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ROMN ENGLEZ to give the floor in substance initiate legal proceedings against to bring sth to smb attention to assign funds to bind the bidder pledge the patrimonial liability to refer to (sb, sth) to provide with sth to support, support to contest to even out to achieve the aimed scope of business to entail award an agreement to audit, audit, auditor to have the right of signature (with a bank) to experience (a problem) to hold an account (with a bank) to consist of XXX pages to approve take place under be subject to the obligation of to hold for only one person has been executed this day of. enter into an agreement to undertake Variation, departure from to be released from liability ( to bear liability) collateral to excise fierce such (party) payment on account to agree (mutually, expressly agree) (written, mutual) consent/agreement double taxation treaty provisional agreement community acquis amendment memorandum of incorporation ownership title legal deed

a acorda cuvntul n fond a aciona n justiie a aduce la cunotin a aloca (fonduri) a angja ofertantul a angaja rspunderea patrimonial a apela la a asigura ceva a asista, asisten a ataca (o decizie, o lege) a atenua a atinge obiectivul a atrage dup sine a atribui un contract a audita, audit, auditor a avea drept de semntur a avea o problem a avea un cont (la o banc) a avea XXX pagini a aviza a fi fcut n baza.. a fi obligat s a fi valabil doar pentru 1 persoan a fost semnat la data de a se angaja ntr-un contract a se angaja s abatere absolvit de (a fi) accesoriu la acciz acerb acest, aceasta, aceast (parte) acont acord (a fi de) acord (scris, mutual) acord de dubl impunere acord de principiu acquis comunitar act adiional act constitutiv act de proprietate act juridic

act legislativ act normativ active active mobile active necorporale active neperformante active tangibile fixe activitate de(ex. evaluare) activitatea companiei actual acionar aciune a unei autoriti a statului aciune culpabil aciune de tezaur aciune dematerializat aciune n garanie contra eviciunii aciune nominativ aciune ordinar aciuni nominative /nominale adaos comercial adaos comercial adaosuri adecvat adic administrator administrator asociat administrator judiciar administraie finaciar Administraia Patrimoniului protocolului de Stat adres oficial adunare extraordinar adunare general adunare ordinar aerofagie afaceri afaceri corporative afeciune aferent afiliat (despre o parte) agent de afnare agent de asigurare agent de expediie agent economic agreat ajutorul (cu) ajutorul (cu) al, ai, a (termeni de referin ai.)

Act regulation assets movable assets intangible assets bad assets tangible fixed assets evaluation the companys business current, existing shareholder state action faulty action treasury stock dematerialized share eviction claiming guarantee registered share common share registered shares mark up trade markup benefits appropriate, suitable with namely supervisor, director shareholder director receiver tax administration, revenue office Administration of State Protocol Property official notice extraordinary meeting general meeting annual meeting burping dealings corporate affairs disorder related (the period they relate to), due associated, related (party) aerating agent underwriter forwarding agent economic operator asserted by means of by means of regarding (reference terms regarding)

aliniat (al unei legi etc.) aliniat cu alte astfel de amnare de plat ambalare amend contravenional anafur analiz andocare transversal anex angajament angajament angajament de plat angajamente (contabilitate de ) antecontract anterior anterior sezonului de iarn antet antet anti-efracie antreprenor antreu apel nominal aplicabil aplicabilitate (aria de) aplicare imediat (cu) aplicaie arbitraj are urmtoarele responsabiliti arie articol vndut n pierdere asemntor cu asigurare de risc asigurare devize asigurarea calitii asigurator asisten asisten juridic asociat asociat coordonator asociat-administrator asociere n participaie aspect astfel nct a-i rezerva dreptul de a atenia tuturor celor interesai (n) atestare

paragraph compliant with (other) related issues deferred payment packing contravention fine consecrated bread sweep cross-docking annex, addendum, schedule covenant undertaking payment commitment accrual promissory agreement prior to, previous, previously prewinter heading letterhead anti-theft contractor vestibule nominal call that applies to scope with immediate effect application, operation arbitration shall have the following powers: shall, shall.. field loss leader comparable with cover ensuring currency quality guarantee insurer service, support legal counsel shareholder, stockholder Managing Partner shareholder director joint venture issue to the extent X may to be entitled to to whom it may concern certificate

atestate pe baza atitudine necorespunztoare autocistern combustibil automatizat autoriti de reglementare autorizare de funcionare autorizaie de construcie autoservire autospecial aviz de expediie avnd n vedere cele ce urmeaz avnd sediul central n avans avans aviz de nsoire marf avocatul poporului azi, xx septembrie 2005

sustained by misconduct road delivery petrol tank automated regulatory authorities operation license building permit self-service special utility vehicle consignment note whereas with registered office in first fortnight down payment goods accompanying notice ombudsman this day of

a bate cuie a bonifica o dobnd balan de verificare batere baza (pe) (de invitaie) bazat pe baz (de) baz de calcul beneficiar de licen beneficiarul plii beneficii bilet la banc bilet la ordin bilet la ordin birou birou de asisten bon de cas bon de consum bon de mas bon fiscal bonificaie brevetat broker brokeraj brut buletin bun imobiliar bun mobil to hammer nails to subsidize an interest trial balance deviation from by means of invitation focused on underlying (adj) assessment base licensee payee profits note promissory note promissory note study help desk cash voucher consumer voucher luncheon voucher, meal ticket fiscal slip rebate proprietary broker brokerage gross report real property movable asset

bun credin bunstare bunuri mobile i imobile

good faith welfare personal and real estate property

a casa a cdea n sarcina a ceda (a da) o licen centralizator a cere (a i se cere unei pri) a cere, cerere a cere, cerin a certifica a cesiona, cesionare a cita a compensa, compensare a compensa o datorie a comunica (informaii) a comunica un pct de vedere a conduce activitatea a conferi a confirma a confisca, confiscare a conforma (se) a considera, considerat a constata a consulta a contesta a contraveni a contribui total la a controla, control a convoca, convocare a corespunde criteriilor a crete, cretere a cunoate a cuprinde a fi capabil s ca ca urmare a cabinet avocat cadastral cadastru cadastru cadrul contractului (n) caiet de sarcini cale de atac to dispose of, to retire to be borne by to grant a license summary to be bound to to require, requirement to require, requirement to acknowledge to assign, assignment to summon to offset, offsetting to set off a debt to disclose (information) to release a standpoint to carry out an activity to grant to certify to seize, seizure of be committed to deem, deemed as to ascertain to request an opinion to contest infringe upon to fully pay up to review, review/ audit to convene, convening to meet the criteria of eligibility to enhance, enhancement to be familiar with to encompass to be able to in his capacity of (rep de X ca Manager), as further to law firm cadastral Real Estate Register, Cadastre, Land Book Office land register under the contract performance specification recourse

