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THAILAND TV3 dan TV7 satelit THAICOM 2 (78.5 EAST)

.gif frekwensi : 3967 polarisasi : H simbol rate : 4551 frekwensi :3764 polarisasi : H simbol rate : 5900 MALAYSIA RTM CHINA CCTV VIETNAM VTV Country Albania
Free-to-air: Canal 7, Telefe Cable (pay): TyC Sports Satellite (pay): DirecTV[2]

Free-to-air: RTSH Cable/Satellite (pay): SuperSport Albania



TF1, France Tlvisions


Andorra Armenia Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bangladesh

H1 Free-to-air: SBS Free-to-air: ORF Free-to-air: Lider TV

Free-to-air: Free-to-air:

[3] [4] [1][5] [1]


[1] [1]

[ 1 ]


Free-to-air: VRT[1][6] Bosnia and BelarusFree-to-air: HerzegovinaFree-to-air: Bangladesh Television Free-to-air:



Unitel, Red Uno Satellite (pay): ESPN STAR Sports Brazil

7 ] [ 8 ]

BulgariaFree-to-air: Rede Globo, Rede Bandeirantes Cable/satellite (pay): SporTV, BandSports, ESPN Brasil Free-to-air: BNT


Globo 3D (8 matches) English:

Free-to-air: CBC Cable/satellite (pay):

Bold (nightly encores only)

CCTV ChileSpanish: Cable/satellite (pay): Telelatino Colombia China (People's Republic of China) [ Costa Rica
1 ]

Free-to-air: TVN (33 matches) Satellite (pay): DirecTV (all matches) Free-to-air: Caracol, RCN (40 matches Satellite (pay): DirecTV (all matches)


CroatiaFree-to-air: Teletica, Free-to-air: HRT Repretel [ Cyprus

1 ]


C z e c h R e p u b l i c
F r e e t o a i r :

[ 1 ] [

1 0 ]

DenmarkFree-to-air: CyBC
[ 1 ]

Free-to-air: DR (10 matches), TV2 (32 matches) Cable/Satellite (pay): Canal 9 (21 matches)


Ecuador El Salvador

E s t o n i a
F r e e t o a i r :

[ 1 ]

F r e e t o a i r :

G a m a , T C
S a t e l l i

t e ( p a y ) :

D i r e c T V
Free-to-air: YLE[1] France and overseas territoriesFree-to-air:

TF1 (27 matches), France Tlvisions (37 matches)

Satellite/cable/IPTV (pay):


Mai TV

Canal+ (37 matches, 8 exclusive)[1][14] FijiFree-to-air: TCS Georgia Finland Free-to-air: ERT Hong KongFree-to-air: ATV (4 matches), TVB (4 matches) Cable (pay): Cable TV Hong Kong (all matches) Germany Hungary Greece Iceland


GPB ARD (28 matches), ZDF (27 matches), RTL (9



Satellite (pay):


Sky Deutschland (all matches)


MTV Free-to-air: RV (46 matches)

Free-to-air: Cable (pay):


St 2 Sport (18 matches)

Indonesia I r a n
F r e e t o a i r :

I R I B IrelandFree-to-air: RCTI (46 Free-to-air: RT matches), Global TV (20

matches) India F Indian Subcontinent rList of countries [show]

e e t o a i r :

D o o r d a r s h a n
S a t e l l i t e ( p a y )

: E S P N S T A R S p o r t s [ Israel

F r e e t o a i r :

v a r i e s b y c o u n t r y
S a t e l l i t e ( p a y ) :

E S P N S T A R S p o r

t s H e b r e w : F r e e t o a i r : C h a n n e l 1 ItalyArabic: Free-to-air: Channel 33 Japan K o s o v o

F r e e t o a i r :

Free-to-air: RAI (one match per day) Satellite (pay): SKY Italia (all matches)


[ 1 ]

