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Prof.G.C.Maheshwari Late I.R. Maheshwari June 7, 1950 Professor of Management Finance & Accounting Area Rs.16,400-450-20, 900-500-22,400 Rs. 22,400 p.m 1, Adhyapak Niwas, Pratapganj, Vadodara - 390 002. Telephone: (0265) 2795315 Mobile: 9825459279 Faculty of Management Studies M.S. University of Baroda Fatehgunj, Vadodara - 390 002. INDIA Telephone : (0) 0265-2791179, 2784934 (R) 0265-2795315

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EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Examination High School Intermediate B.Com M.Com Ph.D. Year 1966 1968 1970 1972 1984 Board/ University U.P. Board U.P. Board Agra University Agra University Delhi University Marks / Division 54.75% H 63.25% I 63.90% I 74.75% I Rank


Doctoral Research on "Measurement of Business Income: A Study of Selected Corporate Enterprises in India" (Published by Academic Publications, Delhi). SCHOLARSHIPS: -> Recipient of Agra University Bursary from 1968 through 1970. -> Recipient of National Scholarship from 1970 through 1972. -> Receipt of UGC Teacher Fellowship from August 1980 through July 1983. MEDALS -> Recipient of Chancellor's Medal for being the best student of year 1970.

-> Recipient of Gold Medals for securing 1st Rank in both B.Com and M.Com Examinations of Agra University. -> Recipient of Silver Medal for securing highest marks in aggregate in the Agra University in 1972. .PRIZES -> Recipient of Cash Prize of Rs. 1000/- awarded by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India on the research paper published in Vol. XII, 1982. -> Recipient of Cash Prize of Rs. 1000/- awarded by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India, on the Article published in Vol. XVI, 1986. -> Recipient of Best Research Paper Memento awarded by Indian Accounting Association, Varanasi, in March 1988. TEACHING -> Since July 18, 1972, taught at Ramjas College, University of Delhi, to Honours and Postgraduate Commerce students. -> Since August 19, 1980 taught Management Accounting and Accounting Theory to M.Com and M. Phil. Students at Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics and South Delhi Campus of University of Delhi. , -> Since July 28, 1983 to January 18, thought at Ramjas College, University of Delhi, and honors and Postgraduate Commerce students. -> Since January 19, 1984 to July 13, 1984, taught and guided research at Centre for Systems and Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. -> Since July 14, 1984 teaching, training and guiding research, Faculty of Management Studies, M. S. University of Baroda. RESEARCH -> Completed research project on Measurement of Business Income: A Study of Selected Corporate Enterprises in India and awarded Ph.D. on the same by University of Delhi. -> Conducted Research Seminar on Changing Prices and Business Income,. Baroda Management Association, 1986. DOCTORAL RESEARCH GUIDED AND AWARDED -> Corporate Takeovers in India (A Study of Selected Dimensions), Shri J. N. Panchali, M.S.University, 1994. -> Corporate Governance in India: A Study of Selected Dimensions, Smt. S. U. Sharma, M.S.University, 2004. . . -> Stakeholder Paradigm for Management- A Study of Sardar Sarovar Project, Shri. B. Ravi Kumar Pillai, M.S.University, 2004. TRAINING -> Directed in house training programme at ONGC, WRO, Baroda. -> Directed in house training programme at Gujarat Refinery. MEMORIAL LECTURERS

-> Delivered Dr. J.P. Srivastava Memorial Lecture on "Corporate Governance: Implications for Accounting Control System", University of Rajasthan on Jan 24, 1998. -> Delivered Principal B.D. Bhargava Memorial Lecture,"Changing Context of Accounting & Accountant", University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-January 25, 1989.