calitate de (n) calitate de (n) caltabo cambie canalizare cnd este cazul capiatal autorizat pt subscriere capital propriu capital pus n circulaie capital social capital subscris carne de oaie carte funciar casa de asigurare a sntii casa de pensii casare caset derulant casierie casnic cauiune de performan cauz cauz caz (dup) n cauz caz (dup) caz de culp caz fortuit, de for major cmar ceas ru cedare de cedent (cel care cedeaz) cenzor cercetare penal cerneal neradiabil certificat constatator certificat constatator certificat de reziden fiscal certificate de nregistrare cesionar (cel cruia i se cedeaz) cesionar, cedant cheltuial de amortizare cheltuieli de judecat cheltuieli neprevzute chic Cina cea de Tain circular circulaia bunurilor

in his capacity of in his capacity of black pudding bill of exchange drainage where appropriate authorized capital equity outstanding capital share capital, social property issued capital lamb land register/land book health insurance fund superannuation fund retirement, scrapping drop-down box cash desk housewife, home worker performance bond case, lawsuit, trial reason as the case may be in question as the case may be case of offence/fault act of God, force majeure case store room evil hour assignment assignor auditor criminal investigation indelible ink findings certificate report certificate, certified statement certificate of fiscal residence certificate of incorporation assignee assignee, transferee depreciation charges legal fees, court costs out of pocket expenses pudding Holy Supper, Last Supper circular letter trade, exchange

circulaia bunurilor circumstan agravant circumstanial clar clasament clauza de neconcuren clauz clauz penal (n dreptul civil) clauz compromisorie clauz limitatoare client deponent-pers fizic/juridic client persoan fizic/juridic coaj ras de lmie cod civil cod comercial cod de bare cod de conduit cod fiscal cod unic de nregistrare coeficient de lichiditate comision comisie de evaluare (la licitaie) comitet consultativ comitet de administrare a activelor i pasivelor Comitet de Direcie comitet de direcie comodant comodatar comoditi compensare compensare de creane competent competen complet comun (acord) comunicat (de pres) comunicat de pres comunicaii societare comunicaii societare concedent concept de baz concesionar concesor concluzii ale dosarului concuren neloaial condiie condiie suspensiv

exchange, trade of assets aggravation incidental definite, appropriately (disclosed, applied) rankings non-competition provision, term penalties clause arbitration clause limitation individual/corporate depositor customer corporate or retail customer zest of a lemon Code of Civil Law Commercial Code, Code of Mercantile Law sale bar code conduct code tax register sole registration code ratio of liquid assets (to current liabilities) commission payment valuation commission advisory committee assets & liabilities management board Management Board management board bailer bailee facilities setoff clearing qualified power, skill full, exhaustive (training program) mutual release (press release) press release Corporative Communication Corporative communication licensor, grantor underlying assumption licensee, grantee grantor, licensor conclusions passed in the docket unfair competition provision, term condition precedent

condiii suspensive impuse de conduit conex confecii confereniar universitar configurare configuraie, plan confirmat conflict de munc conform conformitate cu (n) conjunctur (de) consecvent Consilier Juridic Principal consilier juridic, jurist consiliere juridic consiliu de administraie consiliu director constat cauza n stare de judecat i acord cuvntul pe fond constituit ca SRL construcie de maini consultant comercial cont de decontare cont de profit i pierdere cont de virament contabilitate de angajamente container continuare (denumit n) continuarea activitii contra cost contract cadru contract de antrepriz contract de cesiune contract de concesiune contract de servicii contract de vnzare-cumprare contract individual de munc contract la cheie contractare de mprumuturi de refinanare contractor contrapartid contravaloare contribuie la capitalul social contribuie strin la capitalul social contribuii

conditions precedent required by conduct related to garments Senior University Lecturer set up layout acknowledged labor disturbance as per in accordance/compliance with fortuitous consistent Senior Legal Counsel legal advisor/counselor legal counsel board of directors management board declares the case pending and grants the floor in substance set up as a limited liability company machine engineering business consultant settlement account income statement transfer account accrual basis/accounting box hereinafter business continuity, going concern for good consideration master agreement, main contract contract agreement deed of conveyance concession agreement service agreement sale-purchase agreement individual employment agreement turnkey contract execution of refinancing loan facilities agreement assignor counter performance equivalent contribution to the share capital foreign contribution to the share capital payments

control operaional conturi de datorii convenie copie autentic copie autentificat copie legalizat copii n ngrijire corect corectitudine corecie local corespunztor corespunztor cost de ntreinere cota de participare cota de pia cotat (bine ,cel mai bine) cotat pe pia cot cot TVA cozonac crean crean (drept de) credibilitate credit credit grantat de credit n derulare credit neperformant credit pentru nevoi personale creditare cric cu acionariat strin cu att mai mult cu ct cu chitana cu personalitate juridic cu ridicata cu stim cu titlu de exemplu cu titlu oneros cu vedere spre interior culp grav cumulativ cunotin (a aduce la) cuprins cuprinztor curier Curtea de conturi

operative control accounts payable covenant true copy certified copy certified copy dependant children appropriate(ly) accuracy patch accordingly appropriate(ly) cost of upkeep, maintenance charge, utility services fees contribution share market share rated (well/best) publicly listed share VAT ratio pound cake receivable debenture reliability loan, credit loan secured by loan in progress bad/nonperforming loan consumer credit bank lending jack foreign capital owned all the more paid in accordance with receipt no. .. with legal capacity wholesale (wholesale commerce) sincerely yours as an example for good consideration inland view gross negligence concurrently to notify table of contents extensive messenger Court of Auditors

