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Prestige Class

The Cinabite
There are many lost or destitute people who seek unattainable happiness in their life. Others seek supreme power and forbidden secrets. Powerful Devils and crafty Demons, hungry for souls and followers sometimes seek out these foolish mortals to make a deal. With promises to grant their every wish and desire, they induct the willing into their ranks. Twisted with pure evil and deformed mockeries of their formal selves, these unholy warriors become Cinabites. Devils and Demons normally use their new Cinabites as shock troops to destroy cities and to create panic and fear in their wake. Other hungry Demons will only stay around long enough to consume the Cinabites former soul, and then move on leaving it free to do as it likes. And there is also told of wicked Pit Fiends and Chain Devils that use Cinabites to craft out intricate plans and quests behind the backs of their piers. It wasnt long before the Arch Devils found out what there lower subjects were doing to the mortal plane. Not wanting any undue attention from the Celestials, and fearing a double cross from the lesser demons army of Cinabites, The Arch Devils and Demon Lords ban the creation of Cinabites and destroyed them all. Afterwards they banished their creators to the Mortal plane. That was 300 years ago, before the grate war. It is rumored that the knowledge to enslave mortals and turn them into Cinabites is still known by rouge Devils. Still others claim that some of the banished Demons took on mortal lives and inscribed such rituals inside forgotten tomes. Treasure Seekers sometimes claim of hearing about living statues where Powerful Devils were locked away for all eternity. What ever the case, some people seeking out the unattainable sometimes disappear and return as the unthinkable, a Cinabite! Hit Dice: 1d12 Requirements: To qualify to become a Cinabite, a character must fulfill all the following criteria: Base Attack bonus: +6 Alignment: Any Non-good Feats: Dark Speech or Infernal Soul, Immunity, and Infernal Pact Knowledge Religion: 6 ranks Diplomacy: 4 ranks or SpellCraft: 6 ranks and 1st level spellcaster Language: Infernal or Abyssal Special: you must seek out and find a Demonic book on Cinabites, witch is written in Abyssal and Dark Speech. Then successfully perform the ritual in dark speech with at least 6 ranks in Spellcraft and at least be a 1st level spellcaster. Or seek out a powerful Pit Fiend or Kyton and using your diplomacy of at least 4 ranks, negotiate a Infernal pact in their native Language. Afterward you must remain in their service long enough to gain a Infernal Soul feat. Upon gaining that feat you will be transformed into a Cinabite. Class Skills Per Level: 4 + Int Modifier

Cinabite Prestige Class Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4 5

th th

Base Atk Bonus +1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9

Fort Save +0 +0 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4

Ref Save +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5

Will Save +2 +2 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 +7

Special Unnatural Body, Eternal Servitude Body Modification, Painful Ecstasy Fiendish Nature +1 Body Mod Fiendish Nature +2 Body Mod Fiendish Nature +3 Body Mod Fiendish Nature +4 Body Mod Fiendish Nature +5

Natural Armor +1 +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8

Spells per Day +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class +1 existing class

6th 7th 8th 9 10th


Class Features:
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Cinabites are proficient with all Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, and Light Armor. Most Cinabites like to wear extravagant leather armor and clothes. In addition they are also proficient with any Armor or Weapon they attach to there body with the Body Modification Class Feature, regardless of the armor or weapon type. Unnatural Body: A Cinabite commits his body to the most powerful kind of evil. This commitment transforms them into a Fiendish Undead. Never truly Dieing and never truly being alive, but some ware in between. He is now susceptible to anything that targets undead or fiendish creatures. A Cinabite gains the following traits: They lose there Constitution score and use their Wisdom bonus for Fortitude saves. However they still gain bonus Hit Points based on there Strength Mod. They gain Darkvision 60 ft. Thy no longer have to eat, breath or sleep and never become exhausted or fatigued from physical activity. They are still susceptible to mind influencing effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and illusions), but only from a demonic or infernal sources. All other sources of mind influencing effects fail, they are considered to have made the appropriate save. Unlike normal undead they are not subject to Turning or Rebuking attempts. Also unlike normal undead they still heal naturally and are still cured by cure spells and still bleed and can take damage from wounding. However they only take half damage from negative energy spells (like inflict or harm). Once a Cinabite reaches -10 hit points it is dead, but takes no damage from actions between 0 and -10 hit points. A Cinabite can only be resurrected by the demon or devil that took there soul or by a Miracle spell.

Immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save except non-damaging Transmutation spells still work normally. They are also immune to Critical Hits, death from massive damage, sleep effects, fear, paralysis, death effects, nonleathel damage, energy drain, ability drain, poisons, diseases and damage to physical ability scores. The Cinabite is now and forever Evil, it is woven into his very flesh. Because of this he is unaffected by any spells that would try to shift him otherwise. Artifacts that can shift peoples alignment have a 50% chance of failing. If the Cinabite ever shifts Alignment to good or neutral he ceases to be and the Cinabite and dies instantly. Eternal Servitude: Once created a Cinabite is forever in the control of the Demon or Devil that created it. Cinabites so created have a permanent one way telepathic link with their new masters regardless of distance or dimension. A Demon & Devil can control up to three times his hit dice in Cinabites. Demon & Devil can use a Cinabites as a familiar, for the purpose of casting spells through it and scrying on its location. At any time they can relinquish their control and free the Cinabite, severing the Telepathic like. Self created Cinabites(witch are rare) and freed Cinabites still take a -10 to will saves when resisting the mind influencing effects from a Demon or Devil of 15 HD or more. Natural Armor Bonus: As a Cinabite Progresses in level it gains natural armor as it becomes accustomed to taking blows to its bare undead flesh. It loses this bonus when wearing Medium or Heavy Armor. Spells Per Day: The Cinabite continues to gain spells from his former spellcasting class Painful Ecstasy: Becoming a Cinabite is a long and painful process that robs someone of their life and soul. As a result, their sense of touch becomes dulled and they no longer derive any joy from their new life. The only thing that gives them pleasure is more pain and agony. It doesnt matter weather they are inflicting it on themselves or others. They become addicted to the pleasures of the flesh. It is no surprise Cinabites are the ultimate demonic embodiment of Sadomasochism. For every 10 points of damage that a Cinabite either receives or inflicts on someone else, they receive a +1 on their next attack, save or skill check. Fiendish Nature: At 2nd level the Cinabite starts to become more like the dark powers that created it. Normally they change their name or just start referring to themselves as we. The Cinabite becomes a Undead Outsider and is susceptible to spells that target undead and outsiders. The Cinabite gains a +1 bonus when attacking good aliened creatures. This bonus increases to a +2 at 4th level, a +3 at 6th level, a +4 at 8th level, and a +5 at 10th level. They also gain a bonus fiendish ability depending on their power level. Their power level is = Strength mod + Cinabite level. A Cinabite can only choose one ability at 2nd level and one every other level afterward (4th, 6th, 8th, & 10th). Choose fiendish abilitys from the table below:

Level + Str Mod

Fiendish ability


1 2 3 4 5

Cast darkness as a spell like ability 3/day Gain a +4 to crafting body modifications Gain a Infernal Feat without drawback Gain damage reduction 5/+1 Once per day make a attack & deal extra damage = you HD vs. a good aliened foe 6 Unholy Blight Cast unholy blight as a spell like ability 1/day 7 Cold Resistance* Gain Cold Resistance 10 8 Electricity Resistance* Gain Electricity Resistance 10 9 Deceptive Appearance The Cinabite can hide their true form and change back to their old appearance during the day time 10 Spell Resistance* Gain Spell Resistance equal to your hit dice + 10 11 Fire Resistance* Gain Fire Resistance 10 12 Damage reduction* Gain damage reduction 10/+3, this replaces the previous fiendish ability 13 Unholy Strength* Permanently increase Strength by +4 14 Devils Speed* Permanently increase Dexterity by +4 +15 Abyssal Health* Gain fast healing 5 *These Fiendish abilities can not be taken more then once Body Modifications: Cinabites are the most well known for their disturbing and bizarre appearances. At first level and every other level afterward (3rd, 5th, 7th, & 9th) Cinabites mutilate, deform, and attach things to their bodies. This has a number of effects. First for every body modification visible the Cinabite takes a -2 on all charisma checks except for Intimidate. Intimidate gains a +2 for every Modification visible. After the second modification, Non-Evil alignments must succeed a will save upon seeing the Cinabite or become effected by Fear. This works as a fear spell cast by a cleric equal to Cinabites HD. Lastly the Cinabite can change and repair some of the modifications with a Craft Body Modification skill check. Only the Craft Body Modification skill can be used when creating and fixing Body Mods. Attaching body modifications is a slow and painful experience and the Cinabite takes 1d12 damage for every hours worth of work done on them (minimum 1d12). The pain of this process is a joy to the senses and adds a moral bonus to the Cinabite craft checks of +1 per hour. Body modifications dont take up slots on the body and can be enchanted as Wondrous Items. A Cinabite can never have more Body Modifications then he is allowed by his level (max 5). Select Body Modifications from the list below.
Note; you can invent new modifications instead of choosing one from below. But they must be grotesque and follow the normal rules for crafting things.