RESEARCH PROJECTS GUIDED AND COMPLETED 1. Analysis of Operating Cycle: A Case Study of Alembic Ltd by Amit Zaveri, FMS, MSU 2005. 2. Evaluation of risk and return from Mutual Funds using Performance Measures by Ms Rajni Manari, FMS, MSU, 2005 3. Cost of Capital and Capital structure - A Study of Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd., Vijay Ramvakhiani, FMS, MSU, 2005 4. An Analysis of spread (Bull & Bear) if created in the beginning of each month, by Chintan Parikh, FMS, MSU, 2005. 5. ROI Analysis for Implementing Secure Global VPN - A Case Study on AC Nikelsen VPN, by Chetan Kumar P.Shah.FMS, MSU, 2004. 6. A Project Report on Cost of Power Generation in Context of Cost of Power Purchase A Case Study of GEB, by Nitin B. Kansara. FMS, MSU, 2004. 7. A Project Report on Reduction in Inventory Management in Gujarat Refinery IOCL by Jayesh Kumar B. Parikh. FMS, MSU, 2004. 8. Project on Management of Risk in EPC Projects' at Larsons & Toubro Ltd, by Chirag U. Shah. FMS, MSU, 2004. 9. A Project Report on Market Research on Customer Satisfaction" for Pneumatic Products at Ratex Automation Ltd, by Deepak K. Shah. FMS, MSU, 2004. 10. Analysis of Market Trend in Automobile sector in India with special Emphasis of Mid-size Car and MUVS at General Motors India Pvt. Ltd, by Saguta C. Pal.FMS, MSU, 2004. 11. A Project Report on Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund, by Sikdar Subrata. FMS, MSU, 2004. 12. Management of Cash - A Report at General Motors India Pvt. Ltd. by Bhavin H. Gajjar. FMS, MSU, 2004. 13. Project Report on Risk Management System in Public Sector Bank - -BG-B by Brijendra Kumar. Srivastava. FMS, MSU, 2004. 14. Power Trading after Open Access at GEB, by Ashwin. S. Pasnani. FMS, MSU, 2004. 15. A Project Study on whether A company should go for Public Issue or not at Kusum Power Cable Co., by Bhavesh R. Modi. FMS, MSU, 2004 16. Retirement Solutions Available and the Pension Funds Market, by Ashutos, A. Balyan. FMS, MSU, 2003. 17. Post Implementation Review of Melamine Expansion Plant in G.S.F.C., by Amit Gupta, FMS, MSU, 2003. 18. Marketing Feasibility of Cityguide Business Directory on the Mobile Phone, by Vimal Solanki, FMS, MSU, 2003. 19. Valuation of Real Options in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, by Ashutosh Pandey, FMS, MSU, 2003.

20. Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, by Rahul Sharma, FMS, MSU, 2003. 21. A Project Report on Cost of Absenteeism (In Gujarat Refinery) (IOC) by Punita. B Agrawal MSU, 2003. 22. Working Capital Management - A Case Study of Bombardier Transportation (L) Ltd, by Anil Kumar M. Israel. FMS, MSU, 2003. 23. Consumer's Perception about Kirby's Pre Engineering Building, by Arun Kumar. S. Saxena FMS, MSU.2003. 24. Project Report on Assessment of Working Capital in Shally Engineering Plastic Ltd, by Sitakanta P. Dash FMS, MSU, 2003. 25. Project Service Account Management - A Planning Guide, By Shrenik. M. Dhruv, FMS, MSU, 2003. 26. A Project Report on ' Disinvestment in Public Sector and its Valuation, by Deepak. R. Dimri, FMS, MSU, 2003. 27. Project Report on Financing of Expansion Project of Innovative Tyres and Tubes Ltd. from SIDBI, by Shailesh. B Kalbhor, FMS, MSU, 2003. 