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Report on Pepsi-cola

At the 20's and 30's in the 20 century, Coca-Cola was the absolute leader of soft drink market. Pepsi-Cola was just a new brand at that time. Pepsi-Cola was thought of just a copy of Coca-Cola and its flavor is similar to Coca-Cola. So the Coca-Cola did not take any importance for it. But later Pepsi-Cola developed fast and became the strongest competitor to the Coca-Cola And now Pepsi shared 40% of the market. It is a big threat to the CocaCola.

The strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats of Pepsi. 1. The advantages of Pepsi-Cola

.1) Firstly, Pepsi has stayed in this market for almost one century. So they are so experienced and stationed in people's mind deeply. Now no one doesn't know the brand Pepsi-Cola Whenever the name Pepsi is heard, people will conjure up the image of fresh and cool drink.

2) Secondly, Pepsi-Cola is not only in high quality, cool and fresh but also have a competitive price in Chinese market* Sometimes Pepsi-Cola even has a lower price than Coca-Cola In China

3) Thirdly. Pepsi is such an experienced powerful global company, Which has a basic of a great fund. So it has the ability to place a Idle sum of money to the promotion. We can see that the advertisement of Pepsi-Cola is so attractive. It also invited the top famous people to advertise for it. The advertisement is so elaborate and attractive so that Pepsi gained the special prize of the advertisement Granny.

4) Pepsi also compares with the competitors and find their disadvantages to update its own quality, flavor and also package promptly in order to satisfy the consumers' need. This is the biggest advantage of Pepsi company.

So you can see from the pipe-chart one that 41% of the interviewees prefer the flavor of Peps-Cola. It is the most popular one. Pepsi company also produce the Diet-Cola to meet the people who more concern their health. And it just changes the design of the package of Pepsi-Cola.

2. The disadvantages of Pepsi-Cola But we can not consider things just on one side. Still there are some disadvantages existing in Pepsi-Cola The pipe-chat 3 showed that most of the people like the package of CocaCola best.48% people like it. It has only 32% people prefer the package of Pepsi-Cola. So the design of Pepsi-Cola's package is not as attractive as Coca--cola. It still needs to be improved. We suggest that the package needs to be designed more colorful to attract people's attention. 3 .Although in the cola market there are many competitors, Pepsi still has the opportunity to enlarge its market share because the cola in the market is quite monotonic. Most of the end user is young people. There are still some people who do not like the taste of the cola. So we can try to provide some other taste of cola such as adding some lemon juice. We can change the flavor in order to meet different taste of different people.

4 .As to the threats, all of us know that Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola have had the competition for about 80 years. Although Pepsi-Cola have won several times during this competition, the market share of Pepsi-cola is a little bit smaller than Coca-Cola. There is another threat nowadays. Some local cola such as FeiChang and FenHuang cola have taken their feet in the market. Their advertisement says "Chinese people drink our own cola". It is well known that China is a united and patriotic nation. So these words can really catch Chinese people's heart. And these local cola's flavor is more suitable for Chinese. So it can not be ignored.

B . After analyzing the SWOT, we can take some strategies accordingly.

1)Pepsi-Cola should improve the design of the package first. As it is advertised as" the choice of new generation", the design must be looked young and fresh. So the color should be more sharp and attractive.

2) As the flavor and ingredients of cola in the market are similar and the most active consumer is the young people, we can diversify the Pepsi production to meet the different need of the consumers. That is customer-orientated

3) Besides the Diet cola for the ladies, we can have many other new choices. For example, we can create a new kind of cola more suitable for children. Maybe we can add the Vitamins or some nutritious element that are necessary to children. Or we can create a new flavor like mint-cola and the cola with very light alcoholic which is more suitable for the adults.

Being in such a tense competition ( just like the brand Coca-Cola), Pepsi-Cola should not take the direct and tough attack upon it. There is no good to either side. The best wad is to keep a peaceful relationship with it and always compare with others, We should find their disadvantages and show our advantages on this aspect. Then by and by, the people would think ours is betted Of course the most important rule is to improve ourselves to meet the consumers.