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Exercise 1 You are going to listen to a CNN News Radio Report.

For questions 1 to 12, decide whether they are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). 1. 900 people are protesting in Los Angeles against the Immigration reform. 2. President Bush is going to use his weekly radio address to talk against the Immigration Reform.

3. 6 people were killed and several others were injured at a party in Seattle. 4. The man was arrested shortly after the shooting in Seattle. 5. Milwaukee police have found two young boys who disappeared six days ago. 6. Milwaukee police are following few leads. 7. A pastor was killed by his wife in Tennessee.

8. Buck Owens, one of USAs country music stars, is expected to die in the next hours in company of Roy Clark, his long time friend.

9. Flight attendants for Comairs subsidiary, Delta, have voted to authorize a strike. 10. Deltas pilots have staged another strike lately.

11. March is Colon Cancer Awareness month, a time to raise awareness about the disease.

12. David Hasselhoff is getting divorced.

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Exercise 2 You are going to hear a report about Plaza Italia, in Buenos Aires. For questions 1 to 8, choose the right answer (A), (B), or (C). Tip: As you live in Buenos Aires, why dont you get together to find out the possible answers before you listen?

1) Plaza Italia is the place

a) where neighbors meet. b) where the different Palermos come together. c) where noisy people meet.

2) Plaza Italia is

a) a place for bohemians. b) a place of contrasts. c) known as Plaza de los Portones. a) when Giuseppe Garibaldi visited Argentina. b) when a statue of Garibaldi was placed there. c) to honour Italian immigrants. a) the same year. b) in the same decade. c) in different centuries.

3) Plaza Italia received its name

4) The Zoo and the Botanic Gardens were opened

5) The tigers at the zoo remind Borges of

a) two pictures. b) other animals. c) two writers.

6) Mateos were used

a) by Jorge Luis Borges. b) for public transportation. c) for tourism. a) just before the 20th century. b) together with the Mateos. c) in the 20th century. a) ridden. b) seen in pictures. c) seen in documentaries.

7) The trolleys started to work

8) Mateos can now be

Exercise 3 You are going to hear a report about Brick Lane, a suburb in London. For questions 1 to 10, cross out (x) the ideas that are not mentioned.

1) Brick Lane, the movie, is based on a book. 2) Film Four is the Producing Company of Brick Lane. 3) Workers of Film Four were upset and offended by the movie. 4) Although the filming has stopped, protests continue. 5) Some historical facts included in the film are not actually true. 6) This protest is part of a campaign to sell more copies of Brick Lane. 7) An article in The Guardian describes it as disrespectful and embarrassing. 8) Brick Lane is in the West London borough of Tower Hamlets. 9) All Bangladeshis are successful and rich. 10) Books will definitely become boring if authors are not allowed to mix the truth with imagined situations and characters. New Listening Practice L9 - P 2

Exercise 4 You are going to listen to a CNN News Radio Report. For questions 1 to 12, decide whether they are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). 1) Many regions of the US are under severe weather conditions. 2) South Carolina, Northern Florida, and coastal Georgia do not have threats of severe weather any longer. 3) Winds are causing long delays at the Masters Golf Tournament in Georgia. 4) In a CNN interview with Larry King, President Bush blamed democrats for not passing the Immigration Reform bill. 5) In their weekly radio address, democrats answered President Bushs accusations. 6) According to a congressman, the world is not as safe as it could and should be.

7) 3 people have died due to a viral outbreak. 8) 40 people are affected and 9 have been hospitalized.

9) An Israeli air strike has killed hundreds of Palestinians in Central Gaza.

10) Denver is undergoing a transport strike.

11) More than 4000 students who took the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) test got incorrectly low scores.

12) Playboy has its brand-new Indonesian edition.