28. A Project Report on - Credit Risk Management in a Nationalised Bank, by Samir S. Kemkar, FMS, MSU, 2003. 29. A Study of Volatility and Pricing in the Indian Index Options Market by Suresh Kumar S. Nair MS, MSU, 2003. 30. A Project Report on Inter Firm Comparision of Public Sector Down Stream Companies and Performance Analysis, by Gautam. N. Patel FMS, MSU, 2003. 31. Project Report on Corporate Restructuring - A Case Study of M/s. Synbiotics Ltd, by Vishal S. Shah. FMS, MSU, 2003. 32. Credit Risk Management in Banks - A Case Study of Nationalized Bank, by Akhil Chamoli. FMS, MSU, 2002. 33. A Report on Corporate Expansion Value Creation - Case Study of Guj. Industries Power Company Ltd, by Samir. G. Chudgar FMS, MSU, 2002. 34. A project Report on Maintainance Management System for Power Plant, by P.S.Goyal, FMS, MSU, 2002. 35. Achieving Competitive Advantage Through SCM - A Case Study at Apollo Tyers Ltd, by Mathew James, FMS, MSU, 2002. 36. Inventory Management for Maflex Supensions Pvt. Ltd, by Patel Hasmukhbhai. B, FMS, MSU, 2002. 37. Web Enabling of Supply Chain Processes/work flow Procleaned for Electronics Industry, by Shah. Dipak Kumar. B. FMS, MSU, 2002. 38. Mutual Funds in India: Analysis of Selected Schemes, by Shah. Vijay Kumar,#1, FMS, MSU, 2002. 39. Impact of Dismantling of' Administrative Pricing Mechanism' in the Financial Performance of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, by Vasudevan. V.K. FMS, MSU, 2002. 40. Zero Base Budgeting in O.N.G.C, by Ashutosh Balyan, FMS, MSU, 2002. 41. A Study of Consumer and Retailer Responses for Parle N'Joi in Baroda, by Ramit Mitra, FMS, MSU, 2002. 42. A Study of Pension: Insurance Sector, by Virendra A. Shrimali, FMS, MSU, 2002. 43. Market Research on Milk Consumption Pattern of the Institutional Sector in Andheri, Mumbai, by Nainesh D. Soni, FMS, MSU, 2002. 44. Mutual Funds in India, Analysis of Selected Schemes, by Vijay Shah, FMS, MSU,

2002. 45. Divisional Performance, by Dipakkumar C. Shah, FMS, MSU, 2002. 46. Intellectual Property Valuation, by Abhijit Banerjee, FMS, MSU, 2001. 47. Revenue Budgeting System in Gujarat Refinery and Strategy in Post APM Scenario, by Kondapalli Shivaramarao, FMS, MSU, 2001. 48. Corporate Governance- Effectiveness of the Board, by Babul Mukherjee, FMS, MSU, 2001. 49. Performance of Mutual Funds in India with reference to Balanced Funds, by Parthasarthi Basak, FMS, MSU, 2001. 50. Security Analysis of BSE Sensex Scrips , by Nirav K Shah, FMS, MSU, 2001. 51. Scorecard Method of Performance Evaluation- A Case Study of IPCL, by Manish Jain, FMS, MSU, 2001. 52. Study of Agri Processing Potential in Gujarat, by Gagandip Ahuja, FMS, MSU, 2001. 53. Niche Marketing, by Vishal Kumar, FMS, MSU, 2001. 54. Forex Risk Management - A Profit Centre Paradigm, by Pinakin Jaiswal, FMS, MSU, 2000. 55. Commercial utilization of Railway Property at Vadodara Railway Station, by Shri Aveek Jena, FMS, MSU, 2000. 56. Evaluation of Health Care Cost - A case study of Gujarat Refinery by Roopchand R.Bhavnani, FMS MSU, 1999. 57. A Report on Tariff Restructuring for Generation Interchange & Transmission of Bulk Power at Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd., by R.G. Joglekar, FMS, MSU, 1999. 58. A Report on Activity Based Management at L& T Chiyoda Ltd., by Rajendra Kumar, FMS, MSU,1999. 