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Haselgrove Is Paid High Scout Honor

Two Accidents And Larceny Investigated

Fort Pierce police investigated in'a accidents and a larceny on Friday afternoon. James H. Elgin, 18, of 30th Street and Harvey Avcniie, was charged .with driving without a license and causing an accident by failure to yield right of way. He reportedly backed into a car driven by Arie J. Cromhoul, of Route 2, from the Winn-Dixie parking lot on 7th Street. Damage to each car amounted to $75. Willie Saunders, of 1508 Avenue I, also was charged wilh causing an accident by failure lo yield ri^ht of way in a collision with a car driver, by J. E. Whited, of Porkersburg, W. Va. Whlled wa,s driving cast on Avenue B at 9td Street and was struck on the side by Sanders. Damage to WhUcd's car amounted to $300 and to Sanders' ear $75. Max Rauch, of 1102 South 13th Street, reported to police that someone had stolen a motor oil his boat, which was parked in his yard. Omar Haselgrove, Jr., of 1501 outli 29lh Street, became Ihe irjl man in history In the Port iercc scouting area to receive ;e Sliver Dcaver award, one of ic highest awards in Scouting, the annual meeting of the Gulfream Council st West Palm each. Haselgrovo has been assoclat1 with scouting for six years nd is scoutmaster of Troop 475, ponsorcd by the Community ethodisl Church. He is n memer of the Order of the Arrow, onorary scout camping society nd recently altainett the Eagle emit rank along with his ton eighlon. Other men lo receive Ihe Silver caver award in the Fort Pierce rca were Rev. R. A, Campbell, elirecl, who was formerly paslor f. the Duttnn Memorial Church. :c Cify, anil Curlls James, St. iicie County tax collector. Tsvo other Tort Pierce men reeived the Scouter's award at the nmial council meeting. They ere N o r m a n Haslip, assistant [strict commissioner of the Trl ounly District and George F !ill. chairman of the Tri-Countj istricl.

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SETUBAL, Portugal, Feb. 18 W) tie royal visit, she was about as Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke ncognito as the Statue of Liberty. of Edinburgh began a private Although Ihe sovereign of a seaweekend reunion tonight t h e arlng nation, Elizabeth is, not Duke with a tiny smear of lip- amecl as a good sailor. Should stick on his tanned face. he Sado rock and roll the royal The lipstick came from a queen- achl tonight, officials indicated ly kiss, delivered in the Intimacy he Queen might take to the land of a closed airplane cabin. The omorrow. kiss signaled the end of a four- She and the Duke could quickly month separation that brought ru- switch to the palatfe of Calhariz, mors of a royal rift, flatly denied owned by the Duke of Palmela, 'ormer Portuguese^ ambassador to by Buckingham Palace. "Of course they kissed," said Britain. It lies betweeen Lisbon Portuguese official. "Why on and Setubal. earth shouldn't they? They are But the night promised to be lovely. A near full moon hung two very normal young people." There were no signs of any over this ancient (own and the breach as the royal couple came fish-laden waters that surround it. together in springlike weather, A breeze blew gently from the some rain, some sunshine. southwest. The 35-year-old Duke has been Privacy and security were the on a 36,000 - mile world cruise keynotes of the reunionfor which aboard the royal yacht Britannia. the Duke was almost late. His lovely wife 30, stayed in Brit- The automobile that look him [o Lisbon's Monlijo military airain The Queen flew lo Lisbon today port from the Britannia roared on to meet him and to end the long to the airfield a minute after the est separation of the royal pair Queen's plane, itself 10 minute behind schedule, touched down. since Iheir marriage in 1947. The Duke jumped out, slightly They chose the Britannia, an PERRY ). SALLETTE chored in choppy waters of the flushed, and stared at the glisten CAHTNC) Army Pvt. Perry River Sado off this fishing vil Ing silver aircraft. . Sallette, son of Mr. and Airs. lage, 30 miles southeast of Lisbon He wore a three-buttoned grey :lobert C. Sallette, Edwards and as site of their two-day intimate suit, a white handerchief In his breast pocket and, AmericanMcNiel road-, Fort Pierce, Fla., reunion. recently qualified as a paratroop- The Queen and the Duke ar< styleno vest. He had on highly er at Fort. Bragg, N. C., after starling a state visit to Portuga shined boots, not shoes. ;raduating irom the 82d Airborne Monday. Until then, the Queen In his hand he carried a soft Division's Jump School. Sallette technically is here incognito. Bu brown felt hat. entered the Army in June 1956 and with the Portuguese excited by The Duke stalked to the plase completed basic training at Fort Knox, Ky. He is a 195 graduate of Dan SScCarty Senior High School. MORTGAGE COMPANY MANAGER