Darkness Infernal Crafts Infernal Feat Damage Reduction* Smite good

Self Mutilation: By pealing back flaps of skin and pinning them, removing patches of skin, creating permanent open wounds, exposing organs, and

otherwise mutilating your undead body. This shows your extreme commitment to Evil and devotion to your new Infernal masters. You gain a +10 charisma bonus to Intimidate good aligned humanoids. Also increase the attitude of all evil outsiders by one category and add +10 charisma bonus to Diplomacy when dealing with them. Once mutilated, it can not be undone or changed with anything short of a miracle or powerful artifact. You can only take this modification once. Unnatural Weaponry: By crafting specially designed handles, all a Cinabite needs to do is cut off a limb or hollow out enough flesh to attach any weapon to there being. Once they attach the tendons to the new addition, it becomes a living extension of themselves. Living spinal cord wipes, meat hook hands, forearms crossbows that fire bone arrows, animated Kyton chains that rip out of your blood vassals, Axe blades implanted in your forehead, or throwing knives that launch out of your palms attached to fleshy tethers. Any sick and demented way to attach a weapon to your flesh can be invented. Weapons so attached gain the dancing enhancement. These weapons can only be replaced by other weapons and dont need to be unattached to become enchanted. You can gain this modification more then once. Abyssal Plate: By riveting metal plates to your bones or hooking chains, metal rings, sowing on animal hide, and metal scales to your flesh, you can attach medium or light armor to your person. This armor has no armor check penalties and does not negate the Natural Armor class feature. However it is considered to have a -1 to its armor bonus because it is only attached in half proportions. This Armor can only be replaced by other armor and it doesnt need to be unattached to become enchanted. You can only take this modification once. Flesh Stealer: Through grotesque and sadistic surgery a Cinabite can attach the body parts of a living creature to its unholy frame. These additions must come from a living source and the helpless victim must live through the surgery for it to work (only to die shortly afterwards). Butchering their opponents in this way a Cinabite can gain a range of different parts; new limbs, tails, extra eyes, wings, a new face (freshly skinned), new claws, new teeth, horns, ect. These stolen parts also grant one of the natural abilities of its former race onto the Cinabite themselves. This body Modification can only grants one additional body part and racial ability. The only exception is you may graft two arms instead of one. Grafted body parts can only be replaced by other grafted body parts. You can gain this modification more then once.

Infernal Fetishes: Like their self mutilation, a Cinabite will continue to add unnatural piercing, peaces of wire, and metal to their body. This comes in all forms like nails in the skull, large metal rings hanging from their chest or sides, barbed wire wrapped around their face, spikes through their arms and legs,

metal pendants embedded in their chest or forehead and so on. You gain a +5 charisma bonus to Intimidate good aligned humanoids for every visible Fetish you display. Also when a fetish is visible, increase the attitude of all evil outsiders by one category and add +5 charisma bonus to Diplomacy when dealing with them. Commonly these infernal ornaments are enchanted as Wondrous Items or other magic items that can be temporarily removed and used. You must still enchant such items or find someone to do it for you before attaching the fetish. A magic Infernal Fetish does not take up any slot as fare as the rules for wearing magic items. Infernal Fetishes can only be replaced by other Infernal Fetishes. You can gain this modification more then once. Demonic Mutation: As dark energy courses trough the Cinabites body it can take many strange and disturbing forms. Mutating their fingers into long tentacles with bladed teeth, losing their eyes , or growing multiple eyes, having their intestines merge into a large black slug they must vomit up to let it feed, growing a big tooth filled maw in their stomach, sprouting demonic wings, and so on. This new mutation gives the Cinabite one monster trait. Weather it is natural weaponry, blind sight from a lack of eyes, flight from grown wings, scent from a long black snake tongue, or a fiendish creature that detaches from you to become a temporary familiar. The finale ruling on what you can or cant do is up to the GM. Once Mutated, it can not be undone or changed with anything short of a miracle or powerful artifact. You can gain this modification more then once.

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