59. A Report on Analysis of time and cost overrun in Power Projects at L&T Sargent & Lundy Ltd, by Goyal Rajesh, FMS, MSU, 1999. 60. Financial Analysis and Viability Study of Power Generation Component of Sardar Sarovar Project, by Ravikumar B. Pillai, FMS, MSU, 1999. 61. A Report on Study of Effectiveness of Cigarette Statutory Warnings, by Sameer N. Karkhanis, FMS, MSU, 1999. 62. A Project Report on Customer Preferences and Expectations from Computer Institutes at Aptech, Baroda, by Salim S. Shaikh, FMS, MSU, 1999. 63. Development of System Specifications of a Computerised Costing System at C.C. Chokshi & Co., Baroda, by Alok Trippathi, FMS, MSU, 1999. 64. A Project Report on Study of 'Depository System' at Vadodara Stock Exchange Ltd., by Kalpesh D. Tank, FMS, MSU, 1999. 65. "Customisation of Treasury Modulation SAP R/3 at General Motors India Ltd.,", by Shri Jaideep Solanki, FMS, MSU, 1996. 66. "Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for Floriculture Project" by Shri Sunil Chandra, FMS, MSU,1995. 67. Turnaround Strategies for ELB Schliff" by Shri B.B. Sayem, FMS, MSU, 1995. 68. "Financing Options for L.P.G. Project" - A Project Study done at LPG Division Gujarat Gas Company Ltd. by Shri Mihir Niranjan Vora, FMS, MSU, 1995. 69. Forecasting Share Price Behaviour Using Equity Attributes, by Shevaji Bhar, FMS, MSU, 1994. 70. Marketing Strategy Development for New Product Launch for Grand Polycoats

Company Pvt. Ltd., by Rohit Parmar, FMS, MSU, 1994. 71. A Study of Working Capital Management at Elmex Electricals and Electronics Pvt. Ltd., by Kumari Sumita Suhashcandra Baisys, FMS, MSU, 1992. 72. Analysis of Union Budget 1992-93, A Study of Impact of Excise Duty, Customs Duty and Partial Convertibility on Industries, by Kumari Anahita Rohinton Jambusarwala, FMS, MSU,1992. 73. A Study of Bills Disounting for 20th Century Finance Corporation Pvt., by Sri Kavitha Sankar, FMS, MSU, 1992. 74. Cost Control System for Gandhar Petrochemicals Complex, by Anil Om Prakash Minocha, FMS, MSU, 1992. 75. A Study on Pricing of Equity Issues, by Kumari Kanan Mukundchandra Purohit, FMS, MSU, 1992. 76. A Study of Debentures and Methods of Their Valuation, by Shri Moroofhasan Imadulhasan Saiyad, FMS, MSU. 77. Investment Strategy: A Study of Critical Factors - by Kumari Arpita Ajitbhai Shorff, FMS, MSU, 1992. 78. Demand Estimation for Polyster Filament Yarn, by Sri Mehul Bharatkumar Thanawala, FMS, MSU, 1992. 79. An Enquiry into the Working of Mutual Funds: A Case Study by Shri Rajesh Jitendra Vora, FMS, MSU, 1992. 80. Accounting Information System of Petrochemicals Data Services by Shri Chetan Jaywantbhai Vyas, FMS, MSU, 1992. 81. A Study of Overpricing / Underpricing of Stocks and Theoritical Level of Price Fall During Crash, by Misra Shipra Raghunath, FMS, MSU, 1992. 82. A Study of Budgetary Control System, by Shri Chandreshkumar Chunilal, FMS, MSU, 1991. 83. Project Evaluation and Processed Financing Plan for Gandhar Petrol-Chemicals Complex, by Shri Manish Kumarbhai, FMS, MSU, 1992. 84. Working Capital Management, by Shri Riaz Fakruddin Shah, FMS, MSU, 1991. 85. A Project Report on Direct Marketing in Service Industry - A Case Study for Welcome Group Vadodara, by Shri Bhatt Hiren Himatlal, FMS, MSU, 1991. 