a da informaii a da n judecat a da un verdict, darea unui verdict a decide a declana, declanare a declara c a degreva a depi a depi (o perioad de criz) a depune o cerere a depune o garanie a depune o ofert a deriva a derula afaceri a derula o aciune a deschide un cont a desemna a desfura a desfura (se) a despgubi, despgubiri a detalia a detaa pe cineva de undeva n alt loc a deine, deinut, deintor a devaliza deviz a diminua a dispune (a hotr) a dispune de a dizolva (o afacere) a duce la dac nu e prevzut altfel n contract dac.... dare de informaii dare de seam data de (ncepnd cu) data intrrii n vigoare dat a semnrii unui contract dat calendaristic dat de referin a trimiterii date dator s (a fi) datorat efectiv sau pretins a se datora datorii datorii comerciale i similare to disclose/to provide information to prosecute to issue/ to pass; issuance of/passing of to resolve (the Court resolves) to initiate, initiation to represent that to deduct to exceed to override (a crisis) file/submit an application to deposit a guarantee/security to forward/submit an offer to arise from to do business with to perform (an action) to open an account with a bank to appoint to carry on/out to carry out, to be carried out to compensate/ to indemnify, compensations/indemnities to describe in detail, to set out in detail to relocate to hold, held, holder to clean out (cleaning out- devalizare) cost estimate to mitigate to decide to hold to wind up (a business) to entail unless the contract sets out otherwise should, in case disclosure/ provision of information financial report as of March 3rd , 2005 effective date execution date calendar day shipment date of reference information to be bound to actually or allegedly due liabilities trade and other payables

daune daune contractuale prestabilite daune interese daune stabilite prin sentin judectoreasc de altfel de drept de la data de de suprafa, suprateran decizie definitiv declarant declaraie de servicii declaraie fals declaraie notarial declaraii declaraii i garanii decont, decontat deducere din definitiv() deja menionat deja menionat denumire denumit n cele ce urmeaz departamentul de eviden a populaiei depire deponent deposedare depozit bancar depozit la termen depozit la termen depuneri, sedimente derulare derularea contractului derulat desfurarea (adunrii) despre (date/informaii despre) destinat cuiva detalii detectarea i remedierea defeciunilor deintor de licen developer / investitor n domeniul imobiliar devorator de cri dezminire dezvoltare diferit (nivel diferit) diminuare din (ce rezult din) din i din afara Romniei

damages liquidated damages liquidating damages court awarded damages as a matter of fact de jure as of March 3, 2005 aboveground final decision stating party statement of work misstatement affidavit representations representations and guarantees reimbursement, reimbursed/settled/recovered deduction ofagainst final above mentioned said (the said two parties/committee) name hereinafter referred to as populations record department overrun depositor expropriation collateral deposit term deposit term deposit sludge delivery progress (contract progress) performed, carried out the proceedings of related (losses related data) intended for sb particular data troubleshooting licensor real estate development agent bookworm disclaimer improvement, progress separate (each separate level) decrease arising from in Romania and abroad

director (adj) director de banc director de conformare director executive Director General Internaional direcie general discordant discrepan disponibil numerar la banc/n cas disponibiliti dispozitiv dispoziie dispoziii diverse diurn divizare doar dup acordul dobnd activ dobnd de baz dobnd pasiv document document, nscris documentat documentaie documentaie justificativ domeniu de activitate domeniu de activitate principal dosar (de judectorie) dotare dovad de (a face) dovad de anterioritate doveditoare (documente) dozator drept comunitar drept de a ... drept de autor drept de preemiune drept de proprietate drept de vot drept la replic drept natural drept penal drept prioritar drepturi (n bani) drepturi datorate cuiva dup caz

management bank officer Compliance Officer CEO, chief executive officer, executive manager Chief International Officer main office inconsistent inconsistency cash at bank/ cash in hand liquidities device provision (to pass a provision-a adopta o disp.) miscellaneous separation/daily allowance split up exclusively under Xs approval earned interest basic asset due interest deed written instrument documented documentation support(ing) documentation scope of business main business field docket equipment to prove certificate on the availability of the companys name supporting (documents) dispenser community law right in royalty preemptive right ownership right voting right the right to reply in equity criminal law preference right considerations indemnities due to as the case may be, whichever is applicable, potentially

dup cum se descrie n dup cum urmeaz duplicitar durabil durata a ceva (pe) durata activitii durata contractului durat de funcionare

as set out by as follows duplicitous sustainable during the (whole) term the companys term term/duration of contract (agreement) term

a echilibra a echilibra, echilibrare a edita a efectua a elabora, elaborare (a unui raport) a elibera a elimina a emite a evalua, evaluare a exonera a ezita a ezita echipament frigorific economie n impas economisire efect de prghie efecte de comer eficient (adv.) efort element de actualizare element de modernizare emitent emitere energie electric estimativ ealonat eantion etap evacuare evaziune fiscal eventual eventuale (adj) evidena gestiunii deeurilor eviden evideniat to balance, balancing to balance, balancing to publish to perform, to carry out to draft, drafting of issue (issued byon) to remove to issue to assess/valuate, assessment/valuation, measurement to release from obligations hereunder to be reluctant to be reluctant freezers struggling economy savings lever action commercial papers actually endeavor update upgrades issuing entity delivery electric power indicative (indicative prices, costs) deferred, spread out (payment) sample leg. sewerage tax evasion potentially, if such may be the case potential records of waste management registration highlighted

evins evitarea oricror nenelegeri exceptare executare silit executorie executorie executoriu exerciiu comercial exerciiu financiar exigibil n 12 luni exonerare de rspundere experien expert n domeniu expirare a unui termen exploatare (capacitate de) expunere expunere de motive expunere de motive extensiv externalizare extrabalanier

evicted the avoidance of doubt exemption forced execution enforceable of execution (formul executorie-writ of e.) binding commercial practice financial year (liabilities) due to be settled within 12 months exclusion of liability expertise (in a field) (with a bank) subject matter expert expiry of a term operating (capability) exposure recital (whereas..) explanatory statement on a large scale, exhaustive outsourcing extra-balance

a face apel, a ataca o hotrre a face o ofert a face o verificare a face obiectul a face referatul cauzei a face un mprumut a fi condiionat de a fi format din a fi pe deplin opozabil a figura a finaliza un contract, finalizarea a funciona a furniza informaii, furnizare faciliti oferite factur faliment judiciar falsificare farmacist principal fa de fr acoperire fr prescripie medical fr tax (nvmnt) fezabilitate to bring/ledge an appeal to forward an offer to perform a review, to audit to be contemplated by to present the case raise a loan to be subject to to consist of binding ourselves fully appear to complete a contract, completion of to operate to disclose, to provide information (provision of info), to supply granted facilities invoice involuntary bankruptcy counterfeiting Senior Pharmacist in front of (3rd parties) unsecured over the counter tuition free feasibility