Smear of Lipstick on Duke's Face Signals End of Four Months' Separation for Couple

NEWS-TRIBUNE, Forf Plr, Fti,, Sundiy, Febrmry 17, TMT

cluded. way. Up went tho Duke. The 25 passengers on the Into the scarlet - lined cabi Queen's, plane, Including Foreign strode the DuVt. The stewardtti holding his hat behind his back, Secretary Selwyn Lloyd, made shut the cabin door. a familiar pose. Airmen from the base wheeled way for the Duke. Three minutes later the Quetn up a red-carpeicd portable stairStewardess Janet Holloway and the Duke emerged tha opened Ihe itoor lo the Queen's Duke's face with that slight smear Government Files Suit private cabin. Even her ladies in of royal lipstick. The Queen cam* waiting, the Countess of Leicester down the steps smiling. The Dultt Against Road Dept. nnd Lady Rose Baring, were ex- followed two paces behind. JACKSONVILLE WThe United States has iled a federal court suit against the Sl.ilc lioad Departmcnt in effort to collect transportation taxes on cars using THINKING OF BUILDING? the ferry which operates between Mayport and Fort George near the mouth of the St. Johns River. SEE The complaint says that prior to Sept. 7, 1954, ihe slate collected the tax and remitted it lo the collector of internal revenue. Since FOR IDEAS that time the stale has refused to FOR A BETTER HOME do this, Ihe government says. 1007 South 13th St. Phone 2448-J A judgment of $982.44 is sought against the slate.


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ORLANDO, Feb. 16 WContro f the Central National Bank o acksonville has been purchase* by a group of five men headed b> Clarence M. Gay, former jtat comptroller and officer of thre for loss than the price of a >anks in the Orlanilo area. medium priced automobile. Gay, who made the announce Bo/ff fn (ess than 10 days. ment today, did not disclose th amount of money involved in th deal but it wns understood to hav >een in the million dollar bracke The group also includes forme ov. Millard Caldwell of Tallahas see, board chairman of the Ta ahassee Bank and Trust Co.; A j. 13ush of Winter Park, boar chairman of Minnesota M i n i n g an M a n u f a c t u r i n g Co.; J. X. Hutt anil George \V. Johnson, both Orlando. Gay said the Central Bank would continue general hanking in the Jacksonville area but will emphasize development as fl metropoliFor Homci dubs Estates t a n correspondent bank lo serve Independent b a n k s throughout MoteU HotcU Florida. Mnnkipalhies Now at 11 Laura, the bank plans *i>glnring dv*ito move into a new building to be **v* wilh M,<st* cos*t constructed at Duval and Julia I fa boK. Irt P. KB yo, Streets opposite Ihe downtown obowt b. Qooflty romtrvrffon Jacksonville Post Office. The Hiroughotrt. Featuring foment NAT1OMAI Dial Ntt.r Syitoni lo lobank's capital will be increased lo about hvo million dollar* when EMg In yovr own bocV the move is made, Gay said. yard. Gay will be chairman of the reCall or Write organized Central National board. He also is board chairman of the E. A, (Gene) Bournival Colonial Bank and the' Citizens National Bank both of Orlando, and GENERAL CONTRACTOR will bn president of the Orange Stale Bank when it opens in June Harfman Rd. Ph. 133 south of Orlando. Huttig and Johnson arc directors Only franchiscd dealer in St. of the Citizens National here. Lucie, Martin and Indian River A statement of its condilion from Counties. a report to tho comptroller of currency Dec. 31 showed the Central National had deposits of S5.000.5G4.

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.MISSIONARY HEREHev. Harry M. Taylor (above), misslonnry to Cambodia, Indo China, for a number of years, will be at the locaJ Christian and Missionary Alliance church Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7:30, it was announced Saturday. He will give illustrated talks about his work and expe riences, and show many curios of Ihe land. Everyone Is invited.

Strafojet Sets New Speed Record From Shreveport to England

B47 SHTiEVEPORT, La. stratojet, piloted bv Maj. Gen. George W. Mundy, yesterday sped 5,000 miles from here to England In 1W hours under the world record. Barksdale Air Force Base officials today called It an "apparent" record for the course but would not elaborate. -Mundy, commander of the 2nd Air Force's Strategic Air Command, made the trip In 8 hours, 44 minutes, for an unofficial ground speed record of 581.61 m.ii.h. Three others were aboard.

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