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Exercise 5 You are going to hear a report about Juan Domingo Pern and the movement called Montoneros. For questions 1 to 16 fill in the blanks with the word(s) you hear.
1973. Perons third presidential term. Juan Domingo Pern returned from exile in 1973 to become (1)_________ president of Argentina. He returned after (2)__________ violently overthrown 18 years before. Pern was president for a third term thanks to the (3)__________ of the entire peronist spectrum. The Montoneros, who represented the left wing of the party, were also (4)__________ him. May 1st 1974, from this same balcony Pern gave one of his last speeches. (5)__________ because of the interruptions and chants from the Montoneros, insulted them and (6)__________ them out of the square. Today, 21 years ago and on the same balcony and in a (7)__________ day like today, I spoke for the last time to the Argentine workers. It was then that I recommended them to adjust the Union Organizations because difficult days were looming ahead. I wasnt wrong either about the days (8)__________ or the quality of the Union Organizations that throughout 20 years in spite of these idiots who are shouting... I was saying that throughout these 21 years, the Unions have remained unbuilding Juan Domingo Pern died on July 1st 1974. Argentina was on its way to becoming a (9)__________ battlefield. His wife in those days, Isabel Pern, thus became President of Argentina after saying her farewells to him (10) __________ with the following words: With great pain, I must inform the people of the death of a true apostle of peace and non-violence. Less than 2 years later a military junta, led by General Jorge Rafael Videla, (11)__________ Isabelitas government to an abrupt end. With the following speech, Videla (12)__________ one of the darkest periods of Argentine history. The Armed Forces, conscious that the normal constitution of the process did not offer an acceptable future for the country,

produced the only possible answer to this critical situation. Such a decision based on the mission and the sheer essence of the Armed Institutions has been executed with a degree of measure, responsibility, firmness, and balance that the Argentine people (13)__________.
According to the book Nunca Ms, the report (14)__________ by the National Commission For The Missing People in 1984, and (15)__________ in 1995, during the military dictatorship 9,251 people disappeared. But according to some Human Right Organizations the real figure (16)__________ 30,000 missing people.

Exercise 5 You are going to hear a report about a very old and traditional English Theatre. For questions 1 to 10, cross out (x) the ideas that are not mentioned.
1) On June 29th 1613, one of the most famous theatres in the world was destroyed by a fire. 2) The Globe Theatre used to be Shakespeares house as well. 3) The present Globe Theatre is a reconstruction of the original one. 4) Patrick Spottiswoode is the director of Globe Education. 5) In the past people would want to get close to the actor to get their autographs. 6) The original Globe Theatre was 150 meters larger than the current one. 7) There is no evidence to prove that the original Globe Theatre is exactly the same as todays reconstruction. 8) Henry VIII was being played when the theatre was destroyed. 9) Romeo and Juliet was written before Hamlet and King Lear. 10) The new Globe Theatre has been re-built thanks to people from outside of England.

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Exercise 7 You are going to listen to a CNN News Radio Report. For questions 1 to 10, choose the right answer (A), (B), or (C). 1. Hundreds of Israeli troops have moved a) to the south of the country. b) into the Lebanon. c) back from Lebanon. a) were killed by Hezbollah. b) were caught by Israeli soldiers. c) were released from prison. killed in combat West of Baghdad.

2. TV reports that a number of Iranians

3. a) 15 soldiers were b) 3 soldiers from the US were c) An American journalist was

4. 4 Iraqi men were arrested accused of a) killing an American soldier. b) kidnapping an American journalist. c) killing an American journalist. 5. Cars that would not break down a) are unreasonably expensive. b) do not cost a fortune. c) cost a fortune.

6. The top 5 car brands are

a) Lexus, Mercury, Buick, Cadillac, and Toyota. b) Lexus, Mercury, Honda, Pontiac, and Toyota. c) Lexus, Mercury, Jaguar, Ford, and Honda. a) are on strike. b) are considering a strike. b) have been on strike.

7. NorthWests flight attendants

8. a) Alaska is losing b) Texas is making c) Alaska is making

US$6.4m a day on royalties and tax revenues.

9. The Statue of Libertys crown

a) will reopen on Childrens Day. b) has been forced to re-open.. c) will remain closed after the 9/11 attacks.

10. Patients taking Lipitor have

a) more possibilities of suffering a second stroke. b) less possibilities of suffering a second stroke. c) increased their levels of cholesterol.

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Exercise 8 You are going to hear an excerpt from CNN PRESENTS. For questions 1 to 10 decide whether they are TRUE (T) or FLASE (F).