fiabilitate fideiusor fidejusiune fidel (prezentare) filial film cinematografic i video finalizare Financiar i Contabilitate finanator fi post fi de date a achiziiei fiu rtcitor fixat n nr. de zile flan foaie de parcurs foaie matricol folos personal folosin efectiv i netulburat fond comercial fond de comer, vad comercial fondul procesului Fondul Proprietii de Stat fondurile populaiei for tutelar ANAF form juridic form i fond francizat franco (fr taxe potale de transp.) funcie funcie de (n) funcie guvernamental funcionar principal funcionar public fundamentare furnitur furnizare

reliability fideiussor, surety guarantor security fair (presentation) subsidiary theater and video movie consummation Finance and Accounting financing entity job description procurement data sheet prodigal son set out as no. of days/ in months collar route sheet transcript personal gain effective and quiet use goodwill goodwill the merits of the case State Ownership Fund individual savings ANAF governing authority legal form form and substance franchisee carriage free role depending on government office senior official civil servant substantiation, justification supply delivery

a garanta pe cineva mpotriva a garanta, garanie a greva gaj garantare bancar garantarea creditelor bancare garanie de bun execuie garanie de participare la licitaie garanie pur to indemnify to secure, security establish encumbrances pledge bank security operation bank loan facilities performance bond tender bond clean guarantee

garanie real mobiliar garanie real mobiliar (Contract de garanie reala mobiliara fara deposedare asupra bunurilor viitoare) garanii reale generale gestionare grafic de pli grafic de ealonare a plilor gratis (cu titlu gratuit) gresie de trafic intens grevat de sarcini sau speze

real personal property pledge corporal personal security (Agreement on Security Interest in Real Property without Dispossession of Future Assets) corporal securities overall management payment schedule spread out payment schedule free of cost heavy duty tiles burdened by liens or encumbrances

a hotr heruvim hotrre hotrre a guvernului hotrre adoptat n scris hotrre guvernamental to agree cherub resolution resolution passed by the Senate resolution in writing government resolution

a i se atribui un administrator judiciar a implica (se) a include a include a iniia o aciune, iniiat a institui a instrui a integra rezerve a intenta proces a interpreta a intra n vigoare a intra ntr-un contract a intra sau a iei din a invoca, invocat (o problem) idem identificat cu buletin/paaport identificate ca reprezentate astfel de ieire de active ieire de lichiditi imparial implicaiile acestora importan impozit to have a receiver appointed to intervene in, to be involved in to comprise to include to institute, instituted to implement, to institute to train, to ensure training to incorporate reserves to take legal action against to construe to enter into effect to enter into a contract to flow to or from to raise, raised by ditto holder of ID/passport duly identified as such outflows output (of liquidities) fair the consequences thereof significance tax

impozit pe salariu la surs/anticipat incluznd fr limitare indemnizaii indicativ de alocare indicator financiari din activitile bncii indice indivizibil indirect informare (sesiune de) informatic de gestiune informaii informaii brevetate informaii suplimentare infraciune inginer ef insolvabil instana reine instituie de creditare instituie de nvmnt superior instituie sanitar instruciune directiv intact (sigiliu) integralitate integralitatea contractului integrant (parte) integrare inter-bancar interimar interliniere intern intimat intrare de active investiii financiare invitaie de depunere de oferte ipotec de gradul I irevocabil

withholding price including but not limited to allowances allocation key banks business financial activities indicator indivisible collateral briefing (session) administrative data processing data proprietary information more/further information offence superintendent insolvent the court notes that credit institution higher education institution medical facility guideline undamaged completeness entire agreement integral (part) accession inter-banking provisional, temporary writing between the lines in-house, domestic, home defendant inflows financial interests call for tender first rank mortgage binding (effect)

a mpri a mpiedica a mputernici, a desemna a nainta spre rezolvare a ncasa, ncasri a nclca (clauzele, condiiile) a ncrca (un imobil cu o ipotec etc) a ncepe a ncheia (se), ncheiere to divide to hold back, delay, impede, deter, prevent to appoint forward for settlement to collect to breach to encumber (a real estate) to commence to expire, expiration

a ncheia un contract a ncheia tranzacia a nfiina a nsoi a nstrina a-i nsui cunotine a nela a ntlni probleme a ntocmi a ntreprinde a ntrerupe (o utilizare) a ntrerupe tratamentul a nvesti pe X cu mpcare mprit mpreun sau separat n al doilea rnd n baza, n virtutea n cadrul (contractului) n cadrul (unei societi) n caz contrar n caz de nevoie n ce msur n ceea ce privete n conformitate cu n conformitate cu principiul comercial n condiii de pia n culp n cuprinsul n drept n funcie de n funcie de necesitate n nelesul prezentului articol n lurile de decizii n mod corespunztor n mod corespunztor n mod individual n mod solidar n natur n nume i pe cont propriu n numele i din partea n orice calitate n orice condiie n primul rnd n schimbul primirii n sensul

to enter/to conclude a contract, conclusion of to close the deal to set up (a company) accompany to alienate to assimilate to deceive, to take in, to be fooled to encounter problems to draw (drafted and drawn- redactat i ntocmit) to undertake to discontinue (a use) to discontinue treatment enable X to reconciliation divided jointly or severally in subsidiary by virtue of under (the contract) (position) with a company otherwise if such may be the case to what extent regarding, with respect to in accordance, in compliance with, according to (the evidence) at arms length principle at arms length in default for purposes of de jure based on on a time and material basis for the purpose of this clause during decision making processes accordingly in conformity severally jointly in kind on its own behalf and account in the name and on behalf of in any capacity whatsoever under any terms mainly in consideration of receipt of for the purpose of

n tot sau n parte n ultim instan n urma (semnrii unui contract) n vederea n vederea aducerii la ndeplinire nainte de nainte de a nalta Curte de Casaie i Justiie ncadrare ncasare anticipat nct s nu nc o dat nclcare cu intenie a obligaiilor contractuale nclcare esenial ncepnd cu data de ncetare din motive justificate ncetarea contractului ncheiat azi... ncheiere ncheiere (la judectorie) ndatoriri de serviciu nfiinarea unei companii nfiinat nfrumuseare nlesnire de plat nmatriculare nstrinare ntiinare ntmpinare ntemeiat (nentemeiat) ntrajutorare mutual ntreprindere mam ntreprinderi mici i mijlocii ntreprinztor