86. A Study on Extrusion Plastic Industry, by Shri Bhatt Paras Vishnuprasad, FMS, MSU, 1991. 87. Marketing Mix to Launch a New Refrigerator in South Gujarat - A Study of Videocon International Limited, by Shri Bose Sanghamitra Subrata, FMS, MSU, 1991. 88. Vee Belts in the Textile Industry - A Market Study by K.C. Ramesh Moothan, FMS, MSU, 1992. 89. A Comparative Study of Selected Advertisements for Consumer Products w.r.t. Creative Tactics, by Shri Metlapalli Madhuri Krishna Murthi, FMS, MSU, 1991. 90. Advertising Strategy for Ajanta Brand Musical Quartz Wall Clock, by Shri Sabapara Dipti Chaturbhai, FMS, MSU, 1991. 91. Effective Advertising and Sales Promotion for Gujarat Rodrel Ltd., by Shri Shah Janet Champaklal, FMS, MSU, 1991. 92. Receivables Management for FAG Precision Bearings Ltd., by Shri Shah Mohitkumar Vipinchandra, FMS, MSU, 1991. 93. A Feasibility Study of Health Clubs and Advertising Strategies for Welcom Group Vadodara, by Shri Verma Ashwinkumar Purshottamkumar, FMS, MSU, 1991.

94. A Study on New Product Development Process in Transpek Industry Limited, by M. Shrikant, FMS, MSU, 1991. 95. Forecasting of Share Prices by Shri Prabhakar K. Metlapalli, FMS, MSU, 1990. 96. A Study of Financial Services Sector in India by Shri Premchand G. Kanneganti, FMS, MSU, 1990. 97. Corporate Depreciation Policy by Shri Rohit Pravinbhai M., FMS, MSU, 1990. 98. Pre-Feasibility Project Report of Petroleum Jelly by Shri Snehal N.Vashi, FMS, MSU, 1990. 99. Media Plan for Rinki Industrial Oils Ltd., by Miss Sharmila Gosai, FMS, MSU, 1990. 100. T.V.Commercials and Adolescent Persuasion by Shri PantuI Kothari, FMS, MSU, 1990. 101. Engineering Plastics - A Processor's Profile, by Shri Ravi K. Ramanan, FMS, MSU, 1990. 102. The Econometric Approach to Foreign Currency Translation by Shri Sudhir Kumar Mishra, FMS, MSU, 1989. 103. Corporate Takeovers: The Indian Scene (A Study of Selected Aspects) by Shri Jinesh N, Panchali, FMS, MSU, 1989. 104. A Study of Budgetary Control System by Shri. Aswin J. Rathi, FMS, MSU, 1989. 105. Credit Rating - A Study of Selected Issues by Shri Kamal V. Satia, FMS, MSU, 1989. 106. Behaviour of Share Prices by Shri Gaurang I. Shah, FMS, MSU, 1989. 107. Advertising Strategy for Rinki Automotive Oils by Shri Parevez F. Shaikh, FMS, MSU, , 1989. 108. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness - A Comparative Study of Television and Magazines by Kritika R. Bhuraria, FMS, MSU, 1989. 109. Plastics in Packing of Food Products byVipul Rasiklal Langalia, FMS, MSU, 1989. 110. Semi-Annual Earning's Reporting & Behaviour of Equity Share Prices - A Study of Selected Equity Shares Listed on BSE, by Simrina Singh, FMS, MSU, 1988. 111. Working Capital Management - A study of Selected Enterprises, by Yashpal Singh, K. Sutaria, FMS, MSU, 1988. 112. Corporate Debt Policy: A Study of Selected Enterprises in India by Sanjiv K. Sutaria, FMS, MSU, 1988. 113. Cash Management - An Inquiry into the Practices of Corporate Enterprises, by Naresh G. Panjanani, FMS, MSU, 1988. 114. Developing Marketing Plan for Automatic Washing Machines, by Ketan D. Mehta, FMS, MSU, 1988. 115. Marketing Strategy for Jive, by Varsha Shahshrabuddhe, FMS, MSU, 1988. 