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Characteristics of plain single jersey knitted 5.

Two thread fleece

6. Three thread fleece
1. Appearance o face and back are
7. French terry etc
Characteristics of 1x1 rib knitted fabrics:

1. The appearance of face and back

are identical

2. Fabric length wise and widthwise

2. Wales are clearly visible on the face side extensibility is approximately twice
of the fabric that of single jersey

3. Extensibility in widthwise is approximately 3. Fabric does not curl at edges

twice than lengthwise. 4. Fabric thickness is approximately
4. Curl or roll of fabrics occurs at the twice than single jersey
edges. 5. There are two series of knitted loops
5. Unraveling of fabric course by course arranged into two parallel lines in a
from either side is possible course.

6. Thickness of fabric is approximately 6. Combination of wales of face loops

twice the diameter of yarn used. and back loops are present on the
both side of the fabric.
7. There is only one series of knitted loop
per courses in the fabric. Derivatives of rib:

1. 2×2 rib

Derivatives of single jersey: 2. Half cardigan or Royal rib

1. Single lacoste 3. Full cardigan or Polka rib

2. Double lacoste 4. Swiss double pique

3. Single pique 5. French double pique

4. Polo pique/Double pique 6. 5×1 Derby rib

Characteristics of 1x1 interlock knitted fabrics: Characteristics of 1x1 purl fabrics: Purl fabrics
are also referred as link-link fabrics.
1. Interlock has the technical face of
plain on both sides. So the
appearance of face and back are

2. The wales of each side are exactly

opposite to each other and are
locked together.

3. Widthwise and lengthwise

elongations are approximately the
same as single jersey.

4. The fabric does not curl at the


5. The fabric can be unraveled from

1. Purl is reversible structure i.e. its

appearance on both sides is same.

2. Extension in all directions is more

3. The fabric does not curl at the edges.

4. The fabric will run in the wale direction

starting from either end.

5. Unraveling of fabric course by course

the end knitted last. from either side is possible.

6. Two yarns must be removed to Derivatives of Purl structure:

unravel a complete repeat of
1. 2×2 purl
knitted courses.
2. 4×2 purl
7. Fabric thickness is approximately
twice than that of single jersey. 3. Seed stitch
Derivatives of interlock structure: 4. Basket purl
1. Single pique or cross tuck

2. Jersey cord

3. Eight lock

4. Texi pique