totally or partially eventually under (an agreement) with a view to in furtherance of prior to prior to High Court of cassation and Justice classification advance collection without + Ving once more willful default material breach as of termination for cause termination executed this day of execution conclusions working obligations set up of a company incorporated beauty related activity payment incentive incorporation disposal notice (without prior notice) statement of defense substantiated, unsubstantiated mutual assistance parent company small and medium sized enterprises self-started

jertf jurispruden oblation Case Law

a lichida a localiza a nu lua n considerare a lua act prin prezenta a lua la cunotin to liquidate to trace to disregard X hereto acknowledges that to be informed that, (ca formulacknowledged)

a lua o decizie a lua un credit la cerere la data i locul indicat la data (nfiinrii) lapte degresat lapte integral legal (dispoziie) legate de lege aplicabil lege fiscal Legea Cambiei legea datoriei publice lege de drept comun legea societilor legitim liber (zon) lichidare lichidare (n) lichidare judiciar sau voluntar licitaie restrns limitativ limit limit a contractului linie direct de apel lips de lipsit de orice sarcin litigare litigiu livrabile lixiviant localitate loc unde se ntmp ceva locatar locativ locator locaiune (drept de) locul de munc lucrrile dosarului lunar lungul (de-a)

to pass a decision contract a credit upon request on the day and venue set out by upon (its incorporation) date skin milk whole milk statutory related to essential laws Tax Law Legal Exchange Act Public Debt Act statutory law corporate law, Companies Act lawful free (zone) second fortnight, winding-up, clean-up under winding up compulsory or voluntary winding up limited/selective tender restrictive ceiling scope of contract hot line shortage free of any encumbrance dispute dispute deliverables lixivium town, locality venue lessee home lessor right of use working place evidences filed in the docket quarterly, monthly during

a fi marcat cu o adres (un plic) a manifesta a meniona to bear the address to show to contemplate (contemplated in), to state, to set out

a minimiza a modifica o lege, modificat, modificare a mulumi anticipat a muri a muta mai sus menionat maistru majorare majorat (dobnd) mandant mandatar manoper manual manutena marginea (pe) marj de dobnd marj de preferin intern marj de risc mrci distinctive msur de tragere la rspundere msur reparatorie msur reparatorie medic de familie medic generalist medicina muncii mediu menionare meniuni metoda punerii n eviden metod metod corect metode de obinere metodic metodologie mijloc fix minim minimalizare model modernizare moment n care momentul primirii (n) monitor oficial motivarea excepiei (n) motivate de motive motostivuitor moiune de cenzur

to mitigate to amend, amended, amendment to thank in advance to decease to relocate above mentioned master craftsman increase accrued (interest) principal attorney-in-fact, agent workmanship performed manually handling about, on regarding, concerning interest margin internal preference margin risk margin distinctive insignia liability action remedy remedy family practice physician general practitioner occupational health average specification please note equity method way fair practice methods intended for acquiring methods for teaching methodology on fixed asset insignificant mitigation, reduction manner revamping whereupon upon delivery Official Journal in the exception grounds grounded on grounds pilling machine vote of censure



a nota (evalua) a nu face natur (n) necesar (dac e) necesar astfel nct... necorespunztor neexecutoriu nelimitat (durata de activitate) nerecurare nerespectare nervurat nesemnificativ nivel al salariilor nivel mondial (la) nivelul valorii (la) nonalan norm notificare notificare drept de autor nr. de ordin nu ezitai s nu va depi nulitate nume de familie nume n clar numerar score fail to do in kind as the case may be required in order to undue (collected amounts) inoperative, unenforceable unlimited period of time appeal dismissal failure to comply finned, gilled immaterial wage level worldwide according to the value offhandedness regulation notice Copyright Notice running number feel free to shall be limited to nullity surname, family name print name cash

a obliga (se) a obine a ocupa o funcie a oferi (acordul, un mprumut) a oferi informaii a oferi instruire a onora o comand obicei tradiional obiect de activitate obiect principal de activitate obiectiv obiectiv (adj) obiectul ( a fi ) obiectul (a lipsi) obiectul contractului to undertake to acquire to hold a position to grant consent/a loan to disclose, to provide information ensure training fulfill an order local custom scope of business main scope of business goal, target fair to be subject to to lack the object scope of agreement

obiectul convenit al furnizrii obligat obligat obligatoriu obligaie obligaie fiscal obligaiune ocazionat de (plata) oferit ofertant ofert ofert clasat cel mai bine ofert de licitaie ofert de licitaie necorespunztoare ofert depus n comun ofert ferm ofert irevocabil ofert nchis om-zi onorabil operant operativitate operaiuni bancare persoane juridice oportunitate oprirea plii opozabil ordin ordin ordinea de prioriti ordonan guvernamental ordonator organigram organism oricare i toate orientativ oriunde altundeva

agreed scope of supply principal obligor bound to compulsory, binding, mandatory obligation tax liability bond borne provided, performed, rendered (services) tenderer, bidder tender best tender offer tender incompliant tender offer joint tender offer binding offer binding offer ticketing man-day reputable effective efficiency corporate banking suitability, timeliness suspension of payment binding order order (to issue an order), resolution order of precedence Government Ordinance on official authorizing payment, principal flowchart, organization chart body any and all indicative to any other place

a parcurge etaple a penaliza a percepe o dobnd a percepe penaliti a periclita a permite a permite (nu) a personaliza a ponta (de intrare/de ieire) to perform the steps to sanction (with fine) to levy an interest to levy penalties jeopardize to enable to approve, disaprove to customize to clock (in/out)

a porni o aciune n justiie a practica o dobnd a preciza a preda a pregti materiale a preleva (taxe) a preleva snge, a recolta snge a prelungi contractul a prelungi un termen limit a prevala a prezenta a prezentei a primi, primire a promova a pune bazele a pune cap la cap a pune n funciune a putea face ceva pachet de aciuni pachet de legi pachet majoritar de aciuni pact comisoriu pagin iniial pn la data de parc auto Parchet Parchetul General Paritar (comisie paritar) parte cu care contribuie un asociat parte social parte n culp participare (la o companie) participare la edin participaie participaie de x% in capitalul social participaia acionarilor participaie financiar particular (d. informaii) pasive pastram patrimoniu paual pe cap de locuitor pe parcursul pelet pentru