LatviaFree-to-air: NHK (22 matches), NTV (5 matches), Fuji TV (5 matches), TBS (5 matches), TV Asahi (4 Free-to-air: LTV matches), TV Tokyo (3 matches) Satellite (pay): SKY PerfecTV! (all matches) Liechtenstein Free-to-air: SRG SSR ide suisse (SF) [1] Free-to-air: RTL MacauFree-to-air: TDM Free-to-air: LRT (46 matches), LNK (18 matches) Lithuania Free-to-air: RTM, TV3 Satellite (pay): Astro (all Free-to-air: MRTV matches) Macedonia Luxembourg [ Malta
1 ]


M a l a y s i a MexicoFree-to-air: PBS (46 matches) Free-to-air: TV Azteca, Televisa Satellite (pay): Melita Sports Satellite (pay): Sky Latin America (all matches) Middle East and North Africa Satellite (pay): Al Jazeera Sports[note 1] List of countries [show] [ Mongolia
1 ]


M o l d o v a
F r e e t o a i r :

[ 1 ]

MonacoFree-to-air: C1 Montenegro [ The Netherlands

1 9 ] [ 1 ]

TMC Free-to-air: RTCG


[1] [1]


F r e e t o a i r :

N O S Televicentro[1] New ZealandFree-to-air: NTV Satellite (pay): ESPN STAR Sports

Free-to-air: Free-to-air: TVNZ (22 matches) Satellite (pay): Sky (all matches)


Norway Nicaragua
[ 1 ]

Free-to-air: TV2 (32 matches) Satellite (pay): Viasat (32 matches; rights purchased


[22] [23]

NRK) SNT Panama

Free-to-air: RPC, TVMax (40 matches total) Cable (pay): Cableonda Sports (24 matches)


P h i l i p p i n e s
F r e e -

t o a i r :

A B S C B N , S t u d i o 2 3
C a b l e ( p a y ) :

B a l l s P o l a n d
F r e e t o a i r :

V P P o r t u g a l
F r e e t o a i r :

R T P ( 2 8 m a t c h e s ) , S I C ( 1 8 m a t c h e s )
C a

b l e / s a t e l l i t e / I P T V ( p a y ) :

S p o r t T V ( a l l m a t c h e s ; 1 8 a r e e x c l u s i

v e )
[ 2 4 ] [ 2 5 ]

R e p u b l i c o f C h i n a
C a b l e ( p a y ) :

E r a T e l e v i s i o n P a r a

g u a y RomaniaFree-to-air: ATV Satellite (pay): DirecTV (all matches)


Free-to-air: Free-to-air:

TVR Channel One (26 matches), VGTRK (38


RAI Russia

matches) RTS Free-to-air: MediaCorp (4 matches) Cable (pay): StarHub TV (all matches) IPTV (pay): mio TV (all matches) Free-to-air: STV Free-to-air: RTV Slovenija
Free-to-air: Free-to-air: SBS Cable/satellite (pay):

Serbia San Marino Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South KoreaFree-to-air: SABC Satellite (pay): Supersport Free-to-air: see list of countries Satellite (pay): Supersport[1] [29] SwedenFree-to-air: SVT (32 matches), TV4 (32 matches)[30] SwitzerlandFree-to-air: SRG SSR ide suisse[1] Spain ThailandSub-Saharan


[1] [1]

SBS Sports Channel


Free-to-air: Telecinco (8 matches), Cuatro (16 matches) Satellite (pay): Canal+ (all matches)


Canal+ 3D (10 matches)

List of countries [show] Turkey Ukraine

Free-to-air: TV3, TV7 Satellite (pay): TrueVisions

TRT Free-to-air: UT1, ICTV

Free-to-air: Free-to-air:


United Kingdom
( England, Scotland , N. Ireland, Wales)

BBC ITV ( (southern) ITV1, (northern and central) STV, UTV) British Eurosport, ESPN UK (highlights)

Cable/satellite (pay):

Free-to-air: ABC (10 matches) Cable/satellite (pay): ESPN (54 matches)

Vietnam [ Vatican City

1 ]

ESPN 3D (25 matches) Portuguese: Cable/satellite (pay): ESPN (40 matches) Free-to-air: VTV


VenezuelaFree-to-air: RAI

Free-to-air: Meridiano, Venevisin Satellite (pay): DirecTV (all matches)