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Botvinnik one hundred selected [=s>aako . obs af ir YY DOVER BOOKS ON CHESS AND CHECKERS The Book of the Nottingham International Chess Tournament, annotated by Alexander A. Alekhine. $1.85 An Introduction to Chess Moves and Tactics Simply Explained, Leonard Barden. $1.00 One Hundred Selected Games, Mikhail M. Botvinnik. $1.50 ~ Chessboard Magic! Irving Chernev. $1.00 The Russians Play Chess, Irving Chernev. $1.25 The Hastings Chess Tournament, edited by Horace F. Cheshire. $2.00 _ The Book of the New York International Chess Tournament, 1924, edited by Hermann Helms, annotated by Alexander A. Alekhine. $1.85 Win at Checkers, Millard F. Hopper. $1.00 The Enjoyment of Chess Problems, Kenneth S. Howard. $1.25 _ How to Solve Chess Problems, Kenneth S. Howard. $1.00 The American Two-Move Chess Problem, Kenneth S. Howard. $1.00 Keres’ Best Games of Chess: 1931-1948, edited by Fred Reinfeld. $1.35 The Soviet School of Chess, Alexander Kotov and Mikhail Yudovich. $2.00 The Adventure of Chess, Edward Lasker. $1.75 Chess Strategy, Edward Lasker. $1.50 Chess and Checkers, Edward Lasker. $1.15 Chess for Fun and Chess for Blood, Edward Lasker. $1.25 Go and Go-Moku, Edward Lasker. $1.50 Manual of Chess, Dr. Emanuel Lasker. $2.25 Marshall’s Best Games of Chess, Frank J. Marshall. $1.45 The Art of Chess, James Mason. $2.00 The Principles of Chess, James Mason. $1.85 Morphy’s Games of Chess, edited by Philip W. Sergeant. $1.85 Chess Praxis (The Praxis of My System), Aron Nimzovich. $2.25 Hypermodern Chess as Developed in the Games of Its Greatest Expo- nent, Aron Nimzovich, edited by Fred Reinfeld. $1.35 Learn Chess from the Masters, Fred Reinfeld. $1.00 Reinfeld on the End Game in Chess, Fred Reinfeld. $1.25 The Treasury of Chess Lore, Fred Reinfeld. $1.75 Win at Chess, Fred Reinfeld. $1.00 The Art of the Checkmate, Georges Renaud and Victor Kahn. $1.35 Reshevsky’s Best Games of Chess, Samuel Reshevsky. $1.25 (continued on back flap) ONE HUNDRED SELECTED GAMES M. M. BOTVINNIK ONE HUNDRED SELECTED GAMES TRANSLATED BY STEPHEN GARRY DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC. NEW YORK NEW YORK