take legal action to apply an interest of to state to return draw up materials (drawn-up materials) to deduct to draw blood to renew the agreement to extend to govern to disclose (information) hereto to receive (receipt) to pass lay the basis to piece out sth to apply to be entitled to capital stock set of laws majority stake termination clause cover sheet prior to rolling stock, car fleet Prosecutors Office General Prosecutor's Office Joint (Joint commission) contribution share guilty party interest in the quorum venture quota of shareholders equity financial contribution proprietary info liabilities pastrami assets lump sum per capita during pellet intended for (info intended for management)

pentru a face ceva perioada de rambursare a unui credit perioad perioad de preaviz periodic persoan ce nu este pus sub interdicie persoan juridic/fizic persoane personal personalizat personalizat peste limit pierderi piftie plafon (limit) plan plan urbanistic planificat plasament plata n executare a unei scrisori de garanie plat plat n compensare poate constitui o baz de ncredere politic stabilit de firm politologie poli post de reglare post liceal potrivit (cuiva) potrivit (ne) practic prag de semnificaie prealabil preambul precizie precum i la orice dat de amnare sau repetare a acesteia pregtire prelucrare prenume prepus presetat preedinte al unei adunri pre fixat n condiii normale de concuren pre franco, de fabric pre declarat nainte de negocieri pre vizat

in order to loan repayment term term (to state a term) prior notice on a regular basis person non excluded by law judicial (legal)/ natural entity individuals personnel customized user defined above the limit losses meat jelly ceiling layout building plan expected public bonds investment payment by foreclosure of a L/G payment pass through payment may be relied upon stated corporate policy political science bill of exchange control station post college school according to appropriate, inappropriate actual (actual ways-modaliti practice) materiality prior preamble accuracy as well as at any deferment or repetition thereof training processing forename, birth name, given name employee default chairman arms length price ex works price arms length market price intended price

prevalena economicului asupra juridicului prevedere previzibil prezent Prim Vice Preedinte prim prim de emisiune prin intermediul prin sentina principiu de orientare principiu director prisma relevanei (prin) privat privind probleme procedur proces de de xpertizare procent de aciuni proces verbal de constatare i sancionare proces verbal de contravenie proces verbal de predare /primire proces verbal de recepie procesare de date procesual producie n curs de fabricaie proiect proiect de lege proiectant propria cheltuial (pe) proprietate comun, forat i perpetu proprietate/ cot indiviz prost nelese proveniena costurilor psihotrop punct punctaj punct de desfacere punct de lucru punct de vedere punere n funciune punere n funciune punere n ntrziere purtare (ca discipin)

priority of substance over form provision foreseeable current Senior VP premium share premium by means of by the sentence of guiding principle guiding principle the relevant nuggets (through) investor owned on issues plan, process, proceeding due diligence equity findings and sanctioning report contravention protocol Delivery-Acceptance Protocol certificate of acceptance data processing procedural work in process project, assignment bill designer at ones own expense joint, forced and continuous ownership joint area/undivided property (share) misleading origin of costs psychoactive item scoring points point of sale work unit standpoint commissioning commission default, delay conduct

a radia a se raporta la to strike off to relate to

a raporta, rapoarte despre a raporta (un profit) a realiza a realiza o activitate a rectifica a recupera a redacta, redactat referin (de) a reintra n posesie a rentregi (un cont, o sum) a remite a renuna (la un drept) a renuna la drepturi a repartiza a respecta (nu) a respecta (un plan, contract), respectare a retrage (se) a revizui, a fi revizuit a revoca a rezolva, rezolvare a rezulta din a ridica o revendicare drept rezultat (va avea) la rndul lor rachet de propulsare radiere randament raport cu (n) raportare raportare (managerial) raportarea raportat la prevederile rata rentabilitii, rata profitului rat rat de credit rmnere n vigoare rspundere, fr a fi tras la rspundere rspundere delictual reacie real realizarea contractului recategorizare recepie reconciliere

to report, reports on to carry forward a profit to deliver, to perform carry out an activity to amend to recover to draft, drafted milestone resume possession upon to replenish to send to waive, waiver (intentional relinquishment of a right) to waive liability rights to relocate failure to comply to comply, compliance to withdraw oneself to review, to be subject to a review to recall to settle, settlement to arise out of, from make a claim will result in at their turn booster rocket deregistration output regarding, in relation to, in respect of, with reference to, concerning, with regard to, based on which description of, details of, account of reporting reporting corroborate with return rate installment loan installment survival liability, without liability tort response actual performance of contract rebranding receipt settlement

recrutare rectificare recunoatere recunoscut recurs, cu recurs n Recurs n anulare redactare (vechea) redresare redresare /revenire a bncii reealonare refer la (care se) referin referitor la, privitor la regie autonom regim regim specific registratur registru de cas Registrul Comerului de pe lng... reglri facturi reglementare a schimbului valutar reglementat regulator reguli despre Rencadrare n munc rentregire remediere rentabilitate reorganizare reparaii capitale reprezentan responsabil cu/n/pentru responsabilitate responsabilitate (r. de conducere) restant restituire reedin reedin de jude retenie (drept de) reine (Curte reine) reinere de garanie reveni (datoria de a ...revine prii x) revendicare, plngere revendicare litigioas rezerv (de) rezerv minim obligatorie

recruitment corrective action acknowledgement proven second appeal, subject to 2nd appeal Action for cancellation wording (old) remedy recovery rescheduling related to reference regarding public corporation procedure, system, policy special arrangement Record Office cash book Trade Registry of invoice settlement exchange control regulated regulatory rules on reinstatement replenishment remedy profitability reconstruction, spin-off overhaul representative office in charge of, responsible with respect to, liable for (to be held accountable) power duty, power (management power) outstanding, overdue refund, return domicile administrative center lien sets out retention money To lie with (the duty tolies with party x) claim litigation claim back-up lagged reserve requirements

rezolvit (rezoluiune) rezultate din ridicata (comer cu) risc survenit rol rol (pe) rolul de a (a avea) rubric rut continu in interiorul rii

canceled under warehouse trade incurred risk function pending is intended for the field onward inland routing

