jail. In the film, I was attracted in the scene where Bunsos mother visited him and Bunso kept on arguing with her and he stays bad, shouted at his mother and acts as if he is on drugs. I felt bad about him because he is full of anger, specifically on his mother. The third kid is Diosel. I am amazed by his voice, because he knows how to sing, especially the Jubilee Song. I had goose bumps back then while watching and hearing his voice. I was touched, because he does it all because he just wants to feed his siblings. Their condition in the prison compound is unfavorably not fit for the three of them. The compound has no medicine. I would say its true because when Diosel felt that his stomach is aching, the clinic only said that a gas should be put on his stomach to relieve the pain. Isnt this condition a safe place for them? There are also no activities, only a television set which is merely not enough for all of the prisoners. Another situation that I got attracted to is that when it rains, that is the only time they can be able to take a bath. And even the minors got tattoos all over them. Plus, 150 and more prisoners sleep inside a very small cell, and the kids are alternately sleeping there too. They sleep crouching and with all the difficulties. I dont think that this situation in the Philippines must be tolerated. It can affect many lives. And at the sad part, in the end, it is possible that one or two might die, like what in the film happened.

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