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Social Networking Optimization

feature spotLIght

Is social networking really working for your company?

Increase customer LoyaLty and VaLue

the socIaL networkIng optImIzatIon Harness tHe power of web 2.0

Retaining valuable customers and converting passive visitors into high-value customers is an ongoing challenge for most online marketers. Forrester Research1 states, In an era of Social Computing, where anybody can easily and publicly have their say, we believe that companies need to engage their users more deeply in their services and product delivery to create loyalty. Building emotional barriers to switching can help ensure continued loyalty.

Social Networking Optimization, a feature of the Omniture SiteCatalyst platform, allows companies to optimize content and media generated by your customers to create stronger emotional links that will help ensure their ongoing loyalty. Social Networking Optimization enables a better understanding of the customers experience and their consumption of content, leading to more sophisticated segmentation and targeting.
key features of socIaL networkIng optImIzatIon IncLude:

The ability to retain high-value customers by creating emotional links to your company, brands and products means increased ROI. A better understanding of your audience segments will allow you to create an evolution path for content that delivers maximum impact, and in return, generates maximum loyalty.

Maturity optimization. Understand the value and longevity of content, features and media over time-based on site objectives. affinity analysis. Understand the interplay between site section, content, media, features and groups. Influence analysis. Improve site metrics and visitor behavior with a better understanding of the influence of features, media and content to site success. popularity analysis. Understand the popularity of user-generated content(UGC)/user-generated media(UGM), including what will result in viral expansion, such as directly accessed content vs. navigating to the content. Member participation. Understand which site members content is driving the most subscriptions, increased visits and other measurements of success.
socIaL networkIng optImIzatIon at a gL ance

Understand consumption and creation habits of high-value contributors. Identify and target passive visitors based on high-value behaviors. Engage users at all levels with more optimized content. Create emotional links that will serve as a barrier to switching.

1. Social Computing, february 13, 2006

maturIty optImIzatIon Understand the life-cycle of user-generated content to optimize media effectiveness. affInIty anaLysIs Understand the relationship between content and other components of the marketing mix. InfLuence anaLysIs Determine the contribution of content to overall site success. popuLarIty anaLysIs Determine which content is most frequently accessed, then optimize position and ranking. memBer partIcIpatIon Understand which site members content is driving the most subscriptions, increased visits and other measurements of success.

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