a schimba aciuni a scoate la vnzare a se destinui a se prezenta n faa a semna a semna un contract a semnaliza a sesiza a stabili a stipula a stoca a subcontracta a subveniona a suporta (costuri, cheltuieli) a sustrage (se) de la a susine o ofert a susine o tez /lucrare s-a perceput onorariul de s-a taxat cu s-a taxat cu... salvamont salvamontist salvarea informaiilor sarcina probei sanciune sanciunea (sub) sarcin sarcini, comisioane, tarife sarmale scdere a valorilor scop de afaceri scopul (cu) scopul (n) scrisoare cu confirmare de primire scrisoare de bonitate scrisoare de garanie de bun execuie to convert shares to tender to open up to appear before sb. to execute to conclude an agreement to notify to notify to set out, to determine to set out to store to subcontract, to outsource to subsidize to bear costs, expenses to evade from sustain a demand defend a thesis/paper subject to the notary's fee of... subject to taxation subject to taxation of mountain rescue mountain rescuer storage of info burden of proof penalty under the penalty of lien levies stuffed cabbage leaves depletion of assets business purpose for the purpose of with respect to, to this end certified letter solvency letter performance bond

scrisoare de garanie de bun funcionare scrisoare de garanie de participare la licitaie scrisoare de garanie de plat scrisoare de garanie de restituire a avansului scrisoare de naintare, nsoire scrisoare de rapel scrisoare de trsur scrisoare recomandat scutire scutire se adeverete prin prezenta sechestru sechestru asigurtor secret (a fi) sediu principal sediu procedural, domiciliu ales sediu social segment de pia seminar semnatar sens (n acest) sentin sentin civil separare serafim seriozitate servicii specializate serviciu pentru utilizator serviciul de servitute sesizare Sfatul Popular sfinit sigl sigur sincop sistem de reamintire sistem informatic situaie de criz situaie financiar corespunztoare sociaetate de stat societate afiliat societate comercial societate comercial societate pe aciuni societate n comandit societate pe aciuni (SA)

maintenance bond tender/bid bond payment guarantee advance payment guarantee cover letter reminder letter bill of lading, way bill registered letter exemption exemption this is to certify seizure insurance seizure be subject to secrecy registered office address for service registered office, corporate seat market share workshop signatory in this respect judgment civil judgment unbundling seraph diligence professional services user service division encumbrance notice, notification, appraisal Local Council sanctified logo certain shortage reminder IT system crisis circumstances good standing state sector company affiliate trading company trading company corporation partnership limited by shares joint stock company

solicitant soluionare soluionare solvabilitate, bonitate spaiu comercial specific specificaii speze (chelt de asigurare) sporuri spre satisfacerea cererii sprijin stare de faliment sau lichidare (a fi n) stat (de) stat de drept stat de funcii stat membru statut staie de epurare stimulent bnesc stivuitorist structur structur organizatoric subdiviziune a spaiului subpunct subscris (capital) subscris (de. capital) subscrisa subsecvent subunitate sucursal sudare suficient Suficient de greu de atins (obiective) suficiente informaii sum suplimentar surplus de lichiditi ablon coal profesional edin public ef al

applicant organization chart settlement creditworthiness(of a bank), reliability (of a company) business space, commercial precinct individual (responsibilities) description insurance charges benefits in reply of endorsement to to be subject to a bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings government (government support, premium) rule of law staffing schedule, personal establishment member state articles of association treatment station inducement forklift truck operator organization organization chart sub-division sub-clause issued, subscribed paid, subscribed we consequential cellular accommodation branch welding sufficient personnel challenging enough reasonable info amount more details excess liquidity obligor vocational school public session head of

a transmite (prin motenire) a trece de o limit to transmit by means of to exceed

a epui pe termen lung pe total tain (a botezului, etc) talon de pensie tarif paual tast programabil tax de timbru taxe i impozite taxe vamale taxele privesc pe tehnologia informaiei temeiul (n) tendin termen de referin termene ter testamentar timbru fiscal timbru judiciar timbru sec timp (la) timp alocat tipic pentru tipologie titlu de crean titlu de credit titlu de proprietate titlu de stat titlu de valoare titlu gratuit (cu) titlu ipotecar titular paaport tob torpedou total sau parial (cesiune) trafic de influen transfer prin canal bancar transformare transmiterea comunicrii privind rezultatele aplicrii procedurii transmitere cu titlu universal transportat anterior transportor iniial trat trebuie s

to deceive non-current overall (resources) sacrament pension slip flat rate soft key stamp duty duties and taxes custom duties taxes shall be born by IT under, on the grounds of, in conformity with trend reference term time lines third party testamentary revenue/tax/fiscal stamp judicial/legal stamp embossed, impressed stamp timely (provision of info) time expenditure the common feature ofconsists of the fact that profile debenture debt security title deed state bond security free of charge mortgage title bearer thick sausage boot in whole or in part influence peddling interbanking transfer change service of the procedures outcome notice universal transmission precarried precarrier draft to be required to

triunghi reflectorizant tulburare de drept, de fapt ar candidat urur

emergency triangle de jure, factual encumbrance candidate country icicle

a urmri obiectivele stabilite ucenic ulterior uneori unic unison unitate de activitate urmare a (ca) urmrirea cuiva n justiie uor de neles utilizator economic uzan comercial uzufruct to pursuit the set out goals apprentice subsequently, further, hereinafter under certain circumstances sole unanimously business unit, working unit following the initiation of legal proceedings against readily understandable business user commercial usage beneficial ownership

a viola clauzele, violare a vira va avea urmtorul coninut valabilitate valoare actualizat valoare de rscumprare valoare nominal valori mobiliare valut forte vnzare-cumprare vnzri i alte operaiuni variante cu slash vat bazaltic vrsat vrsat (d. capital) vnzri clieni mari vechime vederea (n) venit real venit realizat venituri din activiti curente verificare versiune verso vicii ascunse to breach, breach, infringement to transfer shall read as follows validity term present value cash surrender value par value securities hard currency bargain and sale sales and other related items multiple options basaltic wadding fully paid, paid up paid up key accounts sales length of service in order to actual income accrued income revenue review release overleaf hidden defects

vidanj vigoare (n) virament virusologie vizat vizat de volum al depozitelor volum de mprumutare

sewer tanker applicable, current transfer virology certified seen by deposit amount loan limit

zeci de miliarde zer zi lucrtoare zile pline zilnic tens of billion whey business day net days day to day

