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Jennifer S.

6 Chatham Drive Manalapan, NJ 07726-8721 Cell: (732) 547-2407 Home: (732) 431-4653 OBJECTIVE Seeking a teaching position for grades K-5. CERTIFICATION New Jersey State Standard Certificate # 795932 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Greater Brunswick Charter School, New Brunswick, NJ December 2011- Present Teacher Assistant- First Grade Dual Language Collaborating with lead teacher in creating and modifying lessons for both English Language Learners and Spanish Language Learners through the use of games, images, keywords, and enhanced vocabulary tools. Leading and participating in classroom activities in Spanish and English (songs, Math Investigations, English and Spanish phonics programs: Fundations and Santillana, and Writing Workshop). Speaking to students in the language of the week (English or Spanish) to guide and further language acquisition. Creating and implementing Fundations and Writing Workshop lessons during English language weeks. Participating and envisioning interventions, modifications, and strategies for students struggling with academics as well as behavior. Administering and analyzing DRA results and implementing reading strategies for struggling readers who are below grade level. Maintaining classroom records (attendance, homework, grades) Greater Brunswick Charter School, New Brunswick, NJ August 2010- December 2011 Maternity Leave Replacement Lead Teacher- Kindergarten (September 2011- Nov. 2011) Maternity Leave Replacement Lead Teacher- Kindergarten/First Grades (September 2010- June 2011) Facilitating small and whole group lessons in all academic areas. Collaborating with the assistant teacher and K-1 team Developing and writing curriculum for kindergarten language arts. Implementing and modeling classroom procedures while employing positive discipline strategies. Modifying and presenting small group literacy (Writing Workshop) and math (Investigations) lessons for kindergarten and first grade ESL students through the use of visuals, kinesthetics, and songs. Administering and analyzing DRA results and using information gathered to guide whole group instruction and Guided Reading instruction. Leading PEP (Personal Education Plan) conferences. Analyzing and writing student progress summaries. Organizing, maintaining, and tracking student grades and progress Creating, envisioning, and implementing lessons for Wednesday Afternoon Math tutoring sessions. Participating in the classification and IEP process for students. Differentiating math, reading, and writing lessons for gifted students. Greater Brunswick Charter School, New Brunswick, NJ August 2009- June 2010 Teachers Apprentice/Assistant- Kindergarten and First Grades Collaborating with the lead teacher and K-1 team and facilitating small group lessons. Implementing and modeling classroom procedures to guide classroom conduct while employing positive discipline strategies. Participating in and leading PEP (Personal Education Plan) conferences. Analyzing and assisting with the writing of student progress summaries. Jennifer Lin Page 1 of 2

Providing and assisting the lead teacher with additional support for students as needed. Organizing, maintaining, and tracking student attendance, homework, news, and contact information. Assuming lead teacher duties when the lead teacher is absent. Coordinating school Read Across America Program to include community readers. Assisting and co-organizing school fundraiser at Barnes and Noble Book where students read and performed.

CLINICAL PRACTICE Edward R. Johnstone Elementary School, Vineland, NJ Fall 2008 Fifth Grade Class Coordinating and designing an assembly for grades four and five intended to further student knowledge about the three branches of government, elections, and voting in which State Assemblyman Matthew Milam, discussed government and ways for students to become involved with politics. Developing and implementing a novel based language arts and social studies unit created to further student knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking skills using project based learning to enhance student-learning experience. Incorporating and encouraging technology in all lessons to expose at risk and impoverished students to a variety of modes for educational research with Webquests about the American Revolution and Early American Geography. Enhancing student-learning experiences in social studies, writing, math, and reading through the use of visual aides, the tvator, manipulatives, as well as music. Fostering student understanding of early American government through creating classroom simulations in which students engage in role-playing activities about King George III, triangle trade, Constitutional Conventions, and creating bills. Exploring, facilitating, and integrating the use of picture books into math, writing, and social studies lessons to present abstract concepts to students who have limited personal experiences to comprehend concepts. Collaborating and devising lessons and activities for basic skills students with the in class support teacher. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts, Education Specialization, Elementary Education Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies Specialization, American Studies Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ GPA 3.3, Deans List December 2008

RELATED PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE NCLB Extended Day Instructor- Third Grade October 2011- Present Greater Brunswick Charter School, New Brunswick, NJ Currently providing extra instruction in reading for seven third grade students three times a week for an hour each day after school who are reading below grade level and have math skills below grade level. In addition, reviewing and reinforcing classroom skills needed for the NJASK3 through practicing open ended extended answer questions. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Experience: Math Investigations, Everyday Math, Writing and Reading Workshop Programs, Fundations Phonics Program, Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), NJDOE program L.E.A.D.S. (Literacy is Essential to Adolescent Development and Success) program, English Language Learners, ACCESS and WIDA ELP Standards Language Skills: Working knowledge of Spanish (conversational) Computer Skills: Power School, Taskstream, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Inspiration, Easy Grade Pro, Learnia, Successmaker, Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OSX, Internet Research,

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