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Grade 3 1.

Living Things and Their Life Processes Know life processes common to humans and animals include nutrition (water and food), movement, growth and reproduction (Old CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY LO) Life processes common to plants include growth, nutrition and reproduction Describe differences between living and non-living things using knowledge of life processes 2. Sorting Living Things Sort living things into groups, using simple features and describe rationale for groupings (Grade 4 LO) Know that some animals have bony skeletons inside their bodies 3. Fit for Life Explore and research exercise and the adequate, varied diet needed to keep healthy Know that some foods can be damaging to health, e.g. very sweet and fatty foods 4. 5. 6. IntroducingRoots, Leaves, Stems and Flowers! Know that plants have roots, leaves, stems and flowers (Grade 5, New LO) Know that plants need energy from light for growth Explain observations that plants need water and light to grow Know that water is taken through the roots and transported through the stem Know that plants need healthy roots, leaves and stems to grow well Know that plant growth is affected by temperature Materials All Around Us Know that every material has specific properties, e.g. hard, soft, shiny Sort materials according to their properties Discuss why materials are chosen for specific purposes on the basis of their properties Pushes and Pulls Know that pushes and pulls are examples of forces and that they can be measured with forcemeters Explore how forces can make objects start or stop moving Explore how forces can change shape of objects Identify the direction in which forces act

Measurement skills Time for seconds and minutes using stopwatch Forceusing a forcemeter Lengthusing rulers and measuring tapes, in cm, mm and metres Note: Introduce data-loggers where the context is appropriate? Skills in presenting results/evidence In drawings, bar charts, tables