Gerunziu examinnd, fcnd ---ON examining Lista clasificrii activitii n economia naional= the list on National economy activities classification (CAEN) Food products, liquors and tobacco= produse alimentare, buturi i igri S se implice n alte companii n calitate de acionar sau asociat = shall be entitled to aquire Equities as shareholder or stockholder in ... Ca firma s aib un capital social de = that the companys share capital shall amount to ROL.... Bunuri incluse n obiectul de activitate= goods contemplated by the scope of business Au o valoare total sumariznd = with an aggregated value of Participation to profits and losses = participare la profituri i pierderi Inclusiv a modificrilor i adugirilor ulterioare = as further amended and supplemented Fiecare aciune valoreaz un vot = each share shall grant to X one vote Prin admiterea de noi asociai = by means of approving new shareholders Fiind evaluat de experi sau ali..= X being subject to the experts assessment or to other assessments carried out by Au urmtoarele obligaii = shall have the following obligations Appoint = a numi Dismiss = a concedia Release = a elubera din funcie Prima convocare = first meeting A doua convocare = adjourned meeting Lead by exemple = conducei prin puterea exemplului Numai n acest fel (nu doar aa) Business transaction = relaii O parte din aciuni Have full force and effect=s fie n vigoare i s i produc efectele As reasonably required=cnd acest lucru se impune Business...=legate de activitate To my best knowledge and belief conform informaiilor pe care le dein i convingerilor mele Hereinafter jointly refered to as the parties and individually the Party

Busines..-referitoare la activitate NCA- altele neprevzute aici ROA-return of assets = venituri din active ROE-return of equity = venituri din aciuni POS-point of sale (punct de desfacere) MEC-Ministerul Economiei i Comerului MMGA-Ministerul Mediului i Gospodririi Apelor QMS- Quality Management System SLM-Service Level Managemnt= Management la Nivel de Serviciu SWIFT- Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication CSJ- curtea suprem de justiie DL (decret lege) - government decree MPD- multiproduct dispenser (pomp multi-produs) FMCG- fast moving consumer goods (bunuri de consum cu rulaj rapid) GCBP Global Compliance and Business Practices BRF-Business Rationale Form (Formular de logic de afaceri) CO- Compliance Officer SA- aciuni, acionari SRL- pri sociale, asociai AJOFM-Agenia Judeean de Ocupare a Forei de Munc L/G-letter of guarantee L/C-letter of credit PSI- prevenirea i stingerea incendiilor EBRD- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERD n romn) MTCT- Ministerul Transporturilor, Construciilor i Turismului IN WITNESS HEREOF- ca urmare a celor de mai sus - drept mrturie la cele de mai sus - n sensul celor mai sus menionate NOTWITHSTANDING- n pofida, n ciuda, cu toate c - fr s se aduc atingere, sub rezerva OUG- Ordonan de Urgen Guvernamental- Government Emergency Ordinance Ph. D Philosophiae Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy)- Doctor n litere LL. D Legum Doctor (Doctor of Law) PUZ Plan urbanistic zonal DGFP Direcia general a finanelor publice General Department/Administration of Public Finances CEO Chief Executive Officer Preedinte Executiv j/v joint venture PIB Produs intern brut = GDP- Gross domestic product OSIM- Oficiul pentru Insigne i Mrci SCPA Societate civil profesional de avocai- Profesional Civil Law Firm BERD Banca European pentru Reconstrucie i Dezvoltare BIRD - Banca Internaional pentru Reconstrucie i Dezvoltare AEGI arhiva electronic a garaniilor imobiliare AVAB agebia de valorificare a Activelor Bancare (Banking Assets Recovery Agency) DITL- Direcia de Impozite i taxe locale AGA Adunarea General a Asociailor

BNP biroul notarului public BCF biroul de carte funciar DDV-delivery duty unpaid= taxe vamale nepltite (rendu droits non acquittes) PA-purchase agreement GSM-General Shareholders Meeting PUD-plan urbanistic detaliat HACCP-hazard analysis critical control point CVPA-centre de vlorisation des produits alimentaires Chestionar privind... (nu despre) Opinie privind... Timp de reacie lent (nu mic) Furnizarea de informaii (nu oferirea) Unele exemple (nu cteva) n data de (nu pe)asigurarea calitii (nu garania) Reguli de procedur aplicabile +Dativ (nu ale) With registered office in... Registered with Bucharest Trade Register under no. Duly represented by Se convin urmtoarele Denumit n cele ce urmeaz (nu n continuare) Integral excluse (nu total) Tiprirea unui catalog (nu publicarea) Detalii prevzute la (nu de la) A achita (nu a plti) A solicita (nu a cere) Exemplar original al facturii (nu factur n original) Grafic de timp (nu orar) A percepe o tax (nu a taxa) Aproximativ (nu n jur de) Anterior nceperii (nu nainte de nceperea) A efectua o livrare (nu a face) Din cadrul Metro (nu de la Metro) Suggestions coming from (nu from) Pe care X tb s o respecte ---opozabil lui X Documente urmtoare --- documente subsecvente Tranzacii menionate n --- tranzacii care fac obiectul Timp de o lun --- termen de o lun ntiinare notificare Scrisoare trimis --- scrisoare adresat Prin aplicarea ambelor semnturi iniiaz rspunderea Responsabil n faa Din partea --- n numele Joint venture company --- asociaie (fr n participaie) Prezentul contract va--- n virtutea prezentului contract se va Clause i condiii --- Termini i condiii A suporta rspunderea --- a purta rspunderea Ct de repede --- ct de curnd S ajute --- s faciliteze

Poate duce la pierderi --- poate genera pierderi List de cantiti --- deviz Odat cu finalizarea --- la finalizarea A realiza obligaiile contractuale --- a ndeplini Current --- energie electric Deintor al paaportului --- posesor al paaportului A ridica obiecii n caz de nevoie --- n cazul n care va fi necesar Administrator (ro)---Director (eng) Administrator (eng) --- Administrator (ro) REGISTRY-REGISTER OFFICE Un credit n lei se ia n valut- a RON loan facilitz can be released in foreign currency n.r.-nota redactorului (editor's note) Contractul se va considera desfiinat de drept, fr punere n ntrziere i fr orice alt formalitate prealabil TASTE- SET=SETARE REPORT=RAPORTARE RETURN=REVENIRE COMMENTS=OBSERVAII SEARCH=CUTARE LINK=CONEXIUNE PREVIOUS=ANTERIOR DATA TAB=TABULATOR DE DATE