116. Marketing Strategy for Amtrex Air Conditioners, by Amit Taluja, FMS, MSU, 1988. 117. Capital Expenditure Decision making: A Study of Selected Pharmaceutical Corporate Enterprises in Western India, by Zurvan H. Marolia, FMS, MSU, 1987. 118. Zero-Base Budgeting: The Maharashtra Experience, by N.S. Ganesh, FMS, MSU, 1987. 119. Turnaround Strategy for Sick Units -A Case Study, by Mahendra Kumar P. Sagar, FMS, MSU,1987. 120. Risk-Return-Price Relationship: An Analysis of Selected Equity Shares Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, by Ketan R. Vanjara, FMS, MSU, 1987. 121. New Application and Product Development: Gujeon - Crash Helmet, by Anil G. Menon, FMS, MSU, 1987. 122. Leasing Business in India, by Shah Nimish A., FMS, MSU, 1986. 123. A Feasibility Report on Computerisation of Selected Commercial Cooperative Banks, by

Pranava J. Doctor, FMS, MSU, 1986. 124. Integrated Accounting Information System: A Case Study of IPCL, by Ms. Nita Kumari, FMS, MSU, 1986. 125. A Study of the Working of the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, by Mayur Kothari, FMS, MSU,1986. 126. Price-Earnings Ratio & Behaviour of Share Prices in India, by Vijay Chandorikar, FMS, MSU,1986. 127. Budgetary Planning and Control System: A Case Study of GACL, by Aminesh Chauhan, FMS, MSU, 1986. 128. Sex Appeal in Advertising - A Study in Advertising Effectiveness, by Vipin Baxi, FMS, MSU,1986. 129. Foreign Currency Financing: Choice of Alternatives, by Tarun V. Shah FMS, MSU, 1986. 130. Performance Budgeting -A Study of CPWD, by S. Ananthanarayanan, IIT-Delhi, 1984. 131. Capital Structure Patterns, by Virendra Patel, submitted to Indian Institute of TechnologyDelhi, 1984. PUBLICATIONS List of Books Published 1. Accountancy - Analysis of Financial Statements, (May, 2003), editor and authored with Sri Manish Makkad and Sri D.K. Gupta, Published by NCERT, New Delhi. 2. Accountancy - Partnership and Company Accounts, (February, 2003), editor and authored with Sri S.C. Jain and Sri S.S. Sehrawat, Published by NCERT, New Delhi. 3. Accountancy - Financial Accounting Part - II, (October, 2002), editor, Published by NCERT, New Delhi. 4. Accountancy - Financial Accounting Part - I, (June, 2002), editor and authored with Sri Manish Makkad, Sri M.P. Vithal and Sri S.S. Sehrawat, Published by NCERT, New Delhi. 5. Studies in Accounting Theory (ed), (Second Edition, 1990) Wiley Eastern, New Delhi. 6. Changing Prices and Business Income (1985), Academic Publications, Delhi. 7. Uchchtar Lekhashastra (Third Edition, 1980) in Co-authorship of Prof. K.S. Saxena and Dr. P.C. Gupta, published by Jnanada Prakashan, Patna. 8. Bahikhata Avm Lekhakaram in Co-authorship with Prof. K.S. Saxena and Dr. P.C. Gupta, published by Jnanada Prakashan, Patna. 9. Practical Aspects of Advanced Accountancy (First Edition, 1978) authored with Dr. P.C. Gupta, published by Prakashan, Patna. 10. Madhyamik Bahikhata (Second Edition, 1982) published by Jananaa Prakashan, Patna. 11. Vyavasaik Sangathan (Second Edition, 1984) authored with Dr. K. P. Sharma and Sri R.K. Gaur, published by Navman Prakashan, Aligarh. 12. Principles of Management (Second Edition, 1992) authored with Mr. P.C. Jain, published by Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.