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A Project in Leadership and Management


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BSN IV-A Group 4

Names: Araneta, John Japhet Hyuk Keiju Bautista, Johannah Escabarte, Ilyn Ibonalo, Ma. Ianne Lisao, Ma. Fara Nina Paclauna, Bon Stalin Plarisan, Gaeliza Rabasto, Lexuz Heinz Santos, Vanessa Rio

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Mrs. Rosita M. Manlubnas Clinical instructor

VIISON To prepare students to become globally competitive nurses MISSION To provide world class education to students who are residents of Cebu City. AIM 1. Establish and maintain acceptable standards of nursing education through updated nursing curriculum and facilities 2. Conduct and participate to researches related to nursing 3. Strengthen linkages with other agencies. AIM OF THE PROGRAM To produce a fully functioning nurse who is able to perform the competencies under each of the key areas of responsibilities such as; safe and quality nursing care, management of resources and environment , health education, legal responsibility, ethicomoral responsibility, personal and professional development, quality improvement, research, records management, communication and collaboration teamwork. COLLEGE OF NURSING MOTTO Nursing Competence Made Visible Through Mind, Heart and Hands PHILOSOPHY The faculty believes that: 1. Man is unique irreplaceable biophysical spiritual who responds and adopts to the environment as a whole system. 2. Health is a dynamic state of relative harmony and adaptation which allows an individual person to function in a manner acceptable to himself and the society in which he lives. Health is a basic human right without distinction of race, religion, political beliefs and economic or social conditions. 3. Nursing education is a continuous process of assisting an individual to fully develop their attitudes and skills in nursing as well as their capacities for personal and professional growth in order to enable them to render worthy contribution in an ever changing society. This education can be more meaningful when there is readiness for learning. BRIEF HISTORY AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION

CCMC College of Nursing June 4, 1970 under the City Ordinance 679, a school of nursing was created as an adjunct to Cebu City Hospital. Sponsored by Pablo Abella and approved by then Mayor Eulogio Borres. June of that year, school admitted 75 pioneering students enrolled in the first year with Ms. Cecilia T. Canete as the first principal. Only 49 students were able to graduate and took the board exam. At the start, the collge offered a three year course leading to graduate in nursing. !978 offered for year Baccalaureate program in consortium with Cebu State College. Ms. Teresa N. Abellanosa took over as the dean when Mrs. Canete retired on 1994. Presently, the college is in consortium with Cebu Technological University.

SERVICES FACULTY REGISTRAR Prepares payroll and supporting documents Prepares office documents as requested Types requested personnel and student records Submits monthly report on tardiness/leave, expenditure, late submission 0of attachments Update student and personnel records on file Signs clearance slips and issues registration forms on class advisers Attends seminars, workshops and trainings SUPPLY OFFICE Follow-up supplies listed in procurement plan Follow-up repairs, cleaning for preventive maintenance Inventory of equipment Provides lecture and training for students Supervises students during the exposure in the Cebu City Medical Center Supervises students during the exposure in the community Follow-up students in their individual class standing

Ensures safety of supply Update memorandum receipts of CCMC-CN employees Make property return slip unserviceable equipments and other materials Make rounds and records of cleanliness, make losses equipment out of order

LIBRARY Provide efficient circulation of books, equipments and other materials Facilitate clients access to books Makes equipment conductive for learning Maintain update resources Conduct inventory of all books Makes a list of recommended books Ensures proper use and storage of book and other printed materials Stamps new book and other printed materials Signs clearance slips Attends and participates in all Cebu City Hall activities

CLERK (DEANS OFFICE) Types/computes official documents Computes personnels performance evaluation Answers telephone calls Acts as secretary during monthly meeting and emergency meeting Issues assessment slips to students Records official receipts in the computer