The excerpt you are about to hear is partly set in the future. Many of the events have not happened yet. But they could
1) Meteorologists and residents know and understand how hurricane Steve will affect the landscape. 2) Nearly 24 refineries can be found near Houston. 3) The death toll -the number of people who have died- and the physical damage is breathtaking. 4) Years will go by before refineries are repaired. 5) Al Qaeda terrorists watch images of the disaster through satellite television. 6) Four years after hurricane Katrina, Saudi Arabia is pumping 10 million barrels of oil a day. 7) On September 26, 2009 a plane disappears. 8) On the same day, massive explosions are reported in Houston, Texas. 9) For half a year or more, more than the 5% of total oil world consumption will be disrupted. 10) A barrel of crude will hit $7 in the U.S. and $10 in Europe.

Exercise 9 You are going to hear a report about Tiffany, the famous jewelry company. For questions 1 to 10, cross out (x) the ideas that are not mentioned. 1) Tiffany was founded in the 19th century. 2) For the first time in its history, Tiffany has opened a shop in Central London. 3) Londoners absolute favorite item is the fire opal collar made in 1900. 4) An opal changes its colors when the position of the person looking at it changes. 5) Glowing means a river of continuous rich orange and green light. 6) The pattern of the diamond is a geometric one. 7) A gemologist is a person who studied at Tiffanys and became a precious stone expert. 8) The interviewer meets Audrey Hepburn, the famous actress who starred in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffanys. 9) A magnificent Tiffany necklace designed by John Schlumbaget can be seen worn by Ms. Hepburn. 10) At the center of the necklace, a yellow stone can be seen.

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Exercise 10 You are going to hear a report about South Bank in London. For questions 1 to 10 decide whether they are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).

1) The South Bank is an important cultural area in London, but not the only one. 2) The South Bank makes reference to all the International Banks that can be found in the heart of London. 3) The South Bank area is unique in its type. 4) The Hayward Gallery, the National Theatre, and the Globe are examples of cultural venues. 5) Shakespeare theatre plays can be found at the Globe. 6) The Globe is the real and genuine theatre built in times of William Shakespeare. 7) William Shakespeare used to produce plays by Englands most famous playwrights. 8) There is not anything more authentic than a Shakespeares play at the Globe. 9) Apart from the artistic and cultural things on offer, restaurants and shopping places can be found on the South Bank. 10) Nowhere else in England has that particularly fantastic riverside setting.

Exercise 11 You are going to hear a report about Harry Potter, the smash hit book and film. For questions 1 to 10, cross out (x) the ideas that are not mentioned.

1) Harry Potter and his two friends have appealed to children and adults all over the world. 2) Jo Jacobs owns a bookshop near London. 3) J.K. Rowling, Harry Potters author, would like to learn how to do magic. 4) When a new book is launched, children dress up as wizards. 5) Jo Jacobs explicitly says the books are a real fun. 6) Most of Harry Potter books have hundreds of pages. 7) Harry Potter comes in thinner editions for young children. 8) Harry Potter has encouraged children to read. 9) Jo Jacobs has matured and grown older as she read each book. 10) Harry Potter gets right down to the childrens level.

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Exercise 12 You are going to listen to a CNN News Radio Report. For questions 1 to 10, choose the right answer (A), (B), or (C). 1) A Federal Judge has rejected an insurance claim by a couple whose house a) was destroyed by a natural disaster. b) was intentionally burnt. c) was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks. 2) Similar cases a) are pending in the Courts. b) were also lost. c) have been solved by the Supreme Court.

3) Homeland Security is trying to convince air travelers that a) theres a good reason to travel with no shoes. b) there are no reasons to travel without shoes. c) checking shoes when flying can detect explosives. 4) Another suspect in a plot to blow up civilian airliners has been arrested a) by American soldiers. b) by British Police. c) in New York. 5) According to President Bush, the war against terror a) will take time. b) is about to end. c) is about to begin.

6) Federal Agents said that

a) 130 people were arrested for trafficking heroine. b) 130 people died of a heroine overdose. c) 1300 people escaped after being arrested.

7) There is more evidence of a slowdown in the a) US housing market. b) Washington DCs economy. c) Washington DCs winter sales.

8) A new study revealed that it is womens fault that a) they have less customers. b) they do not get good jobs. c) they make less money. 9) a) 33% b) 66% c) 50% of American workers feel burnt up by their jobs.

10) 36% of workers a) are not given a vacation this year. b) have not taken a vacation this year. c) are not planning to take